Sec’t Kerry, religious cults, climate change, and new liberal world order strategies

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The Sky-god, ?Dyaush pitar? rising on Phoenix


As I have presented in all my articles, the new Liberal World Order is based upon religious animus toward Christianity and Judaism, in sympathy with Gnostic and Theosophic cults – especially finding syncretism with the Greek Dionysius and Socratics, Egyptian Osiris-Isis, Persian Zoroaster, Hindustani Brahmanism, and Semitic Islam.? It finds its best religious representation in three modern adaptations of the ancient Oriental cults ? they are: York Rite Templars, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and ?New Thought? which includes Mary Baker Eddy?s Christian Science.

Please note; Yale?s, Skulls [Sculls] and Bones fraternity [S&B], is NOT a dictate of Theosophical Socialism. It is uniquely secretive, occult and predatory, having derived its rituals from an 1850?s Occult Society of Germany.? Their rules, philosophy and customs are not involved in cultural refinement, but in rulership by force through money.? They work with the British Cabal as both adversary and aid.? Many predominant American businessmen and security professionals [NSA / CIA] are Bonesmen.? Though a graduate of Hamilton College, the he best known member of S&B was Eli Root [1845-1937], a Nobel Lauriat, Freemason, lawyer and attorney to J.P. Morgan, statesman, Secretary of State and or War, NY Senator, who exhibited profound influence on McKinley, Roosevelt, Wilson and Harding administrations, was the first major US Globalist.? He encouraged the League of Nations, was a go-between Britain and American foreign policies and sat on the International Court of Justice.? He was the First of the ?Wise Men? of American State policies.

[Encyclopedia Americana 1984, Bk. 23, pg. 782; The Last Tycoons by Cohan, pg.550;]

And so it is with the World Elite?s philosophies concerning climate, ecology, biology, etc. – they speak words that portend intellectualism and spiritual values, but their ethics, edicts and pseudo-wisdom, are completely temporal and sensual.

In order to lay the foundation for the new philosophy of Climate Change we need to venture again into the religious mind of the Elite, by culling succinct information from Professor Quigley?s book, ?The Anglo-American Establishment.?

?Other writings of Fischer…with the Milner Group, are his ?Imperial Administration? …(1920); his ?International Experiment,? dealing with the League of Nations (1920); …?Our New Religion? (1929), dealing with Christian Science. In connection with this last book, it might be mentioned that Christian Science became the religion of the Milner Group [RIIA / Chatham House] after Milner?s death. Among others, Nancy Astor and Lord Lothian were ardent supporters of the new belief. Christian Science was part of the atmosphere of Cliveden.??? The Anglo American Establishment, by Prof. Carroll Quigley, 1981 copy, pg.70

The religion of Christian Science, is no more than a modern Theosophic-transcendental cult, whose origins hail from Marry Baker Eddy, and were part of the emergence of ?New Thought? religious activity between 1860?s and 1920?s and had a resurgence in the 1960?s via New Age cults.? These religions were made-to-order cult followings, magnified by the imaginative persuasions of charismatic individuals.

Mrs. Eddy made claim to a healing of her body via a session with the; ?Incomprehensible and Magnificent Miracle Mesmerist Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby,? who learned the ?secret? trade from Charles Poyen, a French Mesmerist.? It must be remembered that Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), a graduate of Jesuit University, Dillingen, was to enter the Roman Catholic priesthood, but reneged.? He gained his mental prestidigitation from Maximilian (maximum) Hell.? One may reason that Christian Science came straight from Hell!? To mesmerize, is to hypnotize, and it only works on the weak minded.? The main tenet of his ?research was called, ?animal magnetism? a somewhat dubious double-entendre of lurid depiction. [Cults World Religions and You, K. Boa, Encycl. Americana, 1982, bk. 18, pg. 736] [Mary Baker Clover Eddy] [The modern Swedes, the British, the UN and other globalists, lean over backwards to pour accolades on Hell, even though he was of minimal importance to astrophysics in the 1700?s, and was an ordained Jesuit Priest.? His trouble came by opponents who claimed published findings were plagiarized or altered unethically.? Later scholars re-affirmed that Hell?s data and statistical findings were solid.? His astronomical achievements are not in view in this article, only his work with magnets for healing, and his hypotheses and experiments in psychical research.? To be fair, at that time there was no firm ground as to what was pseudo-science and was not – observation and explanation followed by experimentation were the only criteria of determining any phenomenon.? However, Hell?s experiments of placing magnets all over the bodies of ill people made a dramatic impression upon his student, Anton Mesmer.

From Wikipedia:

?Father Maximilian Hell?

?Around 1771, a Viennese Jesuit named Maximilian Hell (1720?1792) was using magnets to heal by applying steel plates to the naked body. One of Father Hell’s students was a young medical doctor from Vienna named Franz Anton Mesmer.?

[ ]

Mrs. Eddy?s first husband died un-expectantly – the second ran from the woman, claiming she had mental problems – and the third died from a heart attack.? Consider, Christian Science a ?think and grow rich and healthy? philosophic way of life.? Christ?s person and work, has nothing to do with this religion – and science is nowhere to be found! [Cults World Religions and You, by Keneth Boa, Ch.13]

The church headquarters are to be found in Boston, Massachusetts, which explains much of the politics of the state [ ;]. But regardless of it public image, it is this religion, and its tenets of belief, which have influenced the ethics of the new Liberal World Order cabal.

While researchers follow the money and find financial enhancements for this secret cult and its adherents – referred to as the 300 – a closer examination will find that the influences that connect them are fundamentally similar to occult creation philosophy ? in specific the Gaia Principle represented by ?mother earth,? and known by the ancients as ?Privithi? and ?Gaia Meter? who was the consort of the creator god referred to as ?sky father?,? ?Zeus pater,? ?Jupiter,? or ?Ahura Mazda.?? [Gaia Hypothesis and Philosophy,

The goddess Gaia or Gaea ? Mythological Earth goddess of the Greeks and mother of the Titans – also Ceres by the Romans. Demeter was the Agriculture goddess of the Greeks.

Theosophists also view the purest philosophy of all, .to be mathematics and think of it as the pure distillation of psychic revelation. This tenet of faith practiced via Judaistic Kabala (Cabala) and Greco geometry.

Among the most pronounced symbols for Theosophic divinity are the capital ?G? and the ?all seeing eye? that represent the creator God, as found in all Templar and Freemason rituals.? I quote from the English noble, Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682);

?All things began in order, so shall they end, and so shall they begin again; according to the ordainer of order and mystical mathematics of the city of heaven.? ? The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations 3rd Ed ? 95:20

Beyond the pragmatic use of mathematical equations, Secret Societies hold some equations and numbers as esteemed.? The Pythagorean and quadratic equations, the area of a circle, or square, are only subterfuge for use as elastic symbols and sophistry to mesmerize the inquirer and initiate.? The real numbers, however, are the money interests, which calculate to the square of a number, as in simple banking interest; (n-1)2 .? Square guys, square deals and to give you more [debt] for less [spending money].

More of this will be evaluated later.


Are you tired of ?Chicken Little? climatology?? Have you noticed that school children are taught the end of the world, by eco-socialist teachers, who at the same time laugh at Biblical-Apocalypse?

Recently, PBS?s Bill Moyers asked solemn questions from climatologist Katherine Hayhoe, who believes her Climate ?missionary? work is Evangelical.? Moyer?s somber response to Ms. Hayhoe?s apocalyptic or ?climactic? counsel, was to reinterpret her information by the accusation; ?Christian leaders are lying to their congregations.?? Not content with that repudiation, he adds an ominous note, in which he quotes Hayhoe; ?The Evangelical World is the last significant holdout…?? Shall reflective and rational Christians look forward to a Bill Moyers pogrom on the streets of America?

They profess their concern and knowledge, as if the whole world was in their hands.

Bill Moyers Bill Moyers Katherine Hayhoe Katherine Hayhoe

Even Secretary Kerry energized the Climate Campaign at a news briefing surprising journalists with a Christian-Muslim ?love-in? that was built around the theme: ?Love Your Climate, by Loving Muslims. ? He tried to persuade the world that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAR, and Yemen are in grave trouble because of Global Heating and Climate Change, but then no one explained to him that the area suffered drought since 10,000 BC.

The melancholic melodrama was meant to kill two birds with one stone ? Western anti-Islamic reactions [decapitations] and new Middle East alternative energy solutions [OPEC and Qatar Natural Gas facilities].? The Secretary expected Americans to lose the heads over Semitic Oil and Gas but the only crude oil and gas was his rhetoric of hot air.? An effective change agent ? he?s not!

US Secretary of State, John Kerry US Secretary of State, John Kerry

So what is the deal?? Is the earth getting warmer?? Did the wastefulness of mankind cause this doomsday scenario; or is the world getting colder – or as Goldilocks would say, ?the weather is ?just right??? Who do we believe?? How does one cut through the media hype, propaganda and rhetoric and reams of articulated data and come to an intelligent decision?

Firstly, the issues of good ecological stewardship are not in question.? Regardless of one?s world view and political leaning, we all know that one should never wittingly, toss trash, destroy fruit trees or bushes, tear down large healthy trees willy-nilly, cover over swamps, or dump pollutants into streams or grounds ? as state highway departments do with winter salt.? That some people do these things is obvious, but they are the exception, not the rule, in a developed country.

Secondly, ecological abuse can affect a local weather pattern, as in Haiti ? where overcutting of the forest lessens the rain fall within the interior of the country ? BUT this abuse has NOT affected the climate.? Climactic Hurricanes and the rainy season still impact Haiti, and it does still rain within the interior of the country.

Thirdly, why is there a big push concerning Climate Change, as if we are standing on a beach while a tsunami is 10 minutes out?

To summarize, weather is short term and localized.? Climate is long term and effects continents and sometimes the world.


Less than a decade ago the big push was ?Global Warming,? but then the ?green ?scientists,? at NASA NOOA and the Royal Society [England], [ ;?] were caught fixing the data to make it appear that the earth was getting warmer.? They deliberately left out all the mountain temperature data points and reported mostly tropical and temperate data, which, expectantly, made the average higher.? Oh Liar, Liar!? All the global climate sycophants went quiet for a period, and then came back with a new term, ?Climate Change.? .

Now I want the readers to grasp that NO educated individual will argue that the climate never changes; because it does – every once in a great while.? Geologists, paleoclimatologists, physicists and weathermen know that climate changes – from examining stratified geologic formations around the world, and by analyzing deep ice core drillings ? such as those completed on the Greenland ice sheet.

The World Data Center for Paleoclimatology at, Boulder, Colorado, has measured eight individual climates within the last ten thousand years, of which two displayed periods of significant climate change.? The following has been taken from their report.

?The observed changes are likely related to severe winters conditions with high net accumulation of snow between ca. 7500 BC and AD 300, whereas AD 300 onwards an increasing agricultural input is seen in the varve and pollen data. Periods that can be interpreted as indicating attenuated spring floods caused by milder and wetter winters appeared around 7000 BC and AD 1000?AD 1200, the latter corresponding with the last historically recorded warm interval in Europe, known as the Medieval Climate Anomaly.? ? From: Lake Nautaj?rvi, Finland 2000 Year Varved Sediment Data Data Contribution Series # 2009-108

To simplify this for the reader; NOOA admitted that there was a major warmer climate change in Europe for a period of 200 years, which they conveniently call an ?anomaly.?? If the earth can have one anomaly, it can have many.? Perhaps we are in another anomaly.? Now this does not demonstrate a Global Climate Change, but Europe?s climate has always been directly affected by the climates of North and Central America, because of the Gulf Stream.? Logically, it demonstrates that the climate of the Northern Global Hemisphere changed dramatically ? for a period of several hundred years. With that much of a change, we can suggest that the Southern Hemisphere was affected as well – thus, we may have had total Global Climate Change, during these periods.? All they need do is examine sediments in the Southern Hemisphere relative to the same dates in order to verify this hypothesis.? The fact that climatologists do not advertise their Southern Hemisphere readings, from this era, leads one to believe my conjecture is true.

If one wants to understand the Southern Hemisphere climate changes, they can watch PBS?s programing made in Australia, where a paleontology program states quite effectively that the weather and climate changed – several times – over many epics, eras and millennia due to continental drift, and severe cooling and heating of the earth?s surface.? And this program promotes every aspect of Geologic Uniformitarianism, and Biological Evolution, which means that scientist actually believe that the climate changes dramatically every so often.

Remember how we were taught in school concerning the ?Ice Age? and ?Glacial Deposits.? The last happening was some 100,000 years ago – and we were taught that the earth warmed up.? It warmed without the aid of carbon fueled vehicles, or coal burning power stations.? There was no dairy cow flatulence, or garbage dumps, to produce the enormous methane clouds of today.? It warmed up simply because the world cycles through cold and warm periods – all by itself.

These long-term cycles are given impetus via the activity of the Sun and the internal workings of the earth?s core and mantle.? The Sun is the first major predictor of Earth?s temperature behavior, while the Earth?s core and mantle temperatures are of secondary value.? The Earth?s Oceans are the third predictor by acting as temperature buffer and as well, a big vacuum for ?hot-house? gasses.? A fourth major influencer of climate change is; excited volcanic activity that spews CO2, SO4, and CH4 into the atmosphere.? Volcano activity can also block sunlight via ash plumes.? Hey, hasn?t CBS, NBC and ABC been reporting the dynamic upsurge in volcanic activity these last ten years?

NASA CO2 Article

If we follow the NASA article on the CO2 cycle? we can read quite plainly that NASA scientists are hedging their statements and are telling us that they are NOT CERTAIN what would happen to the carbon cycle of balance, if the weather became too hot, which has not yet been proven.? Even if the average temperature rises one (1) degree Celsius, this does not mean that it falls outside the mathematical standard deviation of acceptance.

Yet they admit that excess carbon dioxide [CO2] is absorbed primarily by the ocean.? And note that element [material] carbon is a stable solid.? CO2 is a gas.? Solid carbon, whether a powder or in refractory form, is essentially an inert element, except when placed in high temperature or pressure environments ? only then will Oxygen react with it to form CO2.? Carbon dioxide, is absorbed by water and forms Carbonic acid which is neutralized by Calcium Carbonate [CaCO3] ? something everyone puts in their swimming pools to stabilize the acidic pH.

NASA Diagram NASA Diagram

I could explain the money angle of Climate Change ideology, or I could argue from the political One World policy, at this point.? However, underlying all the money and politics is a religious determinant.? Yes you read me properly – a religious reason.

The impetus for Climate Change or Global Warming stems from the Gaia Principal or Hypothesis [ ], which states that the earth is a living organism ? yes a thriving breathing conscious full sentient being of which we only observe parts, at any one time.? It?s like examining a 23,000 foot giant at his feet, and not recognizing his legs and torso, etc.

The authors of this hypothesis are, British chemist, James Lovelock, and microbiologist, Lynn Margulis.? Lovelock received the prestigious Wollaston Medal? ? ] from the Geological Society of London, England [ ] ? a Harry Potter award from, madmen and Englishmen.? Oddly, his synthesis is teleological and argues for design or purpose in nature – something Christian Creationists argue for all creation ? ?Intelligent Design.?? The difference between Creation Christians and Lovelock is; Lovelock credits the rocks and trees and bees, and chirping birds with intelligent capability and design, while Christians credit God.

On his website he touts himself as a ?Gaia Warrior? and expresses so in his Theosophical pseudo-science book, ?GAIA ? A New Look at Life on Earth?

Prof. James Lovelock Prof. James Lovelock


At Amazon you will see that Professor Lovelock?s seven (7) books promoting GAIA. ? One wonders were scientific reality starts and pagan faith begins.? This apparently is where we are at in the Global Scientific community ? alchemists and wizards!

But fear not, the Gaia enthusiasts have a better god than nature to subscribe all glory and honor ? they have Greek Mythology! ? They get there through the genius of Buckminster Fuller, a 70?s prodigy, who subscribed to the Greco-theosophy of his? grandaunt, the 1890?s Transcendentalist and tarot-card reader, Margaret Fuller ? who was influenced by the spiritual work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky ? the Russian occult priestess of modern Theosophy or New Thought.

We now can sympathize on a level with the British nobles and the Royal Geologic Society with their pseudo-Gnosticism and their Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Fuller, though a gifted engineer who developed ?geodesic domes,? spend the rest of his life searching for, ?…the principles governing the universe…,? ? an intense desire indeed – which would advance, ?…the evolution of humanity…finding ways of doing more with less to the end that more people will have more.? That is a perfect example of a socialist liberal statement.? It?s like advancing the idea that if everyone uses their lights only on the weekends, we will all have more illumination for everyone.

Fuller lived in Greenwich Village, N.Y. along with other artists of eccentric flavor.? He argued for ?renewable sources of energy,? ? solar and wind ? and was the tip-of-the-spear for environmental activism – and he was intensely fascinated with pyramids.? Remember pyramid power of the seventies, when every charlatan preached that we could keep food indefinitely, if placed underneath the geodesic shape of cosmically centered polygon.

Fuller?s desire to convince humanity philosophically attracted him to the work of the polish social philosopher and linguist Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski [1950?s], who advanced the idea of ?General Semantics [GS].?? GS influence is designed to change the minds, attitudes and philosophies of individuals and nations, through semantics. As we all know semantics is a modern term of late origin [1890?s], but has as its root the Greek word, ?sema? ? meaning a sign.? One might say that the ancients interpreted the signs [the GS or BS] of the times by augury.? Hence, Fuller and Korzybski, and modern eco-aficionados, are training people to change their minds about social responsibilities and destiny ? the meaning of life – by use of inarticulate signs and characterizations.? This is not logic or rationale, but feelings oriented and uniquely religious. Signs are the hinge point of Theosophic religions, such as Freemasonry, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Transcendentalism, etc.

Buckminster Fuller Buckminster Fuller Alfred H. S. Korzybski Alfred H. S. Korzybski Helen Petrovna Blavatsky Helen Petrovna Blavatsky

Theosophic-Gnosticism goes back some 2000 years into the regions of Greece, Asia-minor, and Persia.? It borrows from the Greek philosophies and legends, from Zoroaster, the Vedic and Brahmans. ? This is where Gaia comes from.? She is the Greek goddess of the Earth, who grants life and spirit and intelligence into the whole of our planet.

Among the enthusiasts and proponents for Gaia philosophy are: ecologist and theologian, Anne Primavesi; American feminist and theologian, Rosemary Ruether; the Dalai Lama; Allen Ginsberg; Robert Aitken; ex U.S.V.P., Al Gore; and recently, Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Some early Western scientists and philosophers, such as Kepler, and de Chardin, used the idea of Earth as a living agency, but only in a metaphoric sense.? However, recently, John Kerry breathed the tenets of Gaiains like, ?Gaia Liberation,? and ?Earth Liberation Front? ? that of ?duty? and the commitment to the ?Precautionary Principle,? as a ?moral principle? for all humanity.

From the Washington Free Beacon, 9/03/2014 (John Kerry):

?Confronting climate change is…the greatest challenges we face, and you can see this duty or responsibility laid out in Scriptures clearly, beginning in Genesis.? And Muslim-majority countries are among the most vulnerable…that responsibility comes from God.?

I am a very aggressive student of the Bible, and I can say with impunity that there is no direct or indirect statement in the all the Bible that teaches men to regard climate change or weather as their responsibilities.? But what it does say is that Yehovah [ ? ? ?] will bring floods upon on the Earth, because nations ignore him [Gen.6 ? the Flood].? It is also written that God sometimes pollutes the waters and the air – causing boils, along with pests to devour crops, and hail to destroy flora [Ex.7-10].? Hey, have we seen any large hail lately?

The Bible also states clearly that Yehovah sends the rain or drought wherever he wants [Ps.68:7-9; Zech.14:17].? I believe that we have had too little and too much rain in the South West of the USA, lately.

God also states that he controls the tossing of the oceans [Ps.136:121-13; Is.51:15].? Hey, have we seen any out-of-control hurricanes?

And finally, may I inquire of Secretary Kerry; when did the Muslim?s become the majority, and how is climate change affecting them more than anyone else?

Me thinks there be a ruse afoot!? There may also be a devolving of intelligence on the part of the world?s upper class.? For all the science, history, archeology, and increased understanding of biblical languages of Greek, Hebrew and their relation to tongues of: Akkadian, Arabic, Coptic, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Farci, Latin, and Sumerian, the New Order of scientists, and political elites desire to go back to worshiping the Sun and making animal and human sacrifices in order to stave-off the ?signs? of the time, and disorder within the cosmos.? Soon we shall see judges wearing druid robes; and kings and presidents pouring wine into the ocean while reading the entrails of goats, as offerings to the gods ? whoever they may be.

Religious Climate

Chasing Climate Change or Global Warming –
demagogue or politic –
to save the Earth, the Sun, Moon or money,
what we find is lunatic. [FJV ? 9/14]


As I have stated previously, the guise used by the new Liberal World Order is thoroughly British.? It integrates all their philosophies into all segments of their society, so that as a whole they speak with one voice and seldom is heard a dissent.? And as previously written in this article, concerning the religious aspects of Climate Change philosophy, the religious tenet follows through in every other facet of life ? in every industry and every social exchange.

I had previously mentioned that Theosophic-Socialism uses the twisted psychology of General Semantics and its propaganda to change the minds of the people.? They turn to Gaia principles of ethics as an integration tool, and in the following case, melds its Theosophic religion with using less – to gain more, with the periphery understanding that less religion is more peace. Imagine!? However, with every loss we receive more of what is transitory – for it is by their faith – found in the eye of their beholders.? It rivals Christianity?s device of faith in God, yet as its inverse.? Their faith in world Theosophy will provide more starvation, more ignorance, and more Humanism.

On 9/25/2014, 9:30 am, EST, the BBC transmitted a news segment on Public 640 AM Radio – that built upon Middle Eastern politics and French cheese and wine.? After interviewing an ethnic Muslim scholar for the purpose of decrying the religious error of ISIS [?Islamic State In Syria? -also known as ISIL] as not representative of the Muslim peoples, the BBC correspondent reiterates that Islam is a religion of peace, while disregarding many Islamic epithets of violence, against Jews and Christians.? ? Note that less of ?Sura? quotes, equals more Koran.? They do this to everyone, not just Christians and Jews.

The BBC correspondent then moves on to a second expert who happens to be English.? The new ?expert? states emphatically that he is a ?Muslim lover.?? He then elaborates on how many parts of the Koran are hard to interpret and he ends by agreeing with the broadcaster that Islam is a religion of peace.? The segment moves quickly to French cheese and wine, and in a spirit of green eco-friendly persuasion we hear, that less wine and cheese is more.

What is subtly being transmitted ? over and over again ? is that the shedding of one?s religion, or food intake, or politics, etcetera, will become more.? For in loosing something of your identity and belief, you gain more spirituality, health, love, and friendships.? They have made the shedding of blessings, the opponent of the shedding Christ?s blood.? One receives peace and salvation by shedding ones beliefs and properties, not by faith in the atoning-sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The same state of war that has been forced on the minds of humanity is going on at the USA?s Southern border – by means of British Fabian Socialism – with its Theosophic Semantics.? They cry, ?Less national sovereignty means more for everyone.?? However, more undocumented [unlawful] aliens will actually mean less work for Americans, lower average pay, and more unchecked disease within the USA, more crime, and less personal security.

Every leadership that cares about its citizens, checks it borders.? Notably, Britain has been quietly checking the flow of Muslims by use of their own immigration teams and definitions of acceptability at the port of Calais, France.? While the British Fabian Socialists talk up inclusion and no border free trade at their UN, they quietly keep Muslims and other wandering Euro-uipt nomads from entering British soil. ? The beautiful French port is now adrift with ?Little Egypt? tent-cities, and North Africans sleeping on its streets.

Concurrently, climate policies are linked to the ?less is more? philosophy, and its answer, ?reduce the carbon footprints,? is integrated into all aspects of social endeavor – through the semantics of Korzybski?s General Semantics and via Fabian-Theosophic Socialism.

For all the Elite?s governing practice, they fail miserably to change the inner hearts of men.? Instead of encouraging the Christian and Jewish virtue of being content, they divide the spoils, so that in the end no-one is satisfied, and war breaks out because of the sin of covetousness.? The Bible teaches, ?thou shalt not covet,? and the Fabian Theosophical Socialism inverts the maxim to; ?if thou covet, the state shall give thee more by other?s less ? less means more!?

The reason the new Liberal World Order will fail, is because they are earthly centric ? corporately induced, rather than Christ centered and spiritually induced.? To paraphrase the Apostle Paul; ?…if only for this life you have hope in your Leviathan, you are the most pitiful of men.? [1Cor.15:19].

It may be concluded that the British, ?one-political-culture for all,? is factually applicable in its stratagem.? Just as historians write that Rome conquered Greece militarily, Greece conquered Rome culturally ? a simile can be found between the USA and Britain respectively.

Yet the politics of carbon or carbon dioxide (CO2) is simply another barrier in the way of universal freedom.? It becomes another hammer from which to regulate most everything, under the guise of public safety.? Plant and Biological life is made of carbon.? We eat carbon daily ? mostly in our sugar intake, and we travel by carbon through use of petroleum distillates. Even our pharmaceuticals, paints, plastics, and the trees that give us shade, and wood for heating and furniture, are predominantly made with the carbon element.

Note that wherever there are carbon materials, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur are not far behind.? So why trade and tax Carbon?? – Because all the other elements are generally used [chemically ameliorated] within industry – not by the consumers.? And with the new Liberal World Order of the Corporation States, the industrialists are NOT going to pay the resulting end carbon tax ? WE WILL ? as we do with gasoline ? an ameliorated carbon compound.

THE MONEY ANGLE: ? ? ? ? ? ?

It is my analysis of opinion that the World Cabal of Elites encouraged the eco and carbon fiascoes as a carrot-stick for their most impressionable sycophants ? much as they have done with feminist and minority groups. [see my article: ?Liberal World Order Mind Bending?- 7/18/2014]. The World Cabal of Elites uses a type of civic sensibility and mottoes of joining hands across the theater of social institutions, so as to qui vive their forces.? Their minions are told that they are part of the whole plan ? all of them are considered cogs in the wheel of fortune.? So, one must be given work.? And the work is to change the mind of the public from a Judeo-Christian ethic to a Theosophic-Socialist ethic of Class Imperialism.

In professor Carroll Quigley?s book, ?The Anglo-American Establishment,? he writes of the planned strategy to build a cadre of sycophants that would spread their propaganda on pages 15-16 of Chapter 2;

  1. ?Triple-front penetration in politics, education, and journalism?
  2. ?the recruitment of men of ability (chiefly from all souls) and the linking of these men to the Cecil Bloc [lord Cecil, Viscount of Sandwich] by matrimonial alliances and by gratitude [bribes] for titles and positions of power?
  3. ?the influencing of public policy by placing members of the Cecil Bloc in positions of power shielded as much as possible from public attention.?

Quigley adds, concerning, ?Lord Robert Arthur Talbot Grascoyne-Cecil, Viscount of Cranborne and third Marquess of Salisbury [1830-1903]…he practiced a shameless nepotism, concealed to some extent by the shifting of names because of acquisition of titles and female marital connections…required from appointees.??

This is the culture of the Liberal World Order and how it deals with problems and programs.? It can be said with impunity that many in the scientific world community have been granted awards that have been purchased, outright bribed with power positions and money, and offered close family ties through marriage. So why invent Global warming?

As Lord Milner said at his farewell speech of 1905

?What I pray for the hardest is that those with whom I have worked in the great struggle…should remain faithful…to the great idea of Imperial Unity…work quietly in the background, in the formation of opinion rather than in the exercise of power…When we who call ourselves Imperialists talk of the British Empire, we think of a group of states, all independent in their local concerns, but all united for the defense…and the development of a common civilization…not an alliance…but in a permanent organic union? ? Lord Milner

Here are the seeds for the New Liberal World Order ? the British Leviathan of Hobbs ? the Beast of Revelation – and the golden headed statue, with feet of clay and iron found in Daniel chapter 2 – that tramples the people underfoot. Global Ecology with its climate change, and warming demagoguery, is no more than the Beast?s pulling in of all things – to itself – for control.? It will bride, steal, tax, fine and intimidate in every facet of human existence to complete its task of world domination. It will integrate via a form of Socialism, the sciences, religion, finances, banking, real-estate, and health, military etc.? It will be from one of the integrated states of the beastly Empire ? that coming Pan-Arab Middle East State ? that the Antichrist will come.

To the National Organization of Women, the world Elite bequeaths propaganda indulgences and some money to grease the wheels.? To the 1960?s tree huggers and animal rights aficionados, they give the UN sponsored Ark of Hope ? a stylized Ark of the Covenant with nature scenes painted round-about it – and a band of orange robbed Tibetans and witches banking pots and tinkling bells to the sacred Ohm.? To the keepers of science, they sanction titles and monetary program awards.


Did you know that any individual ? you or I ? may join the prestigious world governing board at Chatham House [RIIA].? Yes, but after joining don?t expect any one of standing, to read your mail, or send you an invitation to the Bilderberger meeting, or a stay at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco.? As long as you FEEL part of the movement, that is what counts.

Like all successful con-jobs, there are sometimes, special benefits the Bosses expectantly realize.? In this case the benefit is financial, and with all good British marketers and bankers of thrift and ingenuity, they found that not only can they tax the people of the world laboriously, but financially as well, – by ?LIBOR? – to quote the 1st Viscount of Sandwich; ?is profitable mendacity.?

The McLaughlin Group on 9/26/2014, as viewed on PBS, he queried his experts on the reality and purpose of Global Climate Change.? He based his query on the statement of President Obama that ?the Science was settled.?? Past Presidential candidate and avid World and European historical scholar, Patrick Buchanan responded:

?Science is predictable, this is unpredictable. They haven?t predicted anything right, and in all these areas what they are trying to do is transfer wealth and power to the Globalists Bearcats.? ? Pat Buchanan 9/26/2014

Previous to Buchanan?s statement, a video was run discussing Dr. Steven Koonin, previous Under-Secretary of Science, Department of Energy, for the Obama Administration.? The Doctor was reported as saying the recent climate efforts are ?misguided? and ?chills scientific inquiry.?? The show went on to say that Dr. Koonin demonstrated several areas were Global wraming and Climate Change data is clearly wrong.

  • Although there is missing or melting ice in the Arctic Ocean, they are not reporting the growing mass of ice in the Antarctic Ocean.
  • The computer models for Globalists have predicted ?hot-spots? in the ocean and no science team has found any yet.
  • Although the ?science? predicts increased temperature with increased emission of CO2 here has been no temperature increase measured globally even though carbon emissions have increased 25% since 1992


According to is an informational blog run by four national attorneys who work in litigation, corporate law, and one professor of government studies who is a Thomas Smith Distinguished Fellow at the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University in Ohio.? Their article states that 165 billion has been spent by the US government ? on Global Climate Change- since 1993.? Of that amount only 2 billion went to the US Global Change Research Programs, with a total of 35 billion used as Climate science projects.? That leaves 89% spent on esoteric, non-profitable expenditures by political trough feeders.

If we venture to the U.N. website of Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,? ]we can ascertain how excited they are at the great work that they are doing for the world cause of Global Climate Change and Global Warming.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon?s 2014 Climate Conference and Media Extravaganza Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon?s 2014 Climate Conference and Media Extravaganza

After years of global strategy sessions, the U.N. Climate overlords are still in the discovery phase of aspiring and planning, while discussing money – carbon taxing ? but never explain how they will lower the temperature of the atmosphere or actually reduce CO2 emissions.

Industrial corporation styled key words and excessive overuse of nondescript adjectives, alerts the reader as to who is pulling the puppet strings.? He starts with a use of the words, ?to crystalize? the how of reductions ? a meaning that sets in the mind clarity and set in stone goals.? However what follows is as empty as a cloud without rain.? His syntax is as juvenile as an eighth grader who is looking for positive affirmations from a teacher, by restating the obvious.

Examples of Throwing de Bull: [see my article: Liberal World Order Mind Bending ? Marketing the Bull]

Under the header, ?Convergence on a Long-Term Vision,? he states:

  • ?World leaders agreed that climate change is a defining issue…? and that the world needs ?…bold action…? in order to reduce emissions and ?build resilience.?

What we interpret in his first statement is that the world leaders haven?t yet come to terms with what to do about their pet project of global Climate Change. Yet for 20 years they have been spending money to combat it. They desire to build resilience into their efforts.? This is empty talk, with no real subject focal – an unattached prepositional phrase.

  • He redefines Climate Change as the; ?…eradication of poverty…?

Whether it rains, snows or dries up, climate or weather has no direct effect on poverty, except by way of farmers.? The greatest proportion of world poverty is to be found in slums near cities, not in the rural areas.

  • World leaders have agreed to keep the rise of Global temperature with LESS THAN 2 degrees Celsius [< +3 degrees Fahrenheit].

The average mean Global temperature wanders about one degree over many decades and therefore their goal fits the natural order of things.? They have agreed to do what nature already does.

  • Secretary Ki-Moon also reported that producers of Palm oil are committed to zero deforestation.

Palm oil comes from coconuts and if you are in that trade why would you deforest.? In fact, you would naturally plant more trees – anyway.

  • The UN report that the insurance industry would ?double its green investments to $84 billion.

Investments make money and do not lower or increase Global Climate change.

Climate Change and Global warming are no more than devices used by the British Elite and their One World partners to control the population and steal money – using the excuse of health and safety.

I will end this article with a quote from Henry Kissinger ? Bilderberger, power elite, and New Order aficionado.

?The most fundamental problem of politics is not the control of wickedness, but the control of righteousness.? ? Time Mag. 9/22/2014, pg.36, Walter Isaacson article; ?The Lion in Winter?

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