The mystery of iniquity

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The?Apostle Paul wrote in his first letter to the Thessalonians, ?For?the secret power of lawlessness is already at work..??[2Thes.2:7 – NIV]. The King James has it: ?For?the mystery of iniquity doth already work???The word, ?iniquity? [anomia]?in the Greek means lawlessness or wickedness. It is the antithesis?of the word ?law? [Gk.- noma].?The word, ?mystery? [Gk.-musterion]?carried the idea that it is knowledge that is attainable only by?being initiated into a cult or secret group.

Paul?used the word ?mysteries? twenty times in his epistles. He was?not saying that there was a mystery [hidden knowledge] that could not?be understood, but he was freely sharing an unknown spiritual?insight, for free. Now this may sound odd, since today much?knowledge is free, but in Paul?s time, the hidden intents and?workings of deity, or spirits, were only obtainable by initiation?into a cult or ?Mystery? – costing the student money, and as well?his obeisance to secrecy, by use of terrible oaths that acknowledged?curses on the one who tells the secret to outsiders.

Paul,?on the other hand, is offering up true knowledge of God?s working,?and he does it for free and tells everyone to spread it abroad ??not to keep it as a secret. From a linguistic and cultural aspect,?Paul was tweaking the noses of the Gnostic Theosophists who opposed?him. They made their living by selling secrets, and Paul was freely?giving away spiritual enlightenment. It is equivalent to giving away?auto fuel on a corner that is adjacent to a gasoline mall.

Today?there is a resurgence of secret cults that offer all sorts of?esoteric knowledge in exchange for initiation and money. In the?1960?s, President John Kennedy made a famous speech concerning?secret societies that participate in subterfuge, political intrigue,?and financial manipulation.

The?Freemasons, or Masonry, does very well at this – selling its wares in?the educated western countries. The brotherhood of Masons is found in?great numbers within the governments of the Western Democracies and?Republics – influencing politics and commerce. Masonry has been?carefully adding to its Gnostic cult for about one thousand years -?having made incredible inroads in spreading its darkness, since the?mid 1600?s. The Mason?s parentage and direction is fulfilled?through the Inns of The Court, London, England.

Similarly, the Inns of the Court which are comprised of Grey?s?Temple, The Middle Temple, Lincoln?s Temple, and Inner Temple, is a?religious and legal order of Judges and Barristers that develops the?strategies for the Crown of England. Those strategies are to?reassert the monarchy over its original colonial holdings, which?include the USA. The Monarchy of England, watches carefully over the?lessened and dethroned monarchies of Europe and Asia, by hording?estates, and financial empires held at the World Bank and other?notable financial institutions.

World Bank Documents

The?term ?free? in Freemasons is very subtle. It does not mean that?their knowledge is free, but the seeker can engage the ceremonies,?knowledge and initiation out of free-will ? elect to receive or not?receive the oath of the cult.

Free-Will?is an important factor in the War between God and Lucifer, the fallen?Guardian Cherub. Everyone who sins cognizantly does so by free will.?Paul states men have been taken captive to do the will of the Devil?[2Tim.2:26]. However, this does not mean that they were simply?overpowered by force. If it is that easy, every person out of Christ?would be demon possessed. In context with 2Tim.2:26, Paul had?previously instructed his readers that they should not engage in??godless chatter??[1Tim6:20, NIV, Vain?Babblings– KJV], and?this chatter involves false knowledge which causes some to, wander?from the truth??[1Tim.6:21]. The event of being ?lead?captive??[2Tim.3:6] occurrs when certain men, by their own free will, decided?to teach ?profane?and vain babblings??[2Tim.6:16-18, KJV ] – and so it is a person?s own pride and?superstition that lead to their capture, and to the capture of?others, who listen to ?vain babblings,? rather than the truth.

This?is an important concept of the Mystery of Iniquity. Of all the?strategies it uses, its best is to entice people into believing false?information, whether that information is personally, spiritually,?civically, politically, or scientifically presented. Iniquity hides?behind a pseudo-intellectualism and makes a great what to do about?nothing ? with abundant use of bombast.

This?compound term ?vain babblings? [Gk. Kenophonia,?from kenois=empty,?and?phone=sound] is?mentioned in 1Tim.6:20 and 2Tim.2:16, and has a connection to the?attribute of witches or necromancers and charmers. Babblings are?defined by ?Vines Expository Dictionary? as: ?empty?discussions, or useless subject.??The Hebrew equivalent is rendered as well, ?Babblings? [Heb.?siach=mediation]?as found in: ??who?hath contention, who hath babbling? They that tarry long at wine???[Prov.23:29, KJV] In other words the person talking does not make?sense – though what he says may have some appeal by bombastic?rhetoric, yet common sense understanding does not prevail.

An?example of Babbling from Freemasonry:

?In?the Kabalah, or the Hebrew traditional philosophy, the Infinite?Deity, beyond the reach of the Human Intellect, and without Name,?Form, or Limitation, was represented as developing Himself, in order?to create, and by self-limitation, in ten emanations or out-flowings,?called SEPHIROTH, or rays.? [Morals?and Dogma?Freemasonry ? Scottish Rite, et al, by Albert Pike,?XXVI degree ? LOC, 1944]

Note:?firstly the onomatopoeia of the Masonic teachings is monotonous,?filled with meaningless words and phrases with no effective?definitions. Consider rationally that if as the Mason?s teach that?God [Deity] is beyond the reach of human intellect, how then can they?establish what God has done, since they have no intellect to observe?it? Next they assert that God has or had no name or form, which is?pointless talk, because firstly, how do they know this if in fact,?God is beyond human reason. Secondly, it is unreasonable, by human?standards, to claim superiority and not know one?s-self or one?s?name ? how much more unreasonable, if the standard is divine.?Beyond this nonsense, logic dictates that if something exists, it?exists in form, even if it is invisible to the human eye ? such as?atoms, and x-rays ? But even visible waves of light have observable?form in that they produce colors when we see material substances.?Finally, Masons claim that God is limitless, but he has to self-limit?himself just to make a creation.

In?opposition to this pointless drivel, Jesus Christ taught: ?No?one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only [the?Only Begotten Son], who?is at the fathers side?And the Father sent me? [yet?you [men?in general, the Pharisees in specific] have?never? seen his form?[KJV = shape, Gr.eidos=appearance,?aspect, Jn.1:18,;?5:37-38]. So here we have Jesus stating that only he has seen the?form of the Father, thus testifying that God has a form, but only?Jesus the Son of God has seen it. What then, may someone ask, was?the Cloud or Pillar in the desert with Israel? It was the divine?presence of the pre-incarnate Son [who is Yehovah] that manifested a?preferred glorified presence over the tabernacle. The Bible clearly?states that God spoke the heavens and the earth into existence ? he?did not become less of himself to do this, but his ability to do it,?was greatly magnified with the act of creation. [Gen.1:3, 6, 9, 14,?20, 24; Heb.11:3]

Consider?that spiritism and shamanism involves the mumbling and whispering of?secret words or phrases by the priest, witch or medium that can be?characterized as, ?vain?babbling.??A simple search on?the web will garner a plethora of witch websites that advertise the?word ?Babbling.? Even the Harry Potter Lexicon website has??Babbling Bathsheba? as a term – a professor who teaches ancient?runes, or mystical characters, from occult Norse lore. The lexicon?further defines the word babbling as ?foolish chatter.?

And?we cannot forget to mention that mystical song from Walt Disney?s??Cinderella? where the white witch sings the magical enchantment,??Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,? to provide Cinderella with gown, horses,?carriage and horsemen:

?Salagadoola?mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put ’em together and what have you?got bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Salagadoola?mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo It’ll do magic believe it or not?bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Salagadoola?means mechicka boolaroo But the thingmabob that does the job is?bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Salagadoola?mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put ’em together and what have you?got bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi-boo?

Whether?the ?vain?babbling? is?outright bragging or esoteric mantras, in both cases the perpetrator?is boldly proclaiming knowledge that is known only to him [her].?Herein is the underlying temptation of evil ? suggesting that the?knowledge of God, and of spiritual things are hidden, when in fact,?God has made them evident [Rom.1:18-20].

The?Mystery of Iniquity also uses symbols and ceremony to spruce up its?false knowledge. It provides substance or a shell to see, but few?look inside the shell to examine what it contains.

The?initiation of the Masons is a religious indoctrination into the?Mysteries of Osiris of ancient Egypt, but completed according to the?rites of the Greco Dionysius cult. Osiris is the pantomime of the?Biblical Nimrod who fomented a universal rebellion against God after?the flood. It is Nimrod [Osiris] who built the famed Tower of Babel,?in the Plain of Shinar, as an affront to God. He was saying, along?with his initiates, we will surmount the heavens by our strength, and?climb to the very throne-room of God.

And?where did Nimrod get that idea. He received it from the author of?Iniquity – that old dragon the Devil ? Lucifer. For God has?testified as to the ?Iniquity? of his Guardian Cherub, Lucifer:

?You?have said in your heart, ?I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my?throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of?the assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will?ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the most?high??[Is.14:13-14].

So,?here we have learned that the Mystery of Iniquity uses vain babbling?of false knowledge to seduce men into a premise that they too can be?like God. Once men conform to Iniquity they begin to demonstrate?their vain superiority by more babble, and the building of bigger?everything, so as to demonstrate their ability to do anything.

Consider?the building of bigger things. It was Nimrod, ?the mighty hunter?before the Lord,? who built the first metropolitan cities [literal?Heb. ?great cities?] called Nineveh and Babylon.

Similarly?in style, the most prominent symbol of the Masonic cult is the?Obelisk of Osiris – which is the phallic image of Osiris – a sort-of,?show me yours and I?ll show you mine, macho. And the largest?Osiris phallic in the world is found in the good ole U.S.A. ??Washington DC. It?s the Washington monument. Further, if you look?around the cities of the America, you will find pagan obelisks that?are Masonic symbols ? such as in Lexington, or Lenox, and recently?in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Obelisks?are found in Argentina, France, India, Ireland, Turkey, and?Venezuela. Of special note is Cleopatra?s obelisk that was removed?to Vatican Square, in Rome, Italy.

The?ancients pragmatically used the pillars together with ground markings?to track the shadow of the sun and tell the time of day as well as?season. The first Obelisk, Senusret, in Al-Matariyyah [Heliopolis] of?Egypt, was ?erected? to the Sun god, Ra or so the epigraphers?say, since to say it is a sun ray is more effectual than to say it?represents his male endowment.

The?legend of Osiris:

Ra?was a king of Egypt. His wife Nut bore Osiris, as well as his?brother Set. Set killed Osiris and placed him in a wooden?sarcophagus that was thrown into the Mediterranean Sea. When the?sarcophagus ran ashore, a tree grew around the sarcophagus. Later,?the King of Byblos found the tree and used it as a main pillar?in his house. Isis, Osiris?s sister who was also his wife, went?looking for the sarcophagus, [the pillar]?and after finding it, brought the sarcophagus [pillar]?and the body of Osiris back to Egypt. The pillar?was used to support the temple. Isis hid the body of her husband.?However, Set found the sarcophagus and when he opened it, decided to?chop up the body of Osiris into fourteen pieces. Isis went on a?search to retrieve the body parts and found all but ? you guessed?it – his phallus.

In?ancient time the phallus was a sacred organ of life and everyone?wanted find the secret of eternal life, so the male and female?symbols became important in esoteric and holy rites. The Hindu?priests of today still use an ancient ritual of fertility in the use?of a stone Lingam [penis] and a Yoni [vagina].

Hindu Linga-Yani Phallus – Source Wikipedia

To?be succinct, the sarcophagus that became a tree – that became a?pillar, is set within the temple to hold it up erect – and since?Osiris was the son of Ra, who entered the heavens ? to sail across?the sky every day – it is necessary that the power of Osiris be seen?erect, while tracking the sun across the sky. All Masons go on a?journey – a trek a – quest, to find that missing part of Osiris.

Egyptian Osiris Statuette ? source: Wikipedia

The?next thing we learn about the Mystery of Iniquity is that it?encourages a lot of false knowledge about sex. Wiccans use sex or?its sensuality to cast spells. The ancient cult mysteries have as?their final initiation, the arboreta of orgy, much as is described in?the Old Testament concerning the orchards of Baal worship.

But?concerning this??mystery of?iniquity? that?was working in Paul?s day and is working today, Paul tells us what?it is – that it is not an unknowable mystery. It?s the rebellion?against God and his Christ [2Thes.2:4]. The ?rebellion??exalts itself above all things that are called, of God, or gods, or?worshiped – and it is working today. Consider – God wants peace, but?men love war – God frees people, while men enslave people. God?s?first commandment is to love Him and worship Him only, but men choose?to worship, self, money, goods, and other gods [spirits or imagined?deities].

This?rebellion got out of hand during the age of Adam, and so suffered the?deluge at the time of Noah. After that event The Almighty, decreed?that men should speak differing languages and stay within prescribed?boarders, called countries or nations. The reason for this was to?prevent man from fomenting a universal rebellion world-wide. Jesus?said, ?As it was?in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son-of-Man.??[Mt.24:37]

Today,?people can translate most any language with ease, and the greater?portion of the world speaks English as an international language.?Technology has provided many advantages in living and comfort, and?the newest idea that has been provoked by ?Iniquity? is the New?World Order ? a Utopian dream where universal peace and brotherhood?reigns, and everyone lives a healthy life. This sounds good except?everyone knows in his heart that people tend to be self-absorbed, and?lack true compassion. So the ?New Order? has a way to repair?that problem and bring in peace, by what it calls, UNIVERSAL?SECURITY.

Security?means loss of freedom – loss of identity, loss of choices. Travel at?transportation hubs is already restricted, and laws have passed,?which ORDER how much we flush down the toilet – how much and what?type of fat we eat – how much gas we gas burn – and the type of lamps?we can use. Cameras have been installed in many public places, and?Google has made a new camera that is called Google Glasses, that?everyone can wear. Each pair of Google Glasses will steam the images?the wearer sees, 24/7. Recently in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg made a?regulation by fiat that restricts the size of soft drink a consumer?can purchase. The idea is to market a belief of universal health,?because we need a security check on how we eat! The Utopia of?Iniquity is more complex and inhibiting than the Utopia of God and?His Christ.

God?made man to be creatively responsive, and free to make a myriad of?choices. Iniquity removes the creativity by making clones, and?disallows free choice, or offers restrictive and pre-chosen choices ? much like the Communist Party in the Peoples Republic of China – vote?for any communist of your choice – as long as he is a communist party?member!

To?understand the length Iniquity will go to, one must become acquainted?with certain, ?not so public, hidden documents. One such document?is called, ?The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? circa?1884. In one hundred and nine pages, it documents the takeover of?the world by an international Masonic cabal of bankers and?industrialists. Most people haven?t heard of the book, because it?is only for study by those who have that iniquitous pride of life,?which makes them the keepers of the Mysteries. Only they have the?right to read it – understand it ? and use it as a joyful?remembrance of their soon coming future.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Link

One?way they keep people from reading it is to say that the document is?disturbingly anti-Semetic. Actually the document is anti-Protestant,?anti-Catholic and definitely anti-human. The reason ?Iniquity??says the document is anti Semitic is because the ?Protocols? use?Biblical terms and use the word Jew or Jewish – but the Masons use?Biblical terms all the time. As a matter of fact the document?paraphrases New Testament scripture.

Why?is the document Masonic? Because every epigrapher and literary?historian states categorically that it came from the Mizraim Masonic?Lodge in Paris, France, and the document itself states numerous times?that they are Masons.

No?one has shown it to be a plagiarism in total, but many books are?suggested as being the source, yet none of them compares perfectly to?this manuscript of evil. Among the manuscripts suggested are: ?The?Prince,? by Machiavelli, ?The Dialogs in Hell between Machiavelli?and Montequieu,? and a fabrication by the Czarist Russian secret?police. From a logical point of view, The ?Prince? and ?The?Dialogs? are evil enough on their own and yet have never stirred?the controversy so completely, and among so many educated and?politically adept men, as the Protocols have. Henry Ford believed?them true, so did

It?is obvious to a trained epigrapher specialist familiar with?linguistics that the ?Protocols? have been supplemented after?protocol 15. The reader is advised to ignore protocols 16- 24 since?they are spurious ? speaking with a different syntax and differing?groups of modifiers. Protocols 16-24 are designed to make the reader?think that the document is anti-Semitic, when it is actually?anti-human.

The??Protocols? or as I call them, ?The Mysteries of Iniquity??present a narrator who speaks as an overlord and is filled with?excessive hubris. His bragging is beyond any that one can imagine.?He revels in the enslavement of humanity and considers us little more?than concupiscent animals. He and his listeners claim to be involved?with this destruction for about 1900 years. They consider themselves?the true chosen race the children of God and demand rulership of the?world under their Despotic Ruler using mankind as their slaves. The?text and tenor suggests fallen angels of the order of Princes. The?eastern ethnic groups know the Princes as Genies.

The?universal undermining of society is directed in the followings?manner:

  1. Internecine?strife and destruction of morality
  1. Infiltrating?the political structures of government with servile followers who?are paid well to subvert by theft, lying, and murder if necessary.
  2. Infiltration?of the media, with word smiths and toadies that shape the news or?propaganda to the cabal?s needs.
  3. Prepare?population of the world for ?The Despotic ruler? who uses??absolute despotism.?
  4. Use?of ?deceit, treachery? and ?bribery? in all politics, and?tempt all citizens with ?cash,? ?cupidity,? and ?material?needs? (consumerism).
  1. Manufacture?economic wars and infiltrate with secret advisors
  1. The cabal?s agents will be??bred and trained?from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world.?

The?globalist entity, called Rhodes Scholars, is a prime example of this?type of elite politicians and bureaucrats. Chosen at an early age?and from different categories of civil status, they move in and out?of the offices, of the western presidencies and legislative houses,?over tens of years always occupying similar offices of trust, such as?The Cabinets or Personal advisors to the President ? exchanging?the offices from time to time ? but never going away ? always?available to the next President regardless of party or ideology.?Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Brent Scowcroft, Zbigniew?Brzezi?ski,?Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright,?David Gergen and now President Obama who is an enigma supported from?his earliest years by powerfully rich and world political influencers?? having a mother who was influentially tied to the Ford?Foundation. Obama?s supposed father was tied to the Kennedys. In?every case, these types of individuals come from an upper European?stock or marry into cosmopolitan elites, after being introduced to?rich globalists. They are tied to in one way or another to the?following Universities: Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown and?Stanford.

Cecil?Rhodes was a late 19th?century industrial and banking tycoon who joined the Masons and formulated this plan, sending agreeable students to camps and?ultimately to Oxford University in England, with the expressed ideato bring the USA under control of the British Empire. Bill Clinton?was a Rhodes Scholar.

  1. Replace?religion with materialism.
  2. Infiltrate?government and corporations with malicious advisors.
  3. Create?world-wide wars.
  4. Create?the need for totalitarian states.
  5. Infiltrate?and control the newspapers and communications avenues.
  6. Brainwash?children through education and adults through social engineering.
  7. Deliberately?abuse civil authority.
  8. Suppress?and arrest opposition opponents.
  9. Establish?an all-encompassing credit system.
  10. Force?obedience.
  11. Bring?back the monarchies and install world despot.

The?Mystery of Iniquity has been at this game for several millennia, so?its sponsor [Satan] has worked a lot of people over a long time just?to take his place as the King of the World. For example, Woodrow?Wilson had his satanic advisor in Elihu Root, a lawyer, senator,?Secretary of State, who was friends with Andrew Carnegie, William?Taft, the political crook, William ?Boss? Tweed, and E. H?Harriman, to name a few. Mr. Root, Taft and Harriman were inductees?of the well-known ?Skulls and Bones? at Yale.

The?Skulls and Bones are an adaption of Hegelian philosophy, which?teaches the state is God, and it uses occult symbolisms and practices?that can be traced to the German University at Berlin, and its?founder General William Russell. The Order is the only one of its?kind in existence. Every Junior Class at Yale obtains 15 new members?by invitation who swear allegiance to the Order, it members to?establish its members as the primary movers and shakers of the?Western World.

Of?its member are: William Taft, Rockefellers, Bush family, Goodyear,?Vanderbilt, Heinz, Morgan, Kerry to name a few. They are tied to the?Rothschild?s through marriage and business deals, and as well,?Rockefeller?s AFI and Federal Reserve.

It?was and is the ?Bonesmen? who direct the international affairs of?America. The Early established ?Bonesmen,? place the next?generation of ?skulls? into the succeeding President?s advisory?staff. It reads like a game play: Elihu Root to Harriman, to?Stimson, to Lovett, to Acheson, to McCoy to Bohlen, repeating until?it came to a coup-de-ta with George Herbert Walker Bush as the?representative of the Skulls, the CIA and the world hegemony of the?English Crown Most of the early ?Bonesmen? up to Nixon?s?presidency are seductively referred to in historical circles as the?Wise Men? – a not so subtle moniker of the Biblical Wise Men in the?Gospels, who were Chaldean pagan priests that consulted astrology and?used other forms of shamanistic and occult practices.

I?need to quickly mention that Elihu Root, who served McKinley, Taft,?Roosevelt and Wilson, was the founding chairman of the Council on?Foreign Relations, one of six key organizations of the governing?Round Table of the New World Order [NWO].

I?will not discuss the NWO in detail within this article, but in the?one entitled: ?The New World Order And What It Is.? In that?article I will reveal all the organizations and main players, and?express what they are so determined to re-construct. I say?re-construct, because they are rebuilding the ancient devises and?activities of the pre-Diluvium earth, were fallen angels ruled men,?and bore children called the giants, to produce a society of?rebellion and anti-God activity – though the utensils, materials and?protocols are updated with modern science and technology.

Regardless?of the people who manipulate or the organizations that fund and?bully, the Mystery of Iniquity has very special attributes from which?one can understand where it has been, and what it has done.

The?Bible states in Revelation chapter 17, that the Mystery of Iniquity?is Mystery Babylon. It is has a feminine mystique ? decked out in?fine apparel and jewelry ? stride upon a beast and drunk. She is?labeled a whore, in that she seduces mankind with her abominable acts?and enticements.

The?fact that she rides the beast, which is the power behind her, means?she is in control ? for now, but later the system will destroy her.?However, because she is charged with adultery she must have a?husband. That husband is God, and so the Apostle John was confused?and surprised as he sees the Woman as the Church.

However,?she is not the true Church, but a false copy. Again I do not wish to?go into the NWO in this article, but suffice to say, many?commentators see the woman as the Roman Church, or an amalgamation of?Eastern and Russian Orthodox, liberal Protestants and the Roman?Church. I say it is the Apostate Anglican Church refitted with?Gnostic heresies, ancient Theosophical cultus, with the use of occult?Kabala. But then I will present that side of this particular evil?in my article on the ?NWO.?

In?summary Paul second letter to the Thessalonians, warns about the?coming Man of Sin [the Anti-Christ], who exalts himself over all?things considered God. Because the Anti-Christ is in view here most?Christian miss the attributes of Iniquity that are at work. Paul?states:

?For?the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who?now holds him back will continue to do so until he is taken out of?the way. And the lawless one will be revealed ?The coming of the?lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan, displayed?in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs, and wonders, and in?every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They?perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. For?this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will?believe a lie. [2Thes.2:11]

As?we have observed the Mystery of Iniquity is involved in: lies,?confusion, false information, sex, false piety, denial of all things?God, by using all forms of authority and media.

Keep?in mind that no matter how good things appear, Iniquity was at work?in Paul?s time, and is at work right now. It will continue to?corrupt people, authorities, society and historical archives until?whatever is holding it back is taken out of the way.

I?deal with this question, concerning the ?holder? in my article,??an Antichrist? but have reproduce the information on this?specific question whose general answer is, ?proper government.?

?The?Biblical link, within political leadership, can be found in the words?of Paul, who wrote: “And?now you know what is holding him back, so that he [the?Lawless One] may be?revealed at the proper time”?[2Thess.2:5] – and as well, John?s warning, “…many?antichrists have gone out into the world.”?[2Jn.7] The context concerns God’s time table, but secondarily, a?context of the breakdown in Law and Order. Therefore, the “he”?is government – the type acknowledged by God, not the type?acknowledged by demons – as in Romans 13:1-7, where the government is?expressed as “The?Magistrate,”?with the Greek “heauton” – a reflective of “autus,”?meaning “he himself.” Consequently, just as Scripture?conveys the rank of “gods” on the judges and leaders of?Israel [Ps.82:6, Jn.10:34], so magistrates act on behalf of God to?bring justice, peace, and meet the necessities of corporate life.?Since Romans 13 conveys that the magistrate, (the ?HE? of?government) is his servant, it follows that when a usurper is in the?seat of governance (seat of Moses), he does not constitute the will?of God, or the will of men. Hence, what is ?holding?him back? is?proper God sanctioned government.?

This?is further reflective in that the Lawless One brings a form of?anarchy not associated with normal society. What had been?adjudicated throughout history as moral, generally acceptable?protocols from God, are now removed, so that a reprobate society?exists, unfettered. If there is no God sanctioned moral laws, then?lawlessness rules the day. Therefore, without proper government there?can be no law. So it is the government, as we have known it, since?history that is removed ? by reason of the removal of its universal?moral mandates.

It?behooves the Christian to fix his eye on the mandates of Christ, not?on the newest thing that is going on in society. As scripture has?attested, the coming of the Lawless One is via counterfeit signs and?wonders, that oooh and ahhh the shallow public, much as the Roman?Circus entertained the citizenry with animal and human blood baths.?If we are to escape the trap of the Devil incarnate, we need to?practice what Christ ordered, even if our neighbors go in a different?direction. For we have yet to see the Mystery of Iniquity unmasked?and set at large. The effect will be frightening.

If?we are looking to Christ, then we will not be fooled, because Jesus?has promised us we can know and identify the Mystery of Iniquity:

?The?knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to?you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more, and he will?have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be?taken from him. This is why I speak in parables: ?Though seeing?they do not see; though hearing they do not hear or understand.? In?them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: ?You will be ever hearing?but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never?perceiving?? [Mt.13:11-14]

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