The anti-christ, the false prophet, the commonwealth of nations, and UFOs

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?The LORD… He will make an end of [Nineveh];
He will pursue his foes into darkness…
From you [Nineveh] has ONE COME FORTH
who plots evil against the LORD and councils wickedness.
This is what the LORD says:
?Although they have allies and are numerous,
they will be cut off and pass away…
all because of the wanton lust of a harlot,
alluring, the mistress of sorceries,
who enslaved nations by her prostitution
and her people by her witchcraft…
You have increased the number of your merchants
till they are more than the stars in the sky…like locusts…
Your people are scattered on the mountains
with no one to gather them.
Nothing can heal your wound, your injury is fatal…??

[Nahum 1:11; 3:4, 16, 18, 19]


There have been vast numbers of books and sermons that present the Antichrist and his compatriot, the?False Prophet, and their global influence. Today however, the focal point of world affairs comes together?in a syncretized unity of religion, politics, science, and social development that has become the hegemony?of the New World Order. It expresses itself in symbolism, by ignoring facts, while re-defining all?vocabulary. New Age and Freemason symbology is so diffuse in the world culture that the poignant and?necessary understanding of the two supernatural individuals is cloaked from common logic and reason.?The imperative for Christians is to understand the pathology of the New Social Order by use of Biblical?mandates and proper use of Gestalt psychology [ ]. Analysis?and evaluation of the disorder and trend away from historical roots of history and 2,000 years of dominant?Western cultural, is the reason Jesus told us to watch and not be laden down with the cares of the world?[Lk.21:34]. Christ further warned not to be fooled by false prophets, claiming to be Jesus [Mt.24:5].

?If anyone tells you, ?There he is, out in the desert,? do not go out there; or, ?Here he is in the?inner rooms,? do not believe it. For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the?west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.? [Mt.24:26-27]


?Therefore keep watch…What I say to you I say to EVERYONE [Gk. ?pas?, every, all anyone]:?Watch!? [Mk.13:37]


?Be always on the watch, and pray that you will be able to escape all that is about to happen,?and be able to stand before the Son of Man.? [Lk.21:36]

For simplicity to reign in any complicated theme, one must pay attention to general Biblical admonitions?and clear statements concerning the ?end times.? The object is to build upon what is straightforward and?easily understood ? afterwards adding in the esoteric pieces to the puzzle. Therefore, there are several?key concepts to keep in mind when evaluating the scriptures, concerning the nemeses of Christ Jesus, and?the event of the Apocalypse.

  1. Both the Antichrist and the False Prophet are supernatural beings, most probably humanoid?hybrids [Trans-humans]. Though his number is the number of Man, he has at his disposal an?arsenal of false miracles and demonic persuasion and power. It is notable that while the?soldiers at Armageddon has slain with the sword, the Antichrist and False Prophet are thrown?directly into the pit of Hell.
  2. There are two distinct persons. The Antichrist is a world class political dictator, while the?False Prophet is a charismatic religious personality.
  3. They work as a team – identified in geo-political linguistics as a diarchy. One would have?authority for political and military activity while the other has near equal weight for all this?cosmological, spiritual and religious – a shared endeavor much as the previous kingdoms of?Rome, Israel, the Khazara and many native American tribes.
  4. Both are Biblically referred to as ?Beasts? – ?therion? in the Greek [as opposed to ?zoon? for?common animals] which describes them as, ?venomous beasts,? or ?dangerous wild stalkers,??and ?killers.? However, there is a third beast [therion], which is the collective of the
    Antichrist, False Prophet, and the demonic economic-political system, as found in Rev.17:3.?The words wild beasts [therion], is also used in Rev.6:8, in the killing of a fourth of mankind?by the sword, famine and plague ? which indicates trans-human and demonic activity, not?wild animals [zoon].
  5. There is a type antichurch (social religion of state) called literally in the Greek: ?Babylon,?The Mother of the Harlots and the Abominations of the Earth.? [Rev.17:5] She rides the?Beast system, for a time, until the collective needs her no more. Her purpose is to entice?mankind into a Bacchus type feast of celebration, eating and drinking excess, love of?mammon, and wanton sexual pleasure. This over apatite is succeeding in our world culture of?consumerism, and the hunt to sell everything including sex slaves, drugs, and the body parts?of men. This is akin to the Greek Mystery Cult indoctrinations, completed before a statue of?a devotee?s god – by a naked inductee – and is an extension of the sin of Israel committed with?the Ashera (happy or celebratory) Baals of Peor [Numb.25:1-5; Deut.4:3; Ps.106:28;?Hos.9:10] ? in verdant orchards of sweet food. The Adam?Eve sin in the Garden is in view?here, complete with enticement, sweet beautiful food, a grove and rebellion.?The two Beasts will come on the world scene, as any well connected politician and media
    personality, with fanfare, hype, and allusion. Since much of what is done is illusion, they will?use modern techniques of projected holograms, sleight-of-hand, aerial chemical dispersions,?microwave sensations, Hollywood special effects, focused sound technology, and multimedia?to persuade their followers of godlike magic miracles.
  6. The Antichrist will succeed in everything he does – encouraging deceit and bribery and as?well, selling embezzled and stolen property. [Dan.8:23-25; Dan.11:36-39].
  7. The world will view both of them as fantastic anomalies of humanity, and perhaps examples?of what modern bio-science can do for all of mankind, while those who study the Word of?God and who are disciples of Christ, will have understanding of what and who they really?are. This follows what Paul said concerning the Coming of The Lord [Parousia or Second?Coming], and the Blessed Hope [rapture] ? that both these events WILL NOT HAPPEN?UNTIL the Antichrist is revealed and the Apostasy [great falling away of Christians] occurs?[2Thes.2:1-3]. The revealing is for us, but to the world, Antichrist is the man to follow?regardless of his behavior. This concept of ?…in seeing they don?t see, and in hearing they?don?t hear… [Mt.13:11-17; Is.6:9-10], is a common theme in the teachings of Jesus. May I?add that those Jewish people, who are looking for the Messiah and study the Old Testament,?will be given understanding. This is what will make them reject the Antichrist and False?Prophet [Zech.12:10].
  8. The Diarchy?s name, number and symbol system will be used as a 21st century commerce and?tax method – that can track all adherents and worshipers, while allowing easy recognition of?protagonists. A later portion of this article will be more specific concerning the ritual of the??Name,? ?Mark? and the ?Number? of the Beast.?
  9. Though the Antichrist and his lesser Diarchy, the False Prophet, are said to rule the world,?they actually have a specific geographic kingdom – the old Fertile Crescent: Egypt-Libya-Sudan [Dan.11:43], Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey – with potentials for Afghanistan,?Azerbaijan, Iran, Kuwait, Ethiopia, and Somalia, and perhaps Saudi Arabia. It will start with?ten nations, with three collapsing into one nation [Syria-Lebanon-Palestine or Egypt-Libya-?Sudan]. The nation of Jordan will escape as it states in Dan. 11:41, and may also include?Saudi Arabia?s escape. The escape occurs because God will reassemble and keep the Israeli?army intact and hidden within the ancient district of Midain and Mount Horeb (Mt. Sinai) ??This area is found in the lower Jordan and north-western Arabia (modern Bozrah, old Petra,?and Aqaba), as is detailed in [Gal.4:25 and Rev.12:14]. As well, the decisions and actions of?the Demonic Duo affect the world, as do the actions of the present Iranian Republic and the?Republic of North Korea, today. However, their dominance will be like the weight of Nazi?Germany of WWII. At first the Commonwealth will be behind him, later it will start to?separate from his designs, because as scripture states, the Beast [system] is a mixture of Iron?and Clay [Dan.2:40-43]


  1. The demonic duo?s kingdom will be called, or recognized as, a Dominion trade group, that is?part of the Commonwealth of Nations [aka ? New World Order], and they may sit within the?quartet of Round Table administrators, after three and one-half years within the political??Association of Helpers.?
  2. Both beasts will receive their rulership by help of the Commonwealth of Nations, with?specific help from Great Britain, and the state church. The ?Church of the Government,? has?been identified by many commentators as the ?The Vatican? plus the World Council of?Churches. However, my view is that the ?Apostate Church? will be the English Anglican?Church, for reasons I will present later.
  3. They will be exceptionally praised by the Commonwealth of Nations for their ability to bring?peace to the Middle East – via creative political concessions and persuasion, while setting up?a type of social democracy with productive commerce.
  4. They will probably be aided militarily, at first, by the collective NATO forces in the Middle?East, and its mercenaries [Global Security], headquartered in Mosul, Iraq.
  5. Their coming will be as Jesus said, ?as in the days of Noah.? This involves what Scripture?reveals as, inter-species mating – with intelligent beings such: Nephilim, giants, Rephidim,?and sons of Anak, the Anakin, and recognized today as ?trans-humans.? The weight of this?is upheld by scientific breakthroughs in gene therapy, genetic splicing, animal-animal, anima-vegetation, and animal-human chimers. The French and English geneticists are far ahead of?US scientists in developing these anomalies or freaks in nature. The literature is replete in?military prospects of developing universal chimer-soldiers who have eyes as cats, with?strength and endurance capabilities like Chimpanzees. Princeton University recently?promoted its bionic-ear made from tissue and cartilage that was hailed as a better device than?out own ears. As well, the web-news hawked an implantable cyber-formed compound insect?eye with 180 individual lenses, with 160 degree visual acuity.

Though the US government, since WWII has expunged information of old world fossils,?tools, legends, and skeletal remains of giants, South America is awash in translations from?Native American glyphs and sacerdotal cultus displaying the culture of the giants. Further,?giant skeletal remains and artifacts are common place especially within the gold museums of?Peru.

This author spent time in Arizona, 2011, talking to Native Americans – particularly of the?Navajo tribe. The Navaho and Piute tribes abound in verbal history heritage concerning the?war between the giants and the Sky god. Similarly, it was Magellan in the 1500?s who named?the tip of South America, Patagonia, meaning: ?big foot.? His log entries can be found at any?Large University, as facsimiles, and they clearly show hand drawings of very large natives,?and entries that these people were taller than twelve feet, and from the text, appeared to be?worried if Magellan?s ship and crew where from the sky.


What can be known of The Antichrist and his ethnic cleansing solution, is to be found to a greater degree,?within the books of Daniel Dan.11:36-40], Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21, 2Thessalonians 2:3-4,?8-10, 1John 2:18; 4:3, and John?s Revelation.6:2; 13:1-7. The False Prophet is mentioned by Moses in?Deuteronomy [Deut.13:1-3; 18:14-22] and as well, by Jesus Christ [Mt.7:14; 24:4-5; Jn.5:43]. This?Diarchy is mentioned simultaneously in Rev.19:20.

Other Old and New Testament writers as well as Anti-Nicene Patriarchs, have also given us a few specific?characteristics of the coming ?Man of Sin:?

  1. He is a deceiver and a liar ? big time! [2Tim3:1-4, 13;] – A world deceiver [Didache 16.5,?55AD]
  2. His main theme is to deny that Jesus is the Christ, and or that the Christ of God had never?come. [1Jn.4:3; 2Jn.7] This needs to be taken quite literally. The Man of Sin will actually?stand before microphones and video cameras and tell the world that Jesus was not the?Messiah. Some Iranian Islamic eschatology teaches that Jesus [a new modern Jesus] will?show up to explain that he is not the one to look to. This Islamic persona is most probably?the False Prophet of Biblical scripture.
  3. He will appear as if a son of God with signs and wonders. [Didache 16.5, 55AD]
  4. He is a speech maker and over the top with boasts [Dan.7:8, 11] He will boast about himself,?grumble about others finding fault with everyone and everything. [Jude 14-16; Dan.11:36]
  5. He will make a covenant [a contract ? a peace treaty deal] with Israel and then break it three?and one half years later, by shutting down the Blood sacrifices and putting up an image of?worship [Dan.9:27]
  6. He enjoys engaging in War. [Dan.11:39] and will rule ten nations subduing three of them?under his direct control. [Dan.7:7-8, 24; Epistle of Barnabas 4.5, 34.7]
  7. He has a number associated with his name, a MAN?s number 666. [Rev.13:18 – The Reliques?of the Elders, in Irenaeus V.30.I, 200AD ? Eusebius, Eccles. History, XVIII].

Other early Church fathers wrote concerning the Antichrist as found in the books of Daniel and?Revelation ? among them: Justin Martyr, 100-165AD, Irenaeus of Lions 130 -202AD, Tertullian 160-225AD, Hippolytus circa 225AD, Cyprian of Carthage 200-258AD. Each one expressed the belief of a?MAN, who would affect the whole world by his ego, political charisma, and military prowess.


Genesis 6 and 11 reveal the stark reality of previous bizarre giants, fathered by Nephilim [?fallen ones,??interpreted as fallen angels] prior to the flood, who took opposition to God?s design and morality. The?Nephilim were in the land after the flood. [Gen.6:4] It was they who took human women as wives and?fathered giants, like Goliath of 1Sam.17:4-7.

After ?The Flood,? a major metropolitan empire was built within the Fertile Crescent – led by the first?world dictator and Antichrist, Nimrod. [Gen.10:8-12] His name is rendered, ?we will revolt.? [see Keil-Delitzsch Commentary on the O.T.] This history explains the scripture verse written in Revelation:

?The beast you saw, once was, now is not, and will come again.? [Rev.17:8]

This verse clearly places to the side any consideration of the identity of the Beast [therion] with Nero,?since the Church clearly had not ?sat? upon [governed over] Nero. The Beast could not mean Satan?incarnate, since he still ?was and has been.? Neither can the Beast be the Roman Catholic Church, since it?did not exist at the time of John?s writing, as a systematic overlord beyond the confines of Rome.?Similarly, the Beast could not be the Roman Empire, because it was still in existence. However, Nimrod,?his spirit, and supernatural leadership, and the system of world rebellion against God and God?s moral?mandates, once was, is not (at that time), and Jesus said would come again (as in the days of Noah).

Nimrod [?we will rebel?] came from the region identified as Shinar ? middle-lower Eastern Iraq. It is?explained that he was a ?hunter before the Lord,? with legends and word interpretations indicating his?fierce dominance in war, and abilities to hunt men, and with animals of prey ? with specific allusion to?the spotted leopard. This animal is still recognized in North East African tribes as a pelt worn by local?kings and mighty tribal chiefs. As well, the Maasai warriors of Africa, use a technique of herding, as is?suggested by the descriptions of Nimrod.

Nimrod, a descendant of Ham (the cursed son of Noah, and father of the Africans), was the first to build?the metropolis cities of: Babylon, Erech, Akkad [whence came language Akkadian], Calneh in Shinar, or?lower east Iraq ? that served as his Capital. He also built the metropolis cities of Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir,?Calah, and Resen, or upper eastern Iraq that served as his second capitol district.

His sin was to lead the known world into rebellion, against God, by refusing what the Lord had told Noah?to do ? that is to: multiply and fill the earth, no killing humans, and no eating the blood of animals.?[Gen.9:1-7]. The extra-Biblical writings, traditions and folklore of the Semitics and Egyptians, present?the life of Nimrod in contest with Shem, son of Noah, who took a dim view of Nimrod?s life style. Many?extra-biblical writings merit Shem as being Melchizedek of Salem (Jerusalem), and the one who killed?Nimrod and send the pieces of his body everywhere as a warning. The later myths are revealed as the?Osiris legends. It is noteworthy that the great Maasai warriors of North East Africa are not only very tall,?but are considered fierce hunters and warriors, and drink the fresh blood of cattle mixed with milk for?refreshment.

Nimrod?s greatest rebellion was defined by building a grand city with tower ? so large for its time; it?could be plainly seen tens of miles in the distance by travelers. The mortar used was bitumen, which can?be seen, even today, in the most ancient ruins [sic. Keil-Delitzsch]. The sin of the tower was to ?make a?name for themselves ? that is to, glorify their achievement even into the clouds of heaven – to surmount to?the very stars of heaven. The stars were viewed as the gods of heaven, therefore following Satan?s schema?in the ?Garden.? The grand city and tower reflected their achievements, thus proving their ability to?become gods. They didn?t build the Tower for God?s glory, but for mankind?s glory.

Modern Construct for Re-emergence of Nimrod

Jesus said, ?As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.? [Mt.24:37]?It doesn?t take a rocket scientist to understand that geopolitical events unfolding today, exacerbate the?prediction of the ?end age,? or the ?end of the age of man? ? that is, man?s dominance of freewill, without?regard to God or his morality. Please note that scripture does not teach that there will be an end to the?earth. However, the events predicted in Matthew 22, 2Peter and the Book of Revelation suggest a time?unequaled in the history of the globe ? it will be naturally destructive, humanly violent, with predation by?Nephilim.

Noah?s era had unabated sin, inter-species propagation, carnage, no moral restraints, and an attitude?lacking fear of God. The science of today is working on the world scene to supplant the God of Creation.?Geneticists have made human clones, melded goat and spider genes, to make mankind better. Scientists?are looking into space with the hope of an alien race, and are encouraging trans-humanism [a form of?sped-up genetic and macro-body changes]. Moreover, bio-scientists are investigating the genetic?enhancement of humans with cat eyes for natural night vision, with final touches for calling the human?race together, as one entity, like Star-Trek Cyborgs – filled with implants and worshiping the system of?the state. These are the predictors, and they are increasing daily at exponential rates. The new Nimrod is?at the door of the world?s society, and he will be aided by his ?Diarchy? twin, the false prophet.

The words used from the Book of Nahum, at this articles beginning, are similar to those of the Book of?Revelation, concerning the whore of Babylon. Yet, the scene depicts Nimrod?s Nineveh – a dead city.

However, Nineveh?s modern counterpart, Mosul, is just one mile west and across the Tigris River. It has?become a magnet for all forms of geo-political and military headquarters for the New World Order under?NATO.

The city of Mosul, known in Syriac as Ninwe, and in Kurdish as Musil/Ninewe, is the capitol of the?Nineveh province in Iraq. The city has a large Nestorian Christian group among a population of 2 million?predominant Muslims, and has been growing exponentially. Beside Nimrod?s fame of building the city, it?was the capitol for Kings Ashurnasirpal II, 870BC, and Sennacherib of Assyria 700BC [Is.36-37]. Other?kings, specifically, Nabopolassar of Babylon [612BC] and Alexander the Great [332BC] conquered the?city, considering it an important way station. In the 8th century AD, Mosul was the capital of?Mesopotamia, but became a backwater town under the Ottoman Empire. However, since the fall of?Saddam Hussein [2004], the city has made resurgence in economic growth. Mosul-Nineveh is the burial?home for the Prophet Yunus [Jonah], and is home to some the oldest Mosques in Islam, – dating to?640AD.


The importance of Mosul-Nineveh becomes evident within the text of Nahum – especially for studying?The Antichrist. Given its history and biblical scripture?s prophesy, it becomes a pragmatic choice for?study and evaluation. As written in Daniel 12:9, many specific events and personalities have been sealed-up, until the ?time of the end.? But it appears certain that ?the end? has made its entry into our modern?world. God will therefore open the minds and hearts of those who follow him. As events unfold, the?student of the Bible can recognize with ease contemporary events that were hidden centuries ago.

Actively, the world is viewing the dissolution of the old Middle Eastern guard of secular dictators and?strongmen. The Commonwealth of Nations with the USA, is applying political and military heat to push?out the old powers. The reason is simple. The West wishes to force Commonwealth inclusion of?Middle Eastern states by backing insurgents. The plan is to crumble the existing regime, by populous?forces [a well understood communist tactic], and replace that government with a western socialist?government ? Muslim style. The effect, as planned, is expected to yield a stable democratic socialist?entity that joins the world federation of Commonwealth Nations – leading to peace and prosperity. With a?Western banking system, and Western Commerce law, the new state is thought to become stable ??allowing peace and prosperity to reign for a thousand years ? under English law and cultural ? or so the?British believe.

From a Christian thematic standpoint, world peace is only available through the reign of Jesus Christ Son?of God, and the Antichrist must be defeated before this can occur – something the British Anglicans have?known since St. Columba [560AD] came to tame the Druids, Celts and Picks of Scotland on Roman?roads. However, there has been a change in the faith of the English Crown. Its store-front Reformed?Anglicanism has morphed into Christian Science Theosophy [See: ?The Anglo American Establishment,?by Prof. Carroll Quigley, pg. 70]. They now believe that the British way, is better than the Christian way?of Christ. They no longer believe in repentance of sin, moral introspection, and faith in Christ to remake?a society. The Crown, its legals, bankers, and industrialists have determined that commerce, profit and?law, are better and stronger inducements for a peaceful society than God?s revealed solution. [SEE:?website articles: ?Discerning Diplomacy and Foreign Policy? and The New World Order, Part I?]


However, because of Mosul?Nineveh?s historical importance, its economic resurgence, its cultural?mystique, location, and the Bible?s support of a end time connection, the Antichrist and, or the False?Prophet will come from here, or set up their capital here. I believe wholeheartedly that the modern?Commonwealth of Nations will encourage an ?up-and-coming? dynamic Middle-Eastern geo-political?leader, who will use Mosul?s rich historical, cultural, religious, economic and geo-military infrastructure?? to reassert the old Fertile Crescent dominion of ancient Assyria. The Nimrod symbolism would become?complete and, he who once was, and was not, is again!

Gate of Nimrod (Wikipedia)


1. He will be the Devil incarnate [Nephilim], a hybrid [Giant], or a demonically possessed trans-human. He will be supported demonically, either as a free agent in league with Satan, or provide?a vessel for direct possession.

2. He will come from Islamic, Jewish or mixed marriage genetic stock. For many centuries,?protestant commentators have evaluated him as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and?recently that possibility has reemerged through the book, Petrus Romanus, by Horn and Putnam.?Though I do see a useful contemporary analysis of the Vatican, as a world player together with?the Whore of Babylon, I do not see scripture as pointing to Europe, as the ethnic origin of the end?time final dual-provocateurs, in the emerging Kingdom of the Middle Eastern Antichrist.?However, the EU, USA, Russia, and China are periphery players, who mediate as inadvertent and?reprobate encouragers to the opening of the ?time of the end.? In their hubris, they thought, they?could control the earth, time and people, and by reason of apostasy, they give the Devil the foot?hold he needs to seat the Man of Sin.

3. The Antichrist?s ?wound? is near fatal, meaning it should be or will become fatal. Regardless?of any exterior appearance, and the appropriation of modern medicine used for healing the Beast,?God?s definition of a ?fatal wound? is directed toward the end of the usurpers plans, and his?purpose. Consequently, the Antichrist will fail in his venture, hence his wound is inevitable.

In the Book of Revelation it relates the death stroke done to the Beast. The Greek moves from?personal pronoun (he, his him) through the neuter (of it) within Rev.13:1-3, and finishes by using?the impersonal pronoun of the Dragon, the Beast and stating with the neuter, ?it? ?…who can?make war with IT?? The reason for this is as I stated earlier; the Beast is an impersonal system,?which is the idea of Satan, and his Diarchy duo. When the Beast is referred to as a living creature,?he is referred to as ?his,? or ?him,? or ?he.? When the Beast is the system, them it is referred to?as ?it.? Some translations make no distinction, yet the original Greek is that specific. Therefore?Rev.13:3 has it [in extended literal translation]: ?And one of the heads of it [one of the leaders of?the system] as having been slain to death [that leader was effectively wounded so as to believe?that death was imminent] and the stroke of the death [his deathly (thanotos) wound (pledge)] of?it [him or to the system ? a masculine or neuter translation] was healed [cured (therapeuo), as in?therapeutic or medically cured].

One can readily understand that the wound in Revelation 3 was medically serious, with a low?chance of survival, but with expert care, death was cheated. One can view this situation through?the incident of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, juxtaposed against the head wound of?Abraham Lincoln, as an illustration of a demonstrative expectation – that in Ms. Gifford?s case,?yielded a unexpected and better result.

This word ?pledge? or ?stroke? is significant in ancient Mystery worship, where the initiate or??pledge? (plebe) is struck on his breast with a sword, at the initiation?s end. The symbolic?significance lies within his wound of Antichrist. He has completed his initiation ? as if to mimic?the death of Christ, followed by a resurrection of sorts.

But the pragmatic literal side of scripture cannot be avoided. The ?wound? scenario is a common?theme in scripture that depicts a sinner, or an enemy?s condition. In the Hebrew Old Testament,?there are eight specific words that depict wounding or a wound, found in 28 verses. As in, ?my?wounds fester and are loathsome because of my sinful folly? [Ps.38:5] or ?woe to me because?my injury! My wound is incurable!? [Jer.10:19] There is only one word in the Greek with its?noun [trauma, a wound as in Lk.10:34] and its verb [traumatizo, to wound], that are companions.

There are associated words in the Greek that express the activity that makes a wound, and from?that activity, one may be able to determine the weapon. The Greek word for blow, or to strike is??pledge,? and to lay it on in series is ?epitithemi,? with a result of death would be, ?thanotos.? An?example of this in English would be: (i.e.) ?The soldier was wounded by metal fragments.? The?statement implies major trauma made by piercing the flesh via metal fragmentation – hence the?rationale that he was wounded by a bomb. The same can be subscribed in reverse by mentioning?the type of weapon. If it was said, a bystander was stabbed with a knife, verses he was struck by?a machete, it would lead us into two differing views concerning the trauma suffered ? one more?injurious than the other.

Using our previous syntax and verbal illustration, we can now look at what the books of Nahum?and Revelation and articulate, as we add Zechariah?s incite, concerning the Antichrist?s wound.

?Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm?and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!??[Zech.11:17]

This verse foreshadows the ?end time? by context: In verses 4 through 14, of Zechariah, we read?that Yehovah has presented to Israel, two distinctly different shepherds ? one that cares and feed?the flock, and one that eats the flock – a ravenous Beast! Since Israel will not submit to the?leadership of God?s intended shepherd, then Yehovah will raise up for them a bad shepherd, who?will ?tear off their hooves?- all because they sell their Messiah shepherd for ?thirty pieces of?silver? [Zech.11:12-13; Mt.27:3-10] This discourse is immediately followed three verses later?that warns:

?On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make?Jerusalem an immoveable rock for all the nations…on that day I will strike every horse?with panic and its rider with madness, declares the Lord? [Zech.12:3-4].

Contextually, the wounded bad shepherd is associated with the great day of the Lord ? a day?when all the nations are arraigned against Israel.

Later in Zech.13:7-8, Yehovah promises to strike the good shepherd [Jesus] so that the rebellious?sheep may be killed and injured and brought to the fire of testing. The juxtaposition is between?striking the bad shepherds arm and eye, and the striking done to the good shepherd – his hands?feet and side ? and the striking done to two thirds of the people in Israel, on that ?terrible day? ??culminates into a hideous war scenario, as revealed in Zech.14:1-15.


What can be deductively reasoned from all this is that the Antichrist will be recognizable in the?day of his revealing by his offer to shepherd Israel into safety by his political compact of peace?[Dan.9:27]. He will also be recognizable by his lethal wound(s) – a blinded eye and a withered?arm and his military position and experience, Christians can know him for what he is. Yet as it?states in Nahum 3:19 that his ?wound is incurable? – it will be fatal. This verse has a dual?purpose of targeting the Antichrist, and Satan simultaneously. The Antichrist survives one?monstrous walk with death, only to fail and fall completely at Armageddon.

Now the aforementioned brings us to another obvious conclusion; how did he get his withered?arm and blinded eye? Firstly he is, after all, a man of War – a general. He received his injuries in?battle – perhaps from assassins, and comes home a hero ready to bring peace to everyone. His?injuries are quite common today when evaluating Middle East violence. Car bombs, and suicide?vests made for personal delivery, are the weapons of choice. Secondly, what a perfect politician?for peace – a man who knows war, and now his desire to be the one who helps Israel obtain their?desired Temple. But God has already stated previously (to his favored King David) that David?cannot build him a Temple, because he was a bloody man of war [1Chron.22:8].

As a bonus understanding to Christians ? the same applies to those who would inherit the?Kingdom of Heaven. They are not to be bloodied with violence, but covered in peace. As Christ?said,

?Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth…the merciful, for they will be?shown mercy…the pure in heart, for they will see God…the peacemakers, for they will?be called sons of God.? [Mt.5:5, 7-9]

Only those who have clean hands and a pure heart, can build the House of Jesus Christ.

4. The Antichrist will after three and half years begin his tirade against heaven [Dan.11:36-38].?To overtly slander the God of the universe would not be a professional way to get elected.?However, once elected or accepted, he can start subtly, and then move into an area extreme?antagonism. He will rail blasphemies against Yehovah, and he worships a different god, the ?god?of the fortress.? Commentators put a great deal into defining, which god of the fortress, Daniel is?talking about, but the answer is before our eyes. It states:

?He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers, or for the one desired by women,?nor will he regard any god, but exalt will himself above them all. Instead of them, he?will he will honor a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his fathers he will honor with?god and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts. He will attack the mightiest?fortresses with the help of a foreign god…? [Dan.11:37-39]

Commentators argue over his regarding no god yet having the help of a god, a god of fortresses.?But if the reader evaluates this in terms of the book of Revelation then it is obvious what is being?stated here. The Antichrist demonstrates what all sociopaths and psychopaths demonstrate, a love?for one?s self only, with no natural affection toward anything or anyone else. The fact that he?doesn?t regard women?s love means that he is probably homosexual.

The love of women is more than the physical attraction or the sexual union. A reading of?Gen.3:16b where God says to Eve, ?Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over?you.? This explains women?s desire, not for the god Tammuz [Ez.8:14] also known as Adonis to?the Greeks and Osiris to the Egyptians, but a love or a desire toward her own man. Antichrist?will have none of this as seen in the life of Cecil Rhodes, who said he didn?t have time for?partner. Even Hitler reflected little desire for women, though he had an affair with his niece and?later took up a secretive relationship with Eva Braun, out of the limelight.

This peculiarity of ?lacking desire? is not so odd among serious fraternal institutions, and is?suggested in the attitudes of Nephilim who are male dominant fallen angels. It is also seen in?strong male bonds of forceful men who see the opposite sex as demeaning to the best nature of a?man. Pastor Scott Lively?s book, ?The Pink Swastika,? records that ?eight of the top ten serial?killers in America were aggressively dominant homosexual.

This explains the Antichrist?s anger with Yehovah, for Saint Paul tells us in Romans. I have reprinted the ?literal? translation of the Greek.

?wherefore gave up them – God, in the desires of the hearts of them to?uncleanness – to be dishonored the bodies of them among them[selves]? [literal?received Nestle-Marshall text – Rom.1:24]

Similarly, God has condemned The Antichrist to his own thoughts, without moral bounds. To?gain friendship and fellowship, he must submit to some form of social need, and so scripture?states that he gives allotments of land and conveys rulership over those that acknowledge him?[Dan.11:39]. A major part of that acknowledgement would be entry into a homosexual affair ??and so he buys their fealty. It is noteworthy that Alexander the Great was a homosexual, as well?as an indomitable and over achieving military general. Coincidently, the documentary film,??Outrage,? found on, presents the dynamics of homosexual men who are hiding their?nature and those which are militantly open about it. The militant group of homosexuals is?outraged at the dishonesty of closet homosexual politicians and bureaucrats, because the closet?crowd consistently votes down gays-rights in Congress, and in state assemblies. Fealty is?demonstrated by accepting and promoting homosexuality, which is rewarded by gifts, and close?intimate fellowship.

The fact that the Antichrist has the help of a foreign god does not mean he worships that?particular god, for he has no regard even for him. That foreign god whom he receives help is told?to us throughout scripture ? its Satan. This is not hard to grasp when a reader studies the rise of?dictators, like Hitler. Many influential people saw Hitler?s capabilities and swooned to help him?with expenses and as well for opening political doors, as did the Vril and Thule Societies of?Germany. Hitler never officially joined these groups or gave public attention to their subscribed?beliefs. But he received help from them, as will the Antichrist, from Satan.


What is a prophet? This question is an imperative for understanding this theme, firstly, so that one may?evaluate what a false prophet is. Secondly, why does Satan need a false prophet, if he already has a?thoroughly corrupted political-military man? Consider; why did Hitler need Joseph Gobles? Besides the?obvious – that no one can do it all – there exists a profound need to comprehend how God made man?sociologically interdependent, with a basic need of social equivalency and feedback structures. Some?human characteristics cannot be discarded or changed by Satan. He must accept those defining?characters.

Governments are no more than extended social structures of the family. Duality completes sympathetic?and sustaining needs for existence. People need other humans, or they will fall into depression, hence we?have marriage and family structure. There is male and female, leader and support, night and day, cold?and heat, dark and light etc. I do not wish to move into the Philosophy of Duality, but simply to enjoin the
reader?s general comprehension. The U.S. Constitution calls for three forms of governing entities, the?Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. In actuality, there are only two governing authorities: the?Executive and Legislative branches ? a duality. The third, or Judicial, is used as an arbitrator, not a?governing authority. So it is that the Presidency has a Chief and a Vice ? the Congress a Senate and a?House. The Roman Republic, before Caesar, was ruled by two counsels and Sparta was ruled by two?kings for 700 years. However, the type of government that worked best among the ancients was the King?and the High Priest. Consequently, it appears that the ancient diarchy of rulership will occur again, with?the Antichrist as a type king, and the False Prophet as a type high priest.


What exactly is a prophet, and what does a prophet do? The first scripture verse that mentions a prophet?is found in Genesis 20 concerning the person of Abraham:

?Now return the man?s wife for he is a prophet…? [Gen.20:7] The word used first for??prophet? is ?nabi? and means ?seer.? What we know concerning the relationship between?Abraham and Yehovah is that God spoke to Abraham in dreams and visions, and Abraham?foretold future events about himself and his family. Abraham also inquired of God for kings, his?nephew Lot, the Cities of the Plain, and for Hagar and Ishmael.

Wilson?s Old Testament Word Studies defines the Old Testament prophet as: a man or woman who is a??seer? or ?visionary? [chozeh], who announces or demonstrates a message from God, as God?s oracle?[nabi] ? the prophet is an authoritative spokesman. Young?s Analytical Concordance and Vines?Expository… demonstrate that a third word was used in the Old Testament to define a prophet [roeh], and?it meant, a ?seer.? The work of a prophet and how he functions is to be found in Deuteronomy 13,?1Samuel 9, and 2Samuel 24.

?If a prophet [nabi], ONE WHO FORETELLS DREAMS, appears among you and announces?to you a MIRACULOUS SIGN or WONDER, and if the sign or wonder takes place, and he?says, ?Let us go follow other gods,? you must not listen to the words of that prophet or?dreamer.? [Deut.13:1-3]

A prophet [nabi] then foretells through dreams and makes announcements of, or through miraculous signs?and wonders ? similar to or as reported in the Exodus events.

?The nations you will dispossess listen to SORCERY [anan ? to observe the clouds to establish?truth for purposes of augury] and DIVINATION [quasam ? to cut off, divine, make decisions of?choice]. But as for you, the Lord your God has not permitted you to do so. The Lord your God?will raise up a prophet [nabi] like me [Moses] from among your own brothers. You must listen?to him.? [Deut.18:14-15] [note: Joshua fulfilled this immediately for their near future]

The nations use sorcery [anan] and divination [quasam] to extract truth, but God refuses Israel that way?of extracting a matter. The nations, or Goyim, rely of signs of nature, hence their reading or watching the?clouds, smoke, dust, turbid liquids [superstitions] etc, and divining as in: necromancy and thaumaturgy, or?witchcraft, via potions and spells. The art or practice of soothing entailed reading superstitiously some?merit in animal entrails, or the design left by wafting smoke, or calling upon a specific spirit for a?particular answer, or conjuring a spell by magic words, or by use of potions, which were usually poisons?or strong mind altering drugs. The common technique was to breath in arsenic or antimony fumes, while?imbibing in absinthe, over a steamy kettle. The liquor, absinthe, comes from the distilling of wormwood?also commonly known as sagebrush plant.

To further understand the Old Testament idea of a prophet, consider the following text:

?…I will give it to the man of God so that he will tell us what way to take. Formally in Israel, if?a man went to inquire of God, he would say, ?Come, let us go to the seer,? because the prophet?[nabi] of today was called seer [roeh].? [1Sam.9:8-9]

This establishes a linguistic change that occurred within the language for reasons we do not fully?appreciate. However, the ?roeh? lost its original usage, and the words ?nabi? for prophet, and ?chozeh? for?seer were instead used. In either case a true prophet was considered a Man of God.

?…the word of the Lord had come to Gad the prophet [nabi], David?s seer [choseh].??[2Sam.24:11]

An Old Testament prophet in general is a person who speaks forth a message, but a message supposed to?be from God. Some of the prophets heard the voice of the Lord, or had dreams or saw visions, from?which to interpret and herald the word of God. Most Hebrew prophets did no more than bring the?message of Yehovah?s disgust, warning or judgment. When the message was of future good, it was?generally preserved or presented in writing. The uses of miraculous events were not a common?occurrence. The distinction between a real prophet an a fake prophet is introduced into the mind of a?Hebrew with the criteria that: (1) A real prophet of God will come from among the people of the?Hebrews; (2) If that prophet speaks in the name of the Lord and the future event doesn?t occur, he is?either a fake, or sincerely wrong ? the Hebrews were not to be frightened of him; (3) If the prophet speaks?a future event and it comes to pass, but encourages worship of other gods, ignore him because he is?testing you by God?s own desire.

Deut.13:1-5 describes what a deceiving false prophet does and orders the Hebrews not listen him.

There are several attributes that follow through into the New Testament and are in use today to identify a?false prophet:

  1. he will encourage worship not authorized by Yehovah, such as Baal worship
  2. he will encourage Canaanite practices such as: cutting one?s self, worshiping in orchards to?Astarte, and involvement in sexual displays within a ritual;
  3. he is always looking for money as a reward or compensation;
  4. he will always agree with whatever a wicked leader desires;
  5. he will always use forms of sorcery and divination to make his projections.?The prophet Isaiah describes the sum of fallacious prophets:

?So the Lord will cut off from Israel both head and tail, both palm branch and reed in a single?day; the elders and the prominent men are the head, the prophets who teach lies are the tail.?Those who guide this people mislead them…? [Is.9:14-16]

The description in Isaiah is as succinct as one can apply and it is a timeless ?modus operandi,? their way?of doing things ? and it hasn?t changed to this very day, in the 21st century. Just as the scribes wrote the?comment within 1Sam.9:8 that the word used for a prophet has changed, so we can say, ?Formally in?America, if a man went to inquire of God, he would say, ?Come, let us go to the church ministers,??because the Change Agents of today used to be called honest men.?

Consider that during the Reagan administration, Nancy Reagan hired a paid astrologer, to chart the?President?s and Nancy?s future. The woman lived within the White House and Ronald Reagan could not?make a political or diplomatic move or travel, without this woman?s rendering the future from the?positions of the stars. [Time magazine, 5/16/88]

As the old CBS anchor Walter Cronkite would say at the end of his News broadcast, ?And that?s the way?it is…? Similarly, in his TV program (You Are There), he would say, ?And that?s the way it was…? The?way it was is the way it is. Nothing has changed in the motivation and the tactics of public leaders and?their toadies and sycophants. Under the Commonwealth of Nations paradigm, the head, represented as the??Leaders? of the nations, are now called ?Facilitators.? They include: politicians, monarchs, corporate?heads, and financers. At the tail end are the ?False Prophets? of the nations called, ?Change Agents.??They are represented by economists, scientists, academics, political think-tank experts, and media?personalities. Many of these Facilitators and Change agent hold dual citizenships and exchange private?and government bureaucratic positions like musical chairs so as to boost their resume image.. Their?motivation is not religion and spirituality, but money and mammon, goods and services, sales and?marketing ? ever increasing sales of anything and everything.


A small sample of Change Agents and N.W.O. change institutes follows: YES, THEY CAN!

1. Psychological Change Inventors: Virginia Satir, American Author and psychotherapist?known for her work in family therapy, and Systematic Constellations, which is described as a??trans-generational, phenomenological therapeutic intervention with roots in…psychodrama??She wrote a poem that started with, ?I am me? and ended with, ?I am OK? [source?Wikipedia]

2. Training Institutes: see Rich Brenner?s articles, ?Now We?re In?Chaos? and ?Fifteen Tips for Change Agents?

3. Change Agents Defined: ?A version of the Tavistock Method, called the Delphi Technique?was developed by Rand Corporation in the late fifties, initially as a method of forecasting?trends so that managers could make product-production decisions. It evolved into a process of?separating supporters from detractors in small-group situations so that a predetermined?consensus could be manipulated by the ‘facilitator.’

Research stemming from the U.S. Government’s overt psychological warfare program has?taught us a clear lesson. This lesson is best expressed in a book financed by the Carnegie?Corporation, The Proper Study of Mankind by Stuart Chase (a self-confirmed American?Marxist), who wrote [8],

?Theoretically a society could be completely made over in something?like 15 years, the time it takes to inculcate a new culture into a rising?crop of youngsters … Prepare now for a surprising universe.?

Change agents (i.e. ‘facilitators) are trained in the Delphi Technique for use in small-group?consensus-building. These ‘sensitivity trainers’ are, today, trained and credentialed by over 30?various tax-exempt foundations and/or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) as well as at?the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) at Patrick Air Force Base in?Florida for the U.S. military. A change agent serves as a lightning rod in a small group to?draw out the objections (and more important, the objectors) so that the target group can be?manipulated toward the predetermined affirmative outcome. This is why the change agent?must be an ‘advocate-organizer-agitator.’ His credo is ‘Have the courage to change.’?

From New Age Author, Iona Miller’s ?COLLECTIVE PSYCHE? Analyzing Collective?Culture & Global Sociopolitical Mythemes

4. Politically Connected Academic Change Agents:

  • Emanuel Adler, University of Toronto, Professor of International Relations, and?Comparative Politics ? dual citizenships ? political-academic connections: CIA, US?State, Hebrew University, Berkley, University of Copenhagen, and Rutledge?[London], and Columbia U. ? a socialists humanist ? with major interest in helping?nations goive up sovereignty.
  • Hilal Elver, University of Santa Barbara, Ca., Professor of Climate Change, Human?Security, International Law, – dual citizenships ? political and academic connections?with UCLA; Michigan Law School; Oxford; Ankara U., Turkey; Mediterranean?Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta; Turkish delegation to the UN Climate?conferences; major interest in explaining the peaceful intentions of Islam.
  • Nearly the whole of the US Congress
  • John G. Robert, Jr. Chief Justice of The USSC, associated with the Middle?Temple of the Inns of the Court, London England. Has great interest in the Anglo-American Union, and granting Corporations more status than a citizen.

In every case where you find a major Change Agent they are Theosophic- New Age, a Socialist, or an?Islamic. All areas of New World Order disciplines come via occult philosophies.

A short list of Anglo-American Facilitators:

  1. Dick Cheney, VP U.S.A., Sec?t Defense, white House Chief of staff, Halliburton Corp,?implicated in 9/11 treason, and in specific the destruction at the Pentagon.
  2. Richard C. Holbrooke, CFR Board member, Ambassadorships, and Secretariats, charged?with fabricating ?enemy dead? reports and reducing paper numbers for US casualties,?Vietnam War.
  3. Henry Kissinger, Predominant Lead Spokesman for the New World Order, U.S. Sec?t of?State, NSA advisor, U.S. Army Counter intelligence, implicated in CIA coups in South?America, implicated in the Argentine dirty Wars, in in the Nixon tapes saying,

?immigration of Soviet Jews from the Soviet Union is not an?objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas?chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe?a humanitarian concern.?

Has an International arrest warrant from France and?Spain for human rights atrocities.

  1. George Soros, Billionaire Hungarian socialist, board member of the CFR, an understudy of?the radical socialist philosopher Karl Popper, made his money in ?off-shore investment?funds? and ?hedge funds,? and he bested the British Banking system and cost them a loss of?3.4 billion, by pulling his capital and ?selling short.? Soros made 1.1 billion on his currency?speculations in Britain. He was convicted on insider trading by the French Government. He?has been buying up or developing media propaganda mills through which he interferes in?American politics. He loves China and hates the U.S.A. He encourages assisted suicide.
  2. George Herbert Walker Bush, U.S. President, Director of the CIA, US ambassador to UN,?implicated in the Bay of Pigs supply chain, and the Kennedy assassination.
  3. John Rockefeller, shares in Standard Oil, Exon, the Federal Reserve Bank, Chase Bank, with?fingers in the pies of Dutch Shell, the International Council, and Bechtel, close friends with?Kissinger, George Shultz [another facilitator], John McCloy [one of the last Wise Men, and a?Bones-man], and C. Douglas Dillon [Wise-man and Diplomat]. Rockefeller was implicated?in the US foreign policy disaster under Jimmy Carter, to give sanctuary to the Shah of Iran?that ended with our Iran problem to this very day. Friends with Fidel Castro, Nikita?Khrushchev, Mikhail Gorbachev, and William Bundy CIA foreign affairs adviser, who was a?key planner of the Vietnam War. In a nutshell, everything disgusting, rotten and steeped in?avarice for the last 50 years has had John Rockefeller?s signature on it.
  4. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC, 7th richest person in the U.S., CEO of Salomon Bro.?investment bank, an incredible misogamist have been accused of impregnating 16 women at?his firm, with a total of 72 sexual harassment complainants from a group of 500, who were all?pregnant during a period from 1995 through to 2007. After all, being CEO of Salomon?Brothers makes you want to build a harem.

Later, we will share how the Commonwealth gets itself involved in a new religious world paradigm shift.


The New Testament Greek uses ?prophetes? for male prophet and ?prophetis? for a female prophetess,?and means: one who speaks forth openly; a proclaimer of a divine message. The prefix ?pseudo? is?attached to the Greek word ?prophet? to let the reader know if the individual is a false prophet.

In all situations, the New Testament places the weight on speaking and discerning, not upon miracles or?wonders. This is why in the 2Cor.14:29 it admonishes to let a few prophets speak, and allow the rest to?listen and judge, what has been said. The idea is that those who know their God, are infused with the?word of God by study and prayer – in effect are prophets. They are prophets, because they are apt at?speaking forth the word of God wisely and accurately, and thereby represent God. Their words are?weighed against the written word and its obvious interpretation.

That God may choose to do miracles or wonders through a disciple of Christ does not prove they are an?expert in the word of God and thereby a prophet. On the contrary, it is not by our works that we should?be known, but by our love for one another, which over time is ascertained via evinced motivations?[Jn.13:35; Eph.2:8-9]. As a matter of fact Paul made clear in his Philippian letter that some preach Christ?for motives of profit and power [Phil.1:15-18], and yet, even these are not considered false prophets, but?foolish stewards who have already received their reward [ Mt.6:1]. They preach Christ accurately, but for?motives of worldly gain.

There were false prophets during the early Church even as 2Peter 2:1 declared, as Paul warned in 1 & 2?Timothy and in Titus. The motivator for these prophet-teachers is: farming away disciples to themselves,?teaching destructive heresies, denying Jesus Christ as sovereign Lord, exploiting with stories for purposes?of greed.

Among the false prophets of the Apostolic age were: Elymas, a Jew who opposed Paul before the?proconsul Sergius Paulus. Ironically, Elymas means: ?son of Jesus? (Joshua) [Acts 13:4-13]. Here we?find a probable suitor for the coming False Prophet. Similarly, Peter had a nemesis, by the name of?Magnus Simon, an influential sorcerer in the region of Samaria, who thought money could buy anything?including the Holy Spirit [Act 8:9-24]. Further, there are several prophet-teachers in chapters 2 and 3 of?the Book of Revelation that did as Elymas, and Simon Magnus did. However, they accomplished their?intended evil by sophistry. This group included the Nicolaitans of Ephesus and Pergamum, the Balaam?group [ref. Num.22-24] of Pergamum, and the Jezebel prophetess of Thyatira. In each case, the main?emphasis was laid upon some form of sexual deviancy. The fact that these are mentioned in the Book of?Revelation gives a probable clue to the operating procedures of the end time False Prophet.

What needs to be kept in mind is that the main focus of both the Antichrist and the False Prophet is to?obtain total control of the land of Israel. They do this by political intrigue and demonic spirituality. They?are initially focused on the people of Israel, and later on, ?Those who hold to the testimony of Jesus??[Rev.6:9; 11:7; 12:11; 12:17;] ? and that testimony of Jesus as we are told, ?…is the Spirit of?Prophesy…? ? to do so, is to worship God [Rev.19:10]. The Testimony of Christ is about who he is ? as?mentioned by Paul, ?descended from David,? and ?Son of God? [2Tim.2:8-9; Rom.1:2-4], by Peter, he is??the Messiah, the Son of God? [Mt.16:16], by John the Baptist, ?he is the Lamb of God? and ?the Son?of God? [Jn.1:29, 34]. Finally, future testimony, as to who Christ is, will become an important factor of?persecution, as this testimony works directly against the False Prophet and his overlord, the Antichrist.

Since the False Prophet is the propagandist for the Antichrist, with his focus is upon the Jewish culture,?his operating principles will be better aligned with an Old Testament theme – melded with the Jewish?concepts of what they expect from their awaited Messiah. Those Christians who will repudiate the False?Prophet by scripture will work directly against his deception, and will therefore, incur the wrath of the?Beast.


To reiterate; the purpose of the Antichrist and False Prophet is gain the respect and admiration of the?Jewish population, followed by the world?s admiration. The final goal is to gain control over the Holy?Land in direct opposition to what God had determined 4,000 years ago ? that the direct descendants of?Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, would inherit the land and that a direct descendant of David would sit upon a?throne in Jerusalem. The future holocaust will be Satan?s way of removing Jewish descendants, and?occupying the space on the Temple Mount, most probably for negotiations with the God of the Universe.

Mark this well; ?A student is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master. It is enough for the?student to be like him… [Mt.10:24-25], so said Jesus! You can bank your money on this characteristic.?For 60 years we have watched the Palestinians engage in negotiations to gain land from the Jews, only to?make more trouble to take more land from the Jews. They are like their father the Devil. Expect the?same tactic with the Antichrist and False Prophet, accept they will be smoother and present a polished?veneer, backed up by direct demonic power that will give their words suitability, when dealing with the?Israeli government.

The False Prophet is a poignant fellow, mentioned only in Deuteronomy and Revelations. However, he?has types within the Bible, the magicians Jannes and Jambres of Egypt [Ex.7:11; 2Tim.3:8] who opposed?Moses and Aaron. So also will the Antichrist and False Prophet oppose the Two Witnesses of Jesus Christ?right in the heart of Jerusalem [Rev.11:1-12].

But why would the Jewish people trust the False Prophet and the Antichrist. This goes to the heart of the?matter and specifically the contemporary Jewish teaching about Messiah. Jesus said,

?I have come in my Father?s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in?HIS OWN NAME, you will accept him. How can you believe if you accept praise from one?another, yet make no effort to obtain praise from God? But do not think that I will accuse you?before the Father. Your accuser is Moses on whom your hopes are set. If you believed Moses,?you would have believed me, for he wrote about me.? [Jn.5:43-47]


(1) The Jews today have not changed in their outlook toward Messiah. They do not believe in?Jesus as their Messiah – the one who came to them in the name of Yehovah. The prevailing?Jewish belief concerning the ?Messiah? has been developed by Rambam?s [Mosheh ben Maimon?or AKA Maimonides] 13 Principles of Faith. These principles are considered the minimal?required doctrine for Jewish belief. A serious Jew will: pray three times a day for the coming of?Mashiach. The doctrine of Mashiach includes: the return of the exiles, restoration of the religious?court system, and end to wickedness, sin, and heresy, the reward of the righteous, the rebuilding?of the Temple, restoration of the line of David, and the resumption of the Temple rituals and?sacrifice. They believe that ?Mashiach ben David? [Messiah, son of David] will be simply a?man, chosen by God ? a charismatic, teacher, military-leader, who wins battles for Israel.

(2) They will look for a peace solution from a man who will come in his own name, which?means his political and military credentials and world fame gravitas. Israel will think the?Antichrist a fine fellow, even while he is demonstrating to the world that he is anti-god and a?humanist, who opposes everything considered divine. Moses told Israel to look for a prophet that?God would raise up from among their own, who would be just like Moses [Deut. 18:15]. Yet,?they will accept a prophet who is not of their own, and who is probably Islamic.

(3) They will accept both the Antichrist and the False Prophet, because these two will flatter the?Jewish leaders and give them something big that they thought out of reach ? the Temple – rebuilt?over the Dome of the Rock. Har haBayith [temple area] will again waft with the smoke of?sacrifice. Yet God had told them a man of war could never build the Temple [1Chron.22:8].

(4) With peace appearing achieved by way of smart diplomacy, help from Yehovah is never?considered. The Jewish people will celebrate their deliverance by way of their own ability, with?the help of an infidel. In today?s politics, with its back room accommodations and financial?inducements, why shouldn?t Israel take the deal ? its rational. Spirituality and divine?authorization means little to a people who are effectively secular.

Something to keep in mind; Daniel chapter 11 advises the reader just how the Man of Sin operates. It?states in verse 39, ?…he will greatly honor those that acknowledge him. He will make them ruler rulers?over many people and will distribute the land at a price.? Take note; The Antichrist will invade the?beautiful land and those that want to keep control and gain the Temple mount as Jewish prime real estate,?will have to do two things: acknowledge him as the Imperial leader, and pay a price to receive the deed to?Israel and to the Temple Mount.



What will take place thereafter will culminate into a re-visitation of the Exodus manifestation all over?again – complete with the plagues. Moses and Aaron, or Moses and Elijah (or some combination of the?two) will fight against the modern Jannes and Jambres, identified as the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

As Moses had demonstrated to the people in Exodus; they should have trusted him as God?s emissary -?sent to deliver them. Concurrently, in the heart of Jerusalem, the event will be a reiteration of Exodus, for?the modern Jewish remnant [Rev.11:1-14]. Moses, and his partner, will be opposed by The Antichrist?and False Prophet, who will dialup the rhetoric and propaganda to demonstrate what they have already?accomplished for Israel. The people of the world, as well as the Jewish people, will watch as there is a?dual of miracles verses lying wonders. At the end, those (the remnant, the residue) will escape the?Antichrist (the modern Pharaoh), but not through a valley of parted water, but through a deep land?escarpment (rift or fault-line) made from western Jerusalem all the way to Mount Olivet ? by a huge?earthquake [Zech.14:1-5]

There has always been a tactic of God concerning the Jewish people. If they don?t get it right the first?time, reset, and go back to start ? do not collect $200.


I can offer no better explanation for the name the mark and the number of the Beast than what was?published early 2013, in cooperation with Joel Richardson?s ministry. I have placed the video links here.?They are about 20 minutes each and are surprisingly effective and new in thought. I suggest you watch?these videos and make your own conclusions.



The behavior of the government of Israel demonstrates that the return of Israel to the land is only partially?fulfilled. In my article, ?Jewish Persecution and God?s Discipline,? I laid out the reasons why the?Commonwealth Nations, under a UN mandate, established the nation-state of Israel. In a nut shell, Israel?had completed ?serving time? for its sins [Lev.26:14-39] ? a seven times judgment of 2,484 years that can?be calculated to the day, from Biblical passages. That divine sentence ended May 14th, 1948.

Many Jewish people came to the new state of Israel and began to develop the country as a secular nation.?The government that was organized is a social democracy, with elements of communism and?commonwealth ownership. Though the Zionist movement desires Israel for Jews only, the reality is that?the country is filled with Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, and Egyptians. This is a far?cry from the Monarchy based Theocracy that Yehovah demands within scripture. It is God?s desire and?demand that Israel become the home of the direct descendants of Abraham-Isaac.

What this means is that the Israel of today is an outward expression of the promise of God to Abraham,?David and Jesus Christ, with the internal expression of a completed nation being fulfilled when Messiah,?Jesus Christ, comes back.

Like so many other Biblical evens, the time from the herald to the total fulfillment is developed over?many years. For example, the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Micah declared that a Messiah would come,?and it took 500 years for Jesus to be born, with another 33 years for him to be proclaimed the Messiah.?As a doctrine, this understanding is necessary to grasp when waiting upon the fulfillment of God?s?promises to each of us.

Remember that there will be a temple build under the Antichrist. There has to be, since we are warned by?Jesus. So when we see standing in the Holy Place, ?the abomination that causes desolation, spoken of?through the prophet Daniel – let the reader understand…? [Mt.24:15; Dan.9:27; 11:31; 12:11], fulfills?the warning and represents an actual event at a Temple. Further, in Dan.9:27 it specifically states that the?Antichrist will ?put and an end to the sacrifice,?- reiterated in Dan.11:31; and Dan.12:11. You can?t?have a sacrifice without Temple worship. What causes the priests to end the sacrifice is the??Abomination,? which most commentators regard as a three-dimensional image of a god, or form of a god?- perhaps an image of The Antichrist. Therefore, the hastily constructed temple, which the Antichrist?corrupts, will not be Ezekiel?s Temple – simply because Ezekiel?s Temple will be built by Jesus Christ?[Zech.6:12-13].


Lastly, concerning the people that are Israeli citizens; according to their Constitution and international?agreements, Israel accepts anyone who had a resident status, before it was made a country. Anyone may?also become a citizen who is Jewish by birth, under the ?Right of Return.? Anyone born on Israeli soil?can become a citizen. Many Jewish people have decided to accept a dual citizenship, such as a US-Israeli, or British-Israeli allegiance.

The Biblical quirk is that citizenship in the millennial kingdom of Israel comes by standing of ?blood,? or?in a modern terminology, a genetic dependency.

Many people claim to be Jewish by historical records and by name. Many European Jews have records?from synagogues that date back hundreds of years. But are they Jewish, by reason of genetics? This?becomes a greater factor where God is concerned.

Yehovah made it clear that only those who are of the genetic origin of Jacob may enter in, as remnants?after the tribulation ? after Jesus Christ sets up his throne in Jerusalem. To be clear, God has not said in?exact words that only genetic Jews are acceptable, but a consistent reading from many books of the Bible?states that Yehovah mandated the Israelites to marry among themselves, and that they should not water?down the blood line. This is a main theme of Ezra and Nehemiah. Special marriage prohibitions were?demanded for the Levites and priests, as well.

It is a mistake to interpret that the God-ordained freedom allowed in Christianity of interracial, or intercultural marriage may be applied to Jewish people. Even in Christian marriages, Paul advocated strongly?that Christians should never marry non-Christians, whether they were Jewish or Goyim [1Cor.7:15;?2Cor.6:11:14-18]. The Christian ethic of marriage is strongly laid upon spiritual matters, not genetic ??upon fealty to Christ, not on religiosity. With the Jewish people however, this is not the case, when?evaluating God?s promise to Abraham and David.

?For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I have made, shall remain before me, saith?the Lord, so shall your SEED and your name remain.? [Is.66:22 – KJV] The Hebrew word for??Seed? is ?zera? and means ?progeny? ? the NIV translates it ?decedents.? It is first used in?Genesis 1:11 in reference to the offspring [clones] of plants and is used in reference to the?children of the Devil [Nephilim, Giants, tran-shumans, followers of, and in specific, the?Antichrist], in Gen.3:15. This is the best equivalent to the modern idea of genetic identification.

It is true that many people were accepted into the Israelite fold, via conversion [Ex.12:48] ? to include?any time before the Death of Christ upon the cross. Examples would be Ruth and Rehab the prostitute of?Jos.2:1; 6:17. Cornelius, who was a God-Fearer [an accepter and worshiper of Yehovah], is a good?example of New Testament Goyim acceptable to God, under the Old Covenant system. The bloodlines of?these aliens would stand as saved, in God?s economy.

However, after Christ?s sacrifice, the Old Covenant was broken and the New Covenant in the blood of?Christ was applied [Jer.31:31-34; 1Cor.11:25]. Consequently, the Khazara Jews [780AD], who became?the predominant immigrant of Judaism in Eastern Europe, do not qualify, and will not be afforded the?right of the SEED of Abraham-Isaac. In the eyes of God, they have to repent and believe the Good News?of Jesus Christ, to be saved. As it stands, the Khazara or Ashkenazi, as they are known, and any other?independent converts to Judaism, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, are worse off than non-believers,?because they take a cognizant and direct stand against Christ.

That said, there remain four types of people in the world:

  1. obedient faith filled Christians
  2. genetically affirmed Jews
  3. non-believers [have not repented of sin, and accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior]
  4. trans-humans [an evolutionary concept ? an intermediary between human and post human?(Wikipedia); cultural euphemism that supports the physical, intellectual, biological, ethical and?sociological change of humans and includes sex changes, inter species mating, interspecies?genetic crosses, and microelectronic implants necessitating the need to redefine religion, social?order, ethics and morality – human engineered biodiversity.

Christians need not concern themselves with getting into the earthly Kingdom of Israel, because Jesus?said he would prepare a place for us in Heaven [Jn.14:1-4]. Jewish people defined by genetics with a?desire to fulfill the mandates of Yehovah, have a slim chance of making it into the earthly kingdom, if?they survive the future Holocaust II [Zech.8:6-12]. That leaves the Goyim survivors from the Great Day?of the Lord [Is.66:10:20-22; Zech.14:12-19]. There will be few of these survivors, since humanity will?suffer incredible numbers in loss of life. The Goyim number that survives will be more than the?genetically inclined Jews. Concurrently, god has said he will make man as rare as the gold of Ophir?[Is.13:12]. The ?gold of Ophir? has been best explained by scholars as the gold that came from the?islands of the Philippines. During the time of Solomon, it was a arduous and dangerous journey to?retrieve the gold and return to the Middle East.

John?s Revelation affirms that one third of mankind will perish suddenly. [Rev.9:15].


We must use wisdom concerning objective and logical reality, when applying contemporary events within?the Biblical End Time paradigm. Applying simple reason to the players, such as identifying ?talking?points,? connecting the dots between the rhetoricians and the propagandists, and analyzing the subject end?points, are key to recognizing the Facilitators and the Change Agents of the Commonwealth Empire, and?as well, their chief goal(s).

Simply put, if it walks like a duck – talks like a duck – and eats like a duck ? then, you have a duck! The?system of the ORDER and its leaders is simple: smile nice, talk calmly, act above it all and obfuscate – lie?if you must, but always act above it all, as if there is not a care in the world – because government has it?all under control. This type of in your face meticulous deception and wordsmithing has at its core, the?end result to ?herd? people into accepting ideas of illusion and reprobate thinking.

The recent 10 year spate of changing the moral perception of society, concerning Homosexuality, is a?tangible example of ?herding,? and it appears to be successful. Regardless of what history, criminology,?sociology and medical science has taught us, the paradigm for this social change has shifted toward?acceptance. It is not my intent, at this time, to write about this particular form of reprobate life style, but?it can serve, for now, as a clear example.

Though the secular world absolutely adores Darwinism, and its sisters, Evolution and Environmental?Activism, their propaganda concerning homosexuality, is actually, anti-Darwinian. It is so, because the?Darwinian model has at its core, Survival of the Species. The hot button topic of Darwinian survival is?underpinned by the law of reproduction of young. The concept: the more offspring a species can produce?in the least amount of time brings about greater achievement of survivability. The reproduction rate of?cockroaches is a prime example.

Firstly, the act of homosexuality and sodomy go hand in hand, as its name is derived from the event found?in Genesis chapters 18 and 19, which concern the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality,?and its similar predations, are hedonistic in practice, and will not concern themselves with the greater?need of the human group – that of survivability. Homosexuality does not care about producing young. It?is self-centered and focused on individual physical and mental pleasure. Logically, if unfettered, this life?style will spread to the point of zero, then negative, population growth. The outcome is obvious.

Medically, homosexual relations bring about a whole compendium of venereal diseases. At?www.lifesitenews.cpm (August, 29 2009), the website has printed an article that the AIDS rate is 50%?higher among Homosexuals, and (July, 20 2012) wrote that HIV continues to?spread among gay men and it cites the USCDC as the information source. The government website, (March 10, 2010), reported that gays are 44?times more apt to contract and spread HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD?s and TB, than normal (straight) men.

The criminal rate of violence found in the Homosexual community is dramatically higher than in normal?(straight) communities and especially with the use of implements of mayhem. Many more incidents of?violence end in murder. But the statistics are deliberately buried within general numbers, to hide the fact?that the crimes were perpetrated by other gays ? so says the 2008 report from ?Unequal Opportunities??put out by Oxford University Press. The statistics reveal that most of the crimes were perpetrated by?individuals that were close to the victim – hence, other homosexuals. The National Coalition Against?Domestic Violence publishes similar numbers. Yet, the propaganda media outlets hawk the idea that?Gays suffer continual violence from heterosexuals, when the opposite is true ? that homosexuals prey on?one another.

Why, you may ask, does the Commonwealth of Nations [NWO] continue to propagate the evil of?Homosexuality, as a social equality of good? They do so for several reasons:

  1. To breakdown the thousands of years of morality, and social precepts inherent within the main?stream public
  2. Once the moral imperatives are reversed, the greater portion of political and industrial leaders?can ?come out? of their closets of debauchery ? from which they have indulged themselves?in occult practices – involving sexual rituals and orgies. The Bohemian Club of San?Francisco is a prime example. Hundreds of US socialites, industrialists and bureaucrats, clog?the forest camp during the summer to ?get away,? find release from stress, and hobnob with?money. The problem is they worship the Owl icon of the goddess, Minerva. Though the club?management has stated that the activity is a mere theatrical performance. The ritual is caste?with druid like priests in hooded raiment that at ceremonies end, BURN THE EFFIGY OF A?CHILD, named CARE. This is completed in the hollow of the stone owl. It is, from a?minimalist view, a feigned holocaust of a child, for the pleasure of discarding one?s natural?affection, psychologically. This fits the psyche of a sociopath, not a fun loving adult. Yet, the?attendees are guarded by the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service.Jesus said, ?…they that wear soft raiment [effeminate garments], are found in King?s?houses ? [Mt.11:8; Lk.7:25] The word used by NIV as, ?fine clothes,? and by the KJV?as, ?soft Clothes? is, literally ?raiment? in the Greek [malakos]. It may be interpreted as??effeminate? ? dainties, or a colloquial free expression as: ?Fredrick?s ware.? Further,?1Cor.6:9 is more specific, and renders the literal, ?malakos? from the Greek as,??voluptuous persons? together with the Greek, ?arsenokoites,? literally: ?abusers of?themselves and with mankind.? The KJV renders this associate word as ?Sodomites??and the NIV interprets this word as, ?male prostitutes and homosexual offenders.? The?idea is very simple; the sexually perverse are found among the rich and famous. One?review of the runway at the Oscars or of the Mardi-Gras, in New Orleans, is a picture?worth a thousand words. It is not that the reprobates are out of control – it is that they are?IN CONTROL of our governments ? the abuser of mankind.
  3. Once full acceptance of the new humanistic values is accepted, the refitting of the human?body to meet every bizarre desire becomes the norm. The recent Spider-Goat species, made?for the production of ?Dragon-skin? military armament, is only the beginning. There will be?medical and surreptitious electronic implants for better vision, memory storage, and genetic?enhancements like: cat eyes for a soldier?s night vision, frog legs for runners, and gills for?swimmers. This is not science fiction. These genetic enhancements are far beyond the?discussion phase at DRAPA and the DOD, with the British in the lead with this abominable?practice.
  4. And finally, once these enhancements are easily achievable, and without public disdain,?bodies can be cloned for fallen angels and demonic entities. This is the final goal desired by?Satan. The reprobate leaders of our countries are the impetus for the idea of trans-human?society ? free from the moral constraints of God. It will be the days of Noah all over again.

While the Facilitators and Change Agents,?wow you with their possibility thinking, and substitute a new?moral code for the 5000 year old traditional Commandments, they will offer us peace loving little greys,?and reptilian skinned talls, to help guide humanity into its own godhood. The store-front will be as?unique and soothing as viewing a new age paradise video from a free workshop from?the UN, which fills out your prepubescent child?s understanding about the joys of sex. Your new?religion will be GIA ? loving the earth! Wiccans will be everywhere barking at the full moon, along with?tree elves and familiar spirits, ready to take control of your body for your very own personal ?out of?body? experience.

The excesses will abound, so that not a single piece?of flesh is left uncorrupted. Those that resist will be?imprisoned, re-educated or be-heeded. Think not? Follow me on our final journey into what the?Antichrist, False Prophet, and Satan have in store for the human race.


We are then, left with the rational speculation,?based on observations, world leadership conferences,?known scientific facts, and inferred possibilities, concerning Aliens and ET?s.

Since it is evident to the Bible believer that the Days?of Noah appear to be upon us, it is rational to project?the science and social engineering emerging from the government labs, and propaganda mills as, anti-god?and anti-human, and in a word, Satanic.

Are there really extra-terrestrials? Many scientists,?clerics and other professionals are beginning to vote?for the term inter-dimensional rather than Extra-terrestrial. Extra-Terrestrial means: from outer space;?from within our solar system, or from some other star system. Inter-Dimensional means a movement?between realities of space and time. Examples of inter-dimensional travel would be Paul?s experience as?described in 2Cor12:1-4, where he was ?caught up in the third heaven? – the instantaneous travel of?Philip, the evangelist-deacon, in Ac.8:38-40 – and John?s ecstatic Apocalypse that became a jaunt into?Heaven, Rev.4:1.

Regardless of where one looks, the news?is filled with events of multiple wars, monetary collapse,?professional liars in government offices, and the constant drumbeat of world government, inclusive?religion, borderless countries, trans-humanism and aliens – lots of trans-human and alien propaganda.

Yet, with all the film footage and electromagnetic readings that have been exhausted in the study, together?with scientist and astronauts that have publically said they have seen and photographed aliens on the?moon and in space, there exist one major problem: the visual and electromagnetic appearances and?disappearances qualify as inter-dimensional travel rather than travel from a nearby planet or star.?Additionally, the physical and electromagnetic effects of space aliens, is identical to demonic activity.

In his video, ?Three?Types of Extra-terrestrial Civilizations,? Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and?co-founder of ?String Theory,? discussed the movement of a society from one perceived global life, to a?new paradigm of existence ? whose happenstance occurs within a short period of time. He believes that?the human race is at this juncture. The professor, together with many scientific educators, believes that?man must change into the new paradigm, or it will destroy itself. What is interesting is that his plea is so?strenuous, as a serious world renowned scientist, that he actually threatens those who do not agree with?this assessment. I quote: ?Those who oppose going from a type 0 civilization transition to a type 1, are?the terrorists.?

Interpreted: Dr. Kaku is actually?saying (paraphrased): ?those who hold to the strong moral commands of?God would be as terrorists, for those who wish to become trans-human.?

Simultaneously,?while scientists play with socio-realities via emotional appeals, there are serious?companies that are breaching the realities at this moment. Space trips to the Moon and Mars are being?designed for the common person who has the cash and the vigor to go. The EOC Institute, found at has seriously marketed an electronic brain simulator?designed for relaxation?and mediation – with guarantees of listening to extra-terrestrials. The equipment is backed up by serious?articles of brain wave stimulus found in leading journals of neuroscience, phycology and medical?research.

The company guarantees that the owner will hear aliens talking and can have discussions with an external?entity, if the owner wishes to do so. The key concept behind this technology is that certain brain wave?patterns are stimulated to effectively tune us in, like a transceiver. Whether the item causes hallucinations?that feed the ego, or connects with a real entity, the experience is inter-dimensional, not extra-terrestrial.

The?alien phenomena appears to be no more than lying wonders spread about through human change?agents to deceive the less educated, and the gullible.

Early work by?the Hermetic Theosophists of England, of which many of the royals and well?to do are?members, delved into occult metaphysics long ago, and became the constabularies of Cecil Rhode?s New?Order. These metaphysical ideas have become the pseudo-religion of the Commonwealth of Nations.?The Germans were also well endowed with esoteric occult research that lead to the Nazi war machine of?bizarre and futuristic flying craft – some made in the shape of saucers, driven by jet engines, and later by a?fluid-flow Mercury centrifuge devices.

The website: has?developed significant information concerning Nazi?aero-science. The WWII Nazi posters and B&W photographs along with diagram designs show?conclusively that the Nazi war machine had reverse engineered designs that were fed to them by non-earth sources. A sample of this material can be examined within the following PDF document.

UFO PDF Document

Additionally, NASA spends extremely?large sums of money searching for alien life-forms and planets?that could be inhabited. Any person educated in empiricism or mathematical sciences will allow the?conjecture that anything is possible, but not?all things have a high probability of consequence. It therefore?becomes astounding that NASA, and as well, the Vatican and European Space Agency, are spending large?sums of cash, on conjecture. Their imagination drives a desire to encourage government public relations?bureaus to pump ?hope? out to the world – stating that we may not be alone in the vast universe.

Yet, the Bible has made it clear that Christ,?the second person of the Godhead, died for the sins of the?World [Jn1:29; 3:16-17; 1Jn.2:2], not the universe, or any other planetary system. Similarly, scripture?states that earth was made for man [Is.45:12]. A rational analysis would dictate that God has made no?other beings on this earth, or elsewhere that are made in his image and likeness. Regardless of the?intelligence and capabilities of Angels, Seraphim and Cherubim, they are not made in the image and?likeness of God. Similarly, scripture offers no suggestion that intelligent beings are on other planets.?NASA nor any other National agency has found life on any planet – in any other solar system.

Mankind is designed to be the representative of the?Godhead, and the work of Christ is to conform us to?the image of Christ who is divine [Rom.8:29]. The image then, is the a duplication of the person of?Christ. The image means more than creative ability [to take an original idea and make something tangible?with it], which the angels do not possess, but that image is to rule with authority, proper judgment,?patience, and charity.

If perchance an intelligent being came to us, from somewhere other than earth, the theological question?will be asked, ?Did Christ die for this creature? The answer by strict revelation of the word of God is?NO! And this is what DARPA and the New World Order wishes to sift, because if Christ can be shown?to be ineffective for other entities, or only a manifestation on this planet, then he is less than he claimed to?be. That inquiry would facilitate a rethinking of the person of God, and open up a portal to the idea of?ancient gods.

Here is where the ?falling away? event?occurs [2Thes.2:1-4], since the world would rather believe a lie?than the truth. Rejection of Christ and Biblical prophecy comes because people will be willing to believe?aliens with some form of supernatural power, and suck in the lie of from the Garden of Eden ? that man?can be like the Most High, gods! The New World Order and its alien-gods will promise mankind?godhood, if we embrace trans-humanism.

The Commonwealth of Nations is pushing?the idea of trans-human species and the hint that any day now,?ET will show up. Instead of understanding an invasion as demonic, the Commonwealth?s New World?Order will look to fallen angels, as the saviors of mankind. The World?s elite are sacrificing the human?race for the chance to open the portal to the second heaven, an inter-dimensional region within the?ethereal, filled with the haters of mankind.

Rather than reproduce information on this?subject of aliens and demons, I would suggest the reader?purchase a copy of: ?Exo-Vaticana? by Putnam and Horn, Defender Press, ISBN 13:978-0984825639.??Exo-Vaticana? covers the development of space aliens, from the Greeks through the Dark ages, into the?age of enlightenment, and up to its fulfillment in today?s unscientific propaganda. The book is large, but?filled with a lot of interconnected esoteric history and research notes.

Two other books that are worth reading are,??The Islamic Antichrist,? by Joel Richardson, ISBN?9781935071129, and ?Mideast Beast? by Joel Richardson, ISBN 978-1-936488-53-7. These are excellent?books for discovering the Islamic ideals of the Muslim Savior and their coming king, ?The Mahdi.? What?is so strange is that all of the attributes we assign to the Antichrist are used by the Muslims to describe?their Coming King. Learning about the doctrines inherent in Islamic eschatology is beneficial to?understanding the mind of Satan, and his ability to reverse just about every concept given to us by God.

Finally, I suggest the reader pay marked attention?to certain words that are common highlights of the?Tribulation period, as expressed in the book of Revelation. With the Man of Sin, the False Prophet and?their Whore engaged in world commerce, finance and war, the key words that identify these three are:?abominations, sorcery, drunkenness, allurement, prostitution, witchcraft, blasphemy, sex-slaves,?merchants buying and selling everything including the souls of men, and can be read in newsprint, on any?morning, in today?s world.

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