What an antichrist is, what he does, and the Christian response

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The Biblical definition for an ?antichrist? is found in 2 Jn 7:

?Many?deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh,?have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the?antichrist.?

The word deceiver in the Greek is ?planos,? and according to Vines Expository is: a proper adjective that refers to wandering, leading astray or seducing hearers. In 1Tim.4:1, ?planos? is used to denote seducing spirits and in Mt.27:63 and 1Cor.6:8, it is used with the definite article, and means, ?The Deceiver.?

We learn therefore, several facts?concerning antichrists: they deliberately go forth, or out, for the?expressed purpose of deceiving, and their mission is to corrupt the?teaching that Jesus of Nazareth came in the flesh, as the Christ [The?Messiah] of God. They deliberated oppose Jesus Christ, hence the word in?the Greek, ?anti.? If they deceive, we must conclude that they?use devices of rhetoric, propaganda, and outright lies, through subtle?sophistry and mere outward appearances, to gain favor with the public?and the Church.

What does it mean that they deny that?Jesus Christ came in the flesh? Obviously, Jesus of Nazareth is a?historical person. He was written about in Roman records and in?Josephus, and even the Jewish commentaries admit that he was a real?historical individual, so how can someone say that he did not come in?the flesh? The answer is to be found in the nomen, Christ, which is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew, Messiah. Both are recognized as ?The Son Of God,? hence the testimony of Peter in Mt.16:16.

Though many professional types of?employment [politicians, lawyers, engineers and businessmen] are known?to involve liars, as all men are known to be liars, these in particular,?those of the ?antichrist? cabal, do so in reference to Jesus?Christ, His ministry and His Church [people], simply because?Christendom, stands in the way of their success.

Certain religions are antichrist because?they exist to thwart the work of Jesus Christ and His Church ? to?reiterate, certain religions, not every religion. For example: Japanese?Shinto, Buddhism, and Hinduism do not exploit Christianity or?deliberately disfavor Jesus Christ, and therefore should be evaluated by?Christians as, worldly man-made devices of worship that proclaim work?and sacrifices as sufficient for their salvation. They are confused and?lost, but they do not exist to attack Jesus Christ or his Church.?However, religions such as: Islam, Freemasonry, Mormonism, Gnosticism,?Theosophy, Spiritism etc, are deliberately engaged in defaming Jesus?Christ?s position as the Only Eternal Son of God, Maker of mankind, and?Only Savior and Lord of the world.

is the exact antithesis of Christianity. It operates to remove the Jews?and Christians from their place in the world. It makes clear in Islamic?teaching that Jesus was just a man, a prophet of lesser rank than?Mohammad. Islam teaches that their god is Allah, also known as, ?Alla?the War god? to the Persians and Nana to the Babylonians, whereas the?God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is revealed as Yehovah [YHWH] in the?Bible. Islam also uses its own holy book called the Koran, which?comments on and paraphrases Biblical scripture that is in direct?opposition to the Bible.

In the Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah Mosque [Dome of the Rock] in Jerusalem, the inside dome has inscribed on its circular ledges, ?God has no son. It is Blasphemy to say he has taken a son,? and the same is written in the Koran within Surah 2:116; 5:72; 4:171; 6:101; 10:68; 19:35. The Koran states: ?Jesus was not crucified, but only appeared to be?? [Surah?3:54-55; 4:157-158; 5:117, 102] The mosque which stands on the very?site of Solomon?s Temple was originally a Byzantine Church that was?later converted to a Hodge hostel [travelers inn]. The Muslims?refuse to acknowledge the site?s importance to the Jewish people, and?desecrate, at ever chance, evidence of its original use.

Freemasonry?is a Kabalistic Gnostic Theosophy that uses Biblical scriptures?incidentally to mask its real intention ? the spread of the ancient?Greco Dionysus cultus that has its roots in the oldest ancient pagan?cult of, Osiris-Isis. Freemasonry therefore, uses the name of Jesus and?the Bible as a mask, to undermine Christianity. It is a pernicious?denigrating pagan religion that ensnares the adherent with Christian?terminology for lifelong servitude. It applauds the beauty and salvation?of ancient pagan worship. It only opens the truth of its teaching at?the 23rd degree. Its final culmination is to raise an adherent, via?purchased exercises, to the rank or 29th degree – where the practice of??Practical Kabbalah? is taught and encouraged. Practical Kabbalah is?nothing more than augury and the extracting of information from spirits.?In its final degree, the adherents within the most elite Temples, are?lead into a darkened room ceremony that overwhelms the senses with fear?and trepidation. After a time of intimidation and fear, the initiate is?allowed to see a lighted doorway that leads to a botanical garden, where?the statue of a goddess [usually Isis] is venerated, and after that, he?is allowed to engage in sensual delights of every kind, to include?sexual orgies. These same ceremonies are forbidden by God as expressed?in Isaiah 65:3-5, and 66:17. [Also see: Morals and Dogma?Freemasonry, by Albert Pike, Library of Congress, 1871, 1906, and 1944]

Mormonism?uses Masonic?and Pagan symbols such as the all Seeing Eye, and the?Masonic apron. A similar, but much larger apron made of lamb skin, is?used by Muslins of rank. Mormonism teaches that there are many gods, to?include Mormon men who live appropriately on this earth. Mormonism?teaches that there are three separate gods in the God head, not three?persons in One. Mormonism puts its Book of Mormon, on an equal footing?with that of the Bible. Mormonism is a religion of works that use the?name of Christ Jesus to obfuscate this eclectic religion of fiction and?fantasy ? with its Egyptian Osiris-Isis symbolism. The pantheon of?Mormon gods is larger than the Greeks and Romans combined. It is?therefore antichrist.

Judaism in?general, Christians do not think of religious Jews as antichrist, but?many are. They desire to follow the one true God Yehovah, and use the?Old Testament, but they clearly deny Son-ship to Jesus Christ. Jesus?said of them, ?You diligently study the Scriptures because?you think by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures?that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have that life.??[Jn.5:39-40] They also repudiate the Virgin birth, the Trinity, and the?Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and they do it publicly and?vociferously. From a March 1, 2011 article in the Israeltoday.co.il magazine the following was printed:

?The?missionaries want a final solution to the Jews, in the name of the same?cursed name that created Christianity (he meant Jesus). That is what?Hitler wanted,? local Messianic leaders Simcha and Bella Davidov quoted?the chief rabbi as telling the crowd. The Davidovs also said that the?anti-Messianic organization Yad L?Achim was there passing out hostile?flyers that read: ?The goal of the Messianics is clear, they want to?convert all of us Jews to Christianity and not leave any trace of the?Jewish people. The Arabs want our Land, and they [the Messianic Jews]?want our souls.???

They are therefore antichrists. However,?some Jewish groups take on a different approach – that while having?sincere intellectual skepticism about the claims of Jesus, they?publicly recognize his moral teachings, and will say that he is the?Messiah for the gentiles. Christians aught not consider these Jewish?people as antichrists.

In all these groups and as well?individuals, the Word of God encourages us to preach the Gospel of?Christ to them [Jn3:16], but if we are menaced or persecuted by them, we?are told by Jesus: ?Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not through your pearls to pigs.? [Mt.7:6,?NIV] Dogs, the wild kind can tear at most anything given to eat, while?pigs will slovenly eat pea pods and acorns ? that resemble pearls. What?it says is: anything in Christ which is especially holy, do not share?with those who distain you – and so in the Didache [Teaching of the?Twelve Apostles, AD 55] it states:

?But let?no one eat or drink of this eucharistic thanksgiving, but they that?have been baptized into the name of the Lord; for concerning this also?the Lord hath said: ?Give not that which is holy to the dogs.???[Did.9:5]

No study of antichrists is complete?without reference to professional people or those with worldly power ??especially politicians ? because it will be a world politician – a?despot – that turns the world upside down and persecutes the church, and?especially the Jewish people in Israel. By understanding those that?practice attributes typical of the coming Man-of-Sin, we are able to easily recognize the final Antichrist by his behavior.

As citing professional people, Barack H.?Obama is typical as an example of an antichrist. His parentage is?hidden and as well, his place of birth. His Social security number, and?his mother?s, has been fabricated. We will never know Obama?s true?father, because the President?s white grandmother died immediately after?Obama won the Democratic convention. Further, his military draft?registration has been falsified, and his college and passport records?have been sealed. It can be clearly deduced that he is a NO-Man. He is a?packaged avatar, made and developed purposely, to obfuscate and devalue?important rudiments of legal, moral, religious, and cultural norms. He?qualifies as a destroyer – an ?abomination that causes desolation??[Daniel 11:31; Mt.24:15] of that which is culturally, philosophically,?religiously and morally acceptable, to the greater portion US citizenry.?Along with his political No-Man status, he utilizes the Bible?along with the Koran to wear a cloak of religious respectability. He?claims adherence to both Islam and Christianity and has made many quotes?that devalue Jesus Christ and the work of God.

-As compiled from ?squidoo.com/snobama?-

“I?believe that there are many paths to the same place.” Obama also said,?”All people of faith-Christians, Jews, Muslims, animists, everyone knows?the same God.”?”Most African-American churches are still fairly?traditional in the interpretations of Scripture. And so from the pulpit?or in sermons you still hear homophobic attitudes expressed.” [2004 interview with Cathleen Falsani]


“I have?consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and?NARAL Pro-Choice America.” ? “The first thing I’d do as president is?sign the Freedom of Choice Act?This act would stop states from?restricting abortions of any kind, even partial birth abortion?? [Planned Parenthood speech]


??Allah?is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! I?witness that there is no god but Allah! I witness that there is no god?but Allah! I witness that Muhammad is his prophet!? This Times article also said Obama?s admission would, “give anyone living in Alabama a heart attack.” [2007 NY times Interview]

The US citizenry has been taken for a?ride – by not only the Democrats, but as well, by the Republicans, who?systematically refuse to force the answer to Obama?s No-Man status. The?security apparatus of the US understands these things and has always understood these things. It is the desire of those orchestrating this?shame, and those who help them, to defraud the citizens of the US for?purposes much worse than employing one nameless President – it is the?destruction of confidence in government, specifically our Constitution?for the establishment of a New Order at the expense of our common?heritage and national rights. The Antichrist will behave similarly.

The Biblical link, within political leadership, can be found in the words of Paul, who wrote: “And now you know what is holding him back, so that HE may be revealed at the proper time” [2Thess.2:5] – and as well, John?s warning, “…many antichrists have gone out into the world.” [2Jn.7] The context concerns God’s time table, but secondarily, a context of the breakdown in Law and Order. Therefore, the “he” is?government – the type acknowledged by God, not the type acknowledged by?demons – as in Romans 13:1-7, where the government is expressed as “The Magistrate” with the Greek “heauton,” a reflective of “autus,” meaning “he himself.” Consequently, just as Scripture conveys the rank of “gods”?on the judges and leaders of Israel [Ps.82:6, Jn.10:34], so magistrates?act on behalf of God – to bring justice, peace, and meet the?necessities of corporate life. Since Romans 13 conveys that the?magistrate, (the ?HE? of government) is his servant, it follows that?when a usurper is in the seat of governance (seat of Moses), he does not constitute the will of God, or the will of men. Hence, what is ?holding him back? is proper God sanctioned government.

This exegesis is further justified by Dan.2:21 – concerning the Antichrist that, “He changes the times and seasons..” -?a reference to doing what he pleases with no regard to God, antiquity,?the law makers, the people or tradition. President Obama does similarly;?without regard to Congress, or the Constitution or the traditions of?America. He is, therefore, a No-Man, an antichrist that has been placed there by the New World Order cabal.

It is imperative to understand, that at?this juncture, when a leader has no formal reference in governing by?moral and natural traditions of antiquity, he can be opposed. The?Apostle Paul?s remonstration, in Roman?s 13, concerning obedience to the?governing authority, must be weighed against the magistrate?s?opposition to God, even as the Apostle Peter presented to the?magistrates in Acts 6:29, ??we must obey God rather than men!? In?a world governed by antichrists, an act of kindness, such as the giving?of food or medical supplies to the needy, will be as seditious as?conscripting an armed militia. However, this does not absolve the?Christian from acting in good conscience. It is his duty to find out?what God wants him to do. Similarly, what a Christian government?official may be required to do for God, may not constitute the same?response for a civilian Christian ? but what can be done includes the?whole spectrum of man?s God sanctioned activity.

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