The intrinsic evil of the New World Order

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In this series we will do our best to take you into the mind of the World Elites, their analysts, strategists and change agents.? The journey will upturn your preconceived notions of how evil acts.

It can be said of demonic forces that they act out like spoiled children, but behind them is a force that unleashes their sense of uncontrolled personas. This force uses them to upend the human psyche, and changes what we perceive, or admit, even when it is in our face.? Our response is our free will, but we could bury our head in the sand, out of self-preservation. The hope, of course, is to try to fool the enemy into thinking that we do not notice, or do not care, and so he will leave us alone.


Animals use this technique against predators. A deer will stand still after hearing a gun-shot.? Little birds in a nest will stiffen and become very still, in the hope the jaws of its enemy will pass by.

However, demonic evil is more elusive in defining its character. Once focused on its prey, evil has the heart and muscle of a Fisher-cat ? the only animal that can attack a porcupine and eat the sharpened quills.? Once engaged it will pursue its victim until it has ravaged it.

Humanity is in a struggle. Truth verses illusion. The New World Order and its combatants are eating humanities mind, and later it will eat humanity?s flesh.

What we need to do is to recognize what we see concerning the improper acts of government, its intimidators, and its hostile voyeurs and become convinced of its malevolence, to save our minds. For it is God ordained government that ?shall be taken out of the way,? before Malevolence takes its seat on Babylon?s hills.

Our stratagem is the use of God?s moral mandates. ? The deliberate use of our personal will, combined with the truth of Biblical Scripture, will allow us to endure. It will not be easy.? It will not be without harm.? If the Divine Christ suffered wounds upon his body, from his heal to his crown, it means he felt the injury and wears it as his badge of victory.? We ought to do the same. ? Like the play, Henry the Fifth, we need to raise ourselves and go to the field of battle, so that in future years we can say with others of like mind, ?We were there on Saint Crispin?s Day, and stood our ground against lies and persecution.? We fought in the field of honor with Christ as our lead, and met the enemy square ? face to face.?? Would we not love to sit our grand-children upon our laps, and tell the tale of victory?


Who is Mr. Edward Snowden?? Wikipedia gives us his dossier as a young impetuous idealist with computer skills, no military background, no college education – a ?World Patriot? who worked for the CIA, and the NSA, had access to highly classified documents, and gave up a slew of information to the Guardian Newspaper of London, flew to Hong Kong unabated – slipped into Putin?s Russia without the least difficulty.? Do you like fairy tales?? Here is one from the genius of the New World Order!

I could give all the obvious reason that this story is bunk, but your inner facilities of reason actually tell you there is something strange with its whole dynamics.? No one with that type of clearance leaves the US without pinging a buzzer somewhere in cyber space.? Even General Petraeus, head of JSOC, had his Army Intelligence ?call girl? at his side through the evenings, while he was away from home.? And let us not forget that President Obama released an executive order for all government workers to be vigilant, and turn in their co-worker for any suspicious activity.

Oh you say, ?that statement about Obama is not really true.?? Does it matter?? The act of releasing the statement without intent is still intimidation, as visually expressed on the face of the White House spokesman.? Even he is worried, as were many during the Third Reich.

We hope that you are just beginning to understand a major weapon of evil ? FEAR.

So what is the point of the Snowden Story?? The story is a manufactured romance adventure for the Americans who love drama, and wait upon political salvation from a philosophic ?Umbermensch? ? from the dark mind of Fredrick Nietzsche.? Snowden represents the persona of the ?Man-Over-all? who fights the powers for the people.

In fact Snowden made no such statement accept that he said the NSA was against the whole world.? He did not say anything concerning U.S. patriotism.? Snowden?s friends appear to be the Guardian of London, the Icelander politick, the Germans, and it appears the Chinese and the Russians.? Snowden in is in Hong Kong, then in Iceland, later in China, then in Russia.? It?s like watching a, ?Where in the World is Matt Lauer? series.

Snowden’s?original intent was to subvert the authority of the NSA, whose abilities are very formidable and are not under the direct control of our President.??The President?does not have control of the NSA, because he is not trusted by the NSA -?who does not desire to give up its power to the N.W.O..? The British used Snowden to blacken the eye of the NSA and encourage Americans to knee-jerk for more control of security into the hands of few.? It was a disaster for the British and the Commonwealth of Nation. Their scheme backfired, and now they are making up the play, every day, in an effort to gain the advantage.

This should demonstrate to the common man that: (1) the world Elite are formidable, but not invincible, (2) they make mistakes, (3) the end prize is coming in view and the players are beginning to fight among themselves.


The N.W.O. made a mistake, but they will use their error and this disaster as an advantage, if only for a small one.

The Elites want to take full control, but they are not sure who might rise up among the people and thwart their new utopia – so they need to find out who is watching, who is not and who responds.? The game is to crunch the statistical numbers that will give them a time frame for their final consummation of power and rule.

If the statistics demonstrate most people are not watching and that only a few are concerned, then the time is right.? If however, many are watching and are concerned, a good portion of these could become an endemic leadership of opposition.? Therefore, play out wild stories of government stupidity, corruption and intrigue, to vet those who are actively pursuing the stories. The Elite have become so confident that they even sweeten the bait with real stories of corruption.

Next they catalog the interested listeners for later arrest ? for incarceration at the FEMA CAMPS, and for the ?Final Solution.? The solution will be logically necessary after the Elite has demonstrated that the obstructing listeners to be LESS than real human spirits ? not trans-humans!


So the game psychologically works in this fashion.? The ignorant are not a concern.? Their fleshy desires and self-centered wills are exactly what EVIL wishes to propagate.

Many that are intelligent enough to understand are overcome with fear.? They teach themselves not to notice, like the little birds or the hunted deer.? After a while, their free will is given up to the lie, and though they believe they have escaped, they are herded and eaten.

Those that have good sense and understand the nature and morality of the True God, wait in eager expectation of the ?Coming of God?s Presence.?? They do not bury their heads in the sand or train themselves to believe a lie.? They do not confront the enemy directly, AS OF YET. They take note of the lies, obfuscations, and ignore the inducements of the enemy.? The victor in Christ will rely on the wisdom of God and his provision.? These Christians become the Wiseman of understanding, the witnesses of the Holy Spirit – to an evil world that wants everyone to become reprobate.? These faithful Christians are modern Saint Crispins – the French martyrs – witnesses of the Truth – convicting the world of sin, of righteousness, and judgment to come.


Please note that some Christians will argue that it is better to tell everyone, everywhere, about all the specific evil.? Note that it is written, ?What you hear in secret, shout from the roof tops? [Mt.10:27; Lk.12:3].? It does NOT say, ?What was already posted, tell everyone again.?? After all, we are at a point in history, when the Evil Ones are reporting on themselves.

What about me?? Am I not telling you about the intrigue and malevolence of the World Elite?? Does that not mean I have acted in a knee-jerk reaction – falling into the waiting arms of my future torturers?? Note, I have told you about their history, their systematic analysis, their reverse psychology, their tenacious want of control, and their strategy, but I have not told you how to combat them with worldly weapons, or political rallies.? I have become to them a source fascination.? They don?t know my endgame, and so they will let me teach you for now, while they study me to find my plan of attack.

They are unable to ?PROFILE? me, because I am walking in Christ. They can profile my banal and mundane needs, but not my spiritual and mental goals. Profiling is only useful for determining the probable strategy of evil people.? Profiling does not work on godly people, simply because the doing of good never comes into the mind of Evil.

Your effort is to be DISCIPLINED in character and activities, conforming to the will of Christ.? The Greek word for discipline is: ?sophronismos,? and is a compound word that is derived from ?sophron,? which is translated as: discreet, self-controlled, sober-minded, and temperate.? Literally it means, ?saving the mind.?

If you wish to SAVE YOUR MIND from a world designed to make you lose it, become convinced in what the Word of God has told you about Christ, and about truth, and charity.? Take note of evil and wait for God to give you instructions daily and for the Day of the Lord!

In the meantime, for entertainment, sit back and watch the snakes bite each other.

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