The day of worship ? Saturday or Sunday?

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You have heard it said that Saturday is the day of worship, because?it was part of the Decalogue, and nowhere has God said a different day?is to be used.? But you have also heard it said that Sunday is the day?of worship, since the Lord rose from the grave, and that the book of?Acts clearly states that the early disciples where found to meet?together on the ?First Day.?

So, do we honor God on the ?Last Day? to avoid offending him, or do?we honor Christ on the First Day to avoid offending him?? What then?shall we do? ?Should we compile a list of Church fathers for this side?or that, and consult the histories to build up the most probable truth? Does not the Bible say that the ?Sabbath? was instituted at the Genesis?of the World, for on the seventh day God rested? [Gen.2:2; Ex.16:29]?But did not Jesus say in the book of John that God works even now??[Mk.2:27; 3:4; Jn.5:16-18]? What is unique is that Jesus never gave a?holy day of worship, and Paul argued against the legalism of the Jews?that included holidays ? stating clearly that Christians are not under?the Ceremonial Law [Gal.2:15-16].

Not to worry ? God has, through his Holy Spirit, given us an answer?that is to be found in the epistle to the Hebrews, chapter 4:1-12.? It?states that we are to enter the rest of God.? Even though He gave the?Israelites a rest, some had entered, while others had not.? If then,?those who had worshiped on the Sabbath never entered a rest, and others?yet must enter, there remains ?Another Day? from which to enter the rest?of God ? and God has called it ?Today? ? for he said ?If Today you hear?his voice, do not harden your hearts.?

When then is Today? If Sunday is the ?First Day?, and Saturday is the??Last Day,? and there exists ?Another Day? called ?Today? ? then?logically, ?Today? is the ?Eighth Day.?? ?If the eighth is the sum of?the seven days, plus another day, it is clear that God wants every day?as His rest.? To him who follows God, every day is holy. We are to rest?in Christ, and worship, everyday.

Now there are those who will still complain: ?What then are we to do?with Saturday and Sunday church worship?? ?The Apostle Paul has taught?us every day is our reasonable service in Christ ? our expected?obedience [Rom.12:1] ? but Sunday or Saturday can become our free-will?offering [Ps.119:108], and we should never offer the Lord that which?cost us nothing [2Sam.24:24]! ?Therefore, our free-will offering is?extended attention to God together with that, which is always part of?our everyday service.

But note, if Sunday is your only day of rest, you are a poor and?overworked Christian, to be sure.?? Hear what Christ said to those about?him

?The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.? [Mk.2:27]

With the eighth day as our rest, everyday becomes our rest ? to rest in Christ.

If it is lawful to heal and accomplish good on the Sabbath, how much?more is it lawful to heal and do good everyday ? and everyday to rest!

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