USA – moral republic or socialist democracy?

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Our news is filtered ? sometimes for political purposes, and sometimes because of the sheer volume of information, but what is it we read and hear?

The news of late hails the USA as one of the great democracies of the Western World – melded with statements of: eco-friendly, socially inclusive, and sustainability. ?Why?

There can be many types of Democracies ? Communist China is a democracy ? so they claim! Great Britain is a Socialist Democracy with a limited Monarchy. ?Democracies claim to receive their power from the people.? There are two types available: the Old Democracy of Greece, where the Oligarchs run the country and order the people do industrious things; and the New Democracy where the people are the last word and everyone has a vote that counts.

The EU names all western powers, ?Democratic? ? because it sounds nice.? However, most of Europe? represents Socialist Democracy – some run by old style – as Britain – and others by the new style – peoples? majority rule.? They are not concerned with Morality, but only Changeable Ethics.

Over and against a Democracy is the Republic.? We have all said the oath,??…to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God…etc.????In God We Trust??is also on our money! The ?Pledge of Allegiance? further expresses our moral stance that we are??under God.????? It means that our country was founded on moral principles – as the Declaration of Independence cites;??…Laws of Nature and of Nature?s God…?

Soviet Russia was a Republic that proclaimed there was no God!? What needs to be understood is that Socialism determines who owns what property, and Republics determine who receives the power.? Property rights, populous veto and religion, can be infringed greatly in a Socialist Democracy, or a Limited Monarchy, or in a Dictatorial Republic. However, moral governance evinces Divine Justice, hence the USA professed,??…one nation under God…?

The USA is a Democratic Republic with the oldest existing constitution in the world, and we also have a ?Bill of Rights? ? of the people ? based upon Divine Justice ? the moral component.

The Oligarchs, internal and external, have been playing games with our Moral Democratic Republic, of the People.? The new propaganda is that we are only a Democracy, and that we should join the Commonwealth Nations, have social medicine, become borderless like Europe, conjoin with Canada and Mexico, as the North American Free-trade oil, gas and commodities Dominion, and relinquish the ?Bill of Rights,? in order to??form a more perfect world union??? which would be called, the ?Federal Republic of the Commonwealths of the World.?

The Democratic leadership desires the purer socialism from which to dictate what we eat, drink, own, wear, and worship! ?The Republican leadership desires the change, for business and finance control.

If we, as a free-moral people, do not contact our representatives soon, and demand a return to our mandated Constitutional form of government, we will become slaves for the Elite of the world.

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