The parable of the rich man’s daughters

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There was a rich man who had many children but the oldest were two twin daughters – for which he worked diligently that they may be educated and encouraged for the reception of their inheritance.? As the years went along, other local women of similar rank received dowries of gold, silver, precious gems, land, and cattle. Yet the rich man held back the inheritance from his daughters that he may find out how fit they were to manage a fortune.

The daughters were miserable, since their compatriots had all received great wealth from their fathers, while they continued to stay in a position of servitude.? ?Father,? they cried.? ?We have lived with you all these years and did your bidding.? When may we have our dowry, so that we too may meet handsome men and set a home of luxury upon a high place, or beside the ocean??

Their father taking pity on them said, ?Keep watch over your younger siblings a fortnight, and at the end I will grant your inheritance.? While I am away on business you are to teach your younger siblings all that I taught you.? Teach by word and example.?

Their time of stewardship had passed and they began to reason, that their duty had been completed.? So after the twins had kept vigil over their siblings, but one of the two twins began to complain, since their father had not returned on his promised schedule.. ? ?Have we not done all that our father has required, to include managing our siblings?? I have become tired of all this.? Perhaps if we go into the city and demonstrate our wit and independence, father will grant our request, for he will see that we are fit to rule ourselves and do well with our inheritance.?

The other sister chided her, bringing to mind that it was obedience that their father treasured over all the gifts that his children might give.? Nevertheless, the impatient daughter said she was well within age to demonstrate her economy and diligence, and so she departed, thereby leaving her twin to manage the children by herself.

Within two days, the restless daughter found work as a manager for a tavern, where she aptly found favor and garnered a substantial wage.? The owner of the tavern knew of her father and shrewdly drew her to his employ, for he understood her potential worth.? ?Ah, he said, ?I shall woo her, and gain her heart for marriage.? Her dowry will be impressive, and I will have a rich man?s estate to live upon.?

After many weeks the ardent daughter returned home to her twin and her father ?desiring to explain all that she had accomplished and ready to boast on her ingenuity and thrift.? Yet they were sad and wept greatly at her appearing.

She chided the two.. ?I have good news tell you. Cheer up.? Why so put out?? I have made my mark in the city.? The man that owns the tavern, asked me to be his bride, and I have given consent. ? I have also negotiated stout wages, and have gathered many friends who support me.? Why are you not happy?

Her father looked at her only briefly. Turning aside he said, ?The man to whom you desire betrothal, is no more than a servant.? He deceived you.? He does not own any property.? What is worse, he once worked for me, yet I let him go, because he was thief and a letch.? His friends give me lip service yet behind my back they make sport of me and my treasures.? Few of them ever come to my house to pay respects, and have no fealty when imploring a favor and care even less for my renowned book of pious living.? You have worked with my enemies and brought great shame upon me.? And one of your siblings has learned poorly from your ways, and has departed to another country.? You have no inheritance.? What I would have given you goes to your twin – a double portion, for she understood obedience and fealty to be of better value than a gift ? better than individual self-esteem.? The man I had wished you to betroth, is a king, and had more riches than I could ever give you.? Because you have desired your own way, and not that of mine, you must live with a servant, who will despise you when he learns of your loss.

?Whoever has will be given more, and he will have abundance.? Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.?? Matt 13:12


?Blessed are those that are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb.?? Rev.9:9

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