The parable of the shortsighted lover

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There was in a particular kingdom a young maid who had found love in the person of a young man, but of no wealth.? Socially inept, as well, the lad was however, stout hearted and filled with vigor.? He set about to make their life meaningful and pleasurable.? However, fait would cripple many a dream, yet the fellow still applied his craft with ingenuity with the hope that some luck would find its way to him.? He loved his wife dearly, and regardless of wherever his business took him, he always thought of his bride with sweet resolution and was pleased to see her countenance even if in disarray; for he thought greatly of her in the whole of her being, and not in part only.

Her beauty, you see, was quite substantial, her voice was fair, and her movements were so graceful.? Quiet and devoid of vulgar attributes, he saw in her a gentle lamb.? Her low birth and lack of scholarly knowledge made her aptly appealing, like unto an uncut jewel.? His interest lie in her soul, so much so, that as her outer adornments faded he became even more pleased with her.

Ah, but time passed and his spouse became sullen.? Contentment was far from her, for she thought, ?He whittles away the hours trying to build a small castle, and few of our neighbors find him resourceful.? His ideas on life upset my friends and family, and his industry though always churning brings little reward.? He will, in time, burden me and send me to an early grave, or a debtor?s prison.?

So one eve, she took her dowry and returned to her father with the thought in mind that she might find a man of intelligence, wit, and money.

Now the event shook the husband to no end, and he set about to recapture his bride and prove that he was worthy of her gift.? He contemplated many a scheme, and all the while, his spouse found comfort in the words of strangers, and the ideas of religious dilettantes, and romantic dabblers.

His spouse, after some, time moved away from her father?s house and went on a quest.? She searched for a man worthy of her charm and beauty. ? Her requirements were for a man who would pay close attention to her needs and worldly desires.. ? Her quest brought before her many good men, but none proved worthy.? Some had money, others charm, and others handsome appearances, yet all would forget her once out of her sight.? Their aim was to keep a chambermaid, or an economic partner.? The thought of enjoying a companion was far from their thoughts.? In time the few that kept house with her did so until some sickness or trouble came near her.? And so the life she desired continued out of reach, and she looked for simpler times and simpler pleasures.

One day, she read the works of gentleman author, who by all accounts was the darling of many a romantic virgin.? She opened the pages, and after reading several passages, reasoned that this man had understood the nature of true love, and the value of an intimate companion.? She inquired as to his whereabouts, and found him at the very residence she had once favored as her own.? Concluding that the homestead had been sold, she drove her carriage to the familiar avenues and there upon found the residence.

?As her carriage neared the front door, she saw the orchards that her husband had planted for her enjoyment, so long ago.? The birds had set nests among the branches, and scratched at the grass within the lawn that he had tendered for her.? The flower garden she had planted still bloomed and the conies and squirrels played like children among the brush and saplings.? The home, though small, was inviting, as if a sugar loaf, and warmed her eyes. As she gazed upon the porch swing – hung with tender care, for a companion?s pleasure ? it brought back memories of life once simpler and more inviting.? The artful structure lay as she had left it so long ago among the forest green.

The owner opened the front door and stood motionless with gazed fix upon her. Startled, she by the visage before her sad eyes was husband of her youth – still to be found where she had left him.? His resolute fidelity and boyish wants accentuated his skill at loving her just the way she was.? She knew that he would never leave her, or forsake her in sickness or health, whether rich or poor.? He still loved her as his soul mate companion, and even though the years had been difficult, he experienced the trials with her, and his knowledge of their sacred plight, only served to aid as comfort and demonstrated an intimate fellowship.? She realized that the affection she so desired lie with the one she had refused, so long ago.

God, after all, had planned a special life for this maid of lowly parentage and the boy from poverty and social dissolution.? Their need could be met through the gifts that each had within their dowry of innate abilities.

?Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure?be content with what you have because God has said, ?Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.?? Heb.13:4, 5.

?Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its ardor unyielding as the grave.? It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.? Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.? ? Song of Songs 8:6,7

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