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I recently read a blog piece, dated Jan.21, 2014, entitled: ?FIVE UNBIBLICAL DOCTRINES CHRISTIANS TEACH CHILDREN,? by Cynthia Jeub.

You people at the Post have no shame.? You hide your elite British Theosophy and Socialism behind a young and naive woman. ? You cannot directly attack Christianity from your editorial page, so you encourage a confused and impressionable young lady to do your dirty work.

You believe, because you have a name and some readership, no one would dare to call you to account.? I will, and my right in this matter will go around the world and be read by the world.

I wrote quite clearly in the title that I agree with President Vladimir Putin concerning his statement to leave the children alone.? Now I understand, as you do; that we are not only talking about modern aspects of sexual and psychological pedophilia, but the dark side of encouraging youth to compensate for your inability to say what you think.? You easily throw them to the wolves.? The Huffington Post proved itself a leach and a nest of jackals, because you have exposed this young woman?s ignorance of the Word of God, and her naivety to follow every false religious notion that appears.

I not only read Ms. Jeub?s article, but a few more of her blogs just to understand where her ideas have their impetus.? It is obvious that her Parents and Pastor failed miserably in teaching her the first Christian doctrine of Salvation – repentance.

She makes the claim in sweeping format that Christians everywhere teach un-Biblical Doctrines to their children.? Most editors would have had enough ethics to restrain that header, or place within the articles body, verifiable citations of statistics and questionnaires.? But you chose not to.? You did not use standard practice, because this immature and well-meaning, but confused youth, didn?t understand that she was being used by the Commonwealth crowd, in a jolly ole round of New World propaganda.

Her article was not news, nor relevant religious exegesis, nor socially redeeming, since the whole of the article did the work of the ?Accuser of the Brethren,? in the fashion of rhetorical smut.? I earnestly believe that she did not mean to do that, but children learn from their mentors, and mentors can be dark in their wisdom.

Firstly, as touching the articles complaints against the general Christian population: it gave no statistics and offered no Biblical explanation, via scripture, why some thing or other was so ?shocking.?

I can say with certainty that I never, nor have my Church community members ever, told their children that they were, ?absent of inherent worth, and repulsive to God,? as Ms. Jeub claims.? The fact that Christ died for a reason, should be enough to logically come to the conclusion something was wrong with men ? that is from a Biblical standpoint.? But of course in the world of a Progressive Socialist men are already gods ? perfect in every way.

So we have in Ms. Jeub?s article, an attack on religious faith – and by inference an attack on the U.S. Constitution?s First Amendment – freedom of religion.? I can well imagine how a Christian?s faith that has been placed in the eternal God and judge, just doesn?t fit with a naturalist atheistic view held by many Commonwealth elites.? You have your belief in self-godhood, and we Christians have our belief in an Eternal Father in Heaven. ? They are both adhered to by faith.

Huffington Post Exposed:? Progressive Socialist tactic number one ? use unknowledgeable people to spread innuendoes, by use of emotionally heated words.

Secondly, Ms. Jeub made a statement of unbelief – remarking that Christ did not die for mankind’s sins, because man is not intrinsically evil. ?Apparently, she doesn?t believe the second Christian Doctrine of Salvation – Christ’s substitutionary atoning sacrifice. I would therefore logically conclude that Ms. Jeub believes that she doesn?t need our Savior or Lord – which would logically reduce to: she is not a christian, as she confesses.

Her article ranks as a cheap backdoor attack on Primary Christian Doctrine, by an antagonist..

Huffington Post?s malicious intent exposed – Progressive Socialist tactic number two: send in a change agent to act in the guise of the well-meaning.

Thirdly, as in the first rebuttal, I have seen no data to press Ms. Jeub?s feeling that Christianity is, ?Telling children that there is nothing good inside of them and that they should not trust their thoughts and feelings.? ? I certainly have never taught my children that, and I have never read this in any catechesis or the premier authoritative work of Phillip Schaff, The Creeds of Christendom.

Ms. Jeub again shows her ignorance of the scriptures, since it was Jesus who said, ?Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these? [Mt.19:14].? Jesus also said, ?Unless you become like little children you will not inherit the Kingdom of God? [Mt.18:3].? I know that this doctrine is taught to children and adults alike in every church I have ever entered.

Every sane parent regardless of religion, if they have common sense, engage their children to use rational thought when determining important issues.? That children are as willful and arrogant as adults, is an obvious apparent ? well documented by every person who has ever observed a toddler in a rage.? It doesn?t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the toddler was inherently imbibed with a willful spirit – so explains the doctrine of Original Sin.

Additionally, her third complaint is no more than a reiteration of the first.? She merges a psychological and rational argument with a theological argument.? Does the Huffington Post make decisions based on the editors feelings and helter-skelter, or do they comply with rational thought, and a proper geography of planned releases. ? If you hammer the Christians about using rationale over emotions, you must hammer yourselves.

Huffington Post Exposed Again.? Progressive Socialist tactic number three: reiterate the talking point and confuse the topic.

Fourthly, again Ms. Jeub uses another sweeping generalization that Christians use fear and shame ?in an effort to motivate their children into believing Christianity.? My personal and reading experience has taught me that sweeping generalizations are attributable to ignorance of information.? The courts call such rhetoric pejorative, and it is referred to as ?Presumption of Fact,? which is summarily rejected – because it is non-substantiated inference.

Ms. Jeub does not reiterate on what she means by? the tactics of fear, but allows that innuendo to just hang there.? The New Testament Greek would assign Ms. Jeub the words used by Saint Paul, KATALALIA, and LEROS, which equates to backbiting, and foolish nonsense.

Furthermore, Ms. Jeub takes on the Koine Greek in an inarticulate way.? She claims that the word “shame,” always refers to what Jesus accepted on behalf of mankind.? However, there is a problem, since the Greek uses four nouns, one adjective, and four verbs for the word “shame” ?- may I ask, to which Greek word was she referring?? And may I add, of all the words translated as ?shame,? I found by quick count, 17 uses of “shame” promulgated against Christians, and people in general.? There are additional uses.? I could be more specific, but space does not grant me the license.? I will however quote Jesus Christ on the word shame.

?I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness, and salve to put in your eyes, so you can see.? Those whom I love, I rebuke and discipline.? So be earnest and repent?? [Rev.3:18-19].?

Huffington Post Exposed Again.? Progressive Socialist tactic number four: reiterate the talking point endlessly and make new unsubstantiated allegations.

Fifthly and finally, the Huffington Post allows Ms. Jeub to use outright slander.? She writes that Christians teach their children, ?rejection, hatred?of other human beings [as] an expression of devotion to God.?? ? Why not go the whole way and accuse Christians of eating the Children as the 1st century Romans did?

The only hate I keep reading is how much the Huffington Post and Ms. Jeub hate Christians.

Huffington Post Exposed in total.? Progressive Socialist tactic number five: use ?fighting words? and violent rhetoric to drive home a fabrication of distain against your enemy.

Regardless of your lack of ethics, I am going to show love to my enemy rather than vengeance.? Instead of suing the Huffington Post for defamatory language and bringing charges against you at the FCC, I will simply warn you that your behavior is unprofessional, irresponsible and meanly sophomoric.

As President Putin would say, this is not about consenting adults – it?s about leaving the children alone to develop in a spirit of innocence and joy.


To Ms. Jeub I write:

As a writer your work is clear and readable, though some syntax refinement is needed.? You need not be sophisticated.

As the professing Christian you claim to be – tell me ? how did your article ??do good to the house of God?? [Gal.6:10]

Jesus and the Apostle John taught us that we are to love one another.? So how did your unsubstantiated appraisals of the church universal demonstrate love?

?Little children, do not love the world or anything in the world.? If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him .? [1Jn.2:15]

I would that you contact me personally at receive a free book.? You may also find my articles stimulating, but a bit weighty for a youth.

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