NWO word play – Satan’s “hiss” sounds like the quack of frogs and the croak of ducks

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NWO word Play ? Satan?s ?Hiss? Sounds like the Quack of Frogs and the Croak of Ducks

A technique used by the Facilitators and Change Agents of the Commonwealth of Nations [AKA; Anglo-American Union; New World Order] is to word play.? It is similar to the obfuscated conversation found on the lips of a demonic ? it hisses with misses.? Like Malachi Martin?s expose?, Hostage to the Devil, what comes out of the lips of world politicians, is akin to the frogs that leap forth from the Dragon in Revelation 16:13-14.? They are demonic spirits that work false wonders and promote miscreant propaganda to deceive the kings of the earth.

The noun ?frogs? as found in the Greek is; batrachos, and the moniker ?quacks,? as found in 14th century England, represent frogs and is associated with serpents. [Merriam-Webster and Vine?s Expository Dictionary of N.T. Words]

The etymology of the onomatopoeia of the word ?quack? is found in the fact that some frogs sound like ducks.

The croaks or quacks go on endlessly ? so much so that one can never silence the little devils.? Additionally, duck hunters of ole England found little muse in the mimic, when there was an expectation of mallard for dinner.? Hence, frogs go out to deceive, and one such N.W.O. facilitator that has been quacking and croaking, as of late, is Tony Blair, former prime minister of Britain ? on Climate Change.? I quote?

??After this panel?s assessment this week, there will no longer be any serious doubt in the minds of serious people that this is a serious problem?The question is can we find the means of galvanizing the [political] leaderships to act in the way they should??

?Even if the science is not correct the world must act?.

?It is said that the science around climate change is not certain as its proponents allege. It doesn?t need to be.?

[Tony Blair ? United Nations Climate Change Conference]

Global Headlines:?

UK Telegraph, ?No ?Serious Person? Should Doubt Man Behind Climate Change?

Blue & Green Tomorrow, ??No Longer Serious Doubt? Over Manmade Climate Change?

Tory Aardvark, ?Climategate ? Tony Blair The World Must Take Action on Climate change?Even if the Science is not Correct.?

As a matter of fact frogs have the distinction of sounding like screaming cats, and meowing cats, and other vertebrates.? It was Eusebius Pamphili who is quoted in his diatribe against the ballyhoo of the Bishops at the Council of Nicaea, ??peoples gave up ?barely saved from a surprise attack by the honking of disturbed geese???

Whether the honking is of geese, or the quacks of ducks or frogs, we can be sure that the agents of the Commonwealth of Nations are up to no good. Within their arsenal is: word-play and redefinition.

Remember; the government of England changed its name to suit the times.? First it was the Crown, then the British Empire, the Commonwealth, then the Commonwealth of Nations, and now the New World Order. ? The croaks, quacks and honks just keep coming.

First it was ?Environmental Safety,? then ?Global Warming,? and when that charade was uncovered, it became ?Climate Change? ? which is a really fascinating wonder, because all climatologists, and geologist know factually, by un-skewed data that the earth has changed its climate throughout discernible history. ? The Egyptian Plateau which contains the Valley of Kings used to be a Serengeti Plain.

What is their game? – Money of course!? The object is to perpetrate a fraud upon the whole of the human race by enslaving us to pay taxes – for a naturally existing gas component of air ? that is necessary for plant life ? by calling CO2 a pollutant.? It?s like paying the Mafia to keep you safe.

2 Peter 2:3 has it: ?And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you? [KJV] ? the NIV translates, ?In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories.? ?

Note, that when they talk or print, they confuse the nouns and subjects of the sentences so that the reader, if not alert, will believe the very opposite of what was said.? For example: the ?hiss? is, ?there is no longer any serious doubt? ? but they admit doubt!? And ? ??serious people?serious problem??? – like croaking frogs with the demonic ?hiss,? serious portends an atmosphere of impending doom.? But what actually is the ?serious problem? and the solution to make us ?act the way we should.? ? The answer is never given, but you can be sure it will take lots of cash, lots of taxes going to global governance proponents [the bankers and business cartels].

Again re-read the paraphrase versions from The English Press, found above and the subject is so obfuscated that while they can claim that the climate issue is simply man-made propaganda, they leave the impression that the serious problem was man-made, by bad environmental practices.? So is he saying that there is a ruse afoot, or a pollution problem?? Any sssssss-erious person would know.

Take heart, God has built into the world biome, the salty sea with its giga-tons of Calcium Carbonate? ? found as limestone ? to act as a buffer against excess CO2 in the atmosphere.? There is within the divine engineering a chemistry trait called stoichiometry – that by chemical definition is, a relative relationship between quantities of substances.? Each substance keeps the other in check to prevent a runaway reaction.

The system responds relatively slowly, but it does respond – by absorbing the excess Carbon dioxide and other acids, via the interface between the oceans and the atmosphere.? This is why inlets and bays take a little longer, because we dump extreme amounts of acids in a small area, BUT as one goes out to sea the effects become non-assessable.

In the movie ?The Adjustment Bureau,? Matt Damon plays a congressman whose direction in life is to attain the Presidency of the U.S.? He meets a young lady played by Emily Blunt, and they fall madly in love.? But what is this?? Their union of bliss is deliberately sabotaged by the ?Director,? who is ultimately construed to be God.? You see – what Matt and Emily desire is not what the Director desires, and so the Director sends ?Adjusters? [good Angels], to thwart, trick, bait and obfuscate the ?targets? in an effort to get back to the Director?s plan for their life.

The psychological reversal is subtle, and moves to suck the audience into believing that God sends angels to thwart their free will.? At the end of the movie the two lovers do their own thing in spite of the Director?s desire – and he, like some lumpy sugar-daddy, changes his plans to keep the pair happy.? This is straight out of the Book of Genesis where Satan encourages Adam and Eve to do their thing, in spite of the command from God – not to.? The point of the film, is another N.W.O. propaganda that religion is pass? and that to be happy in life, one must do what he will, spare no expense to do whatever makes him happy ? regardless of what he understands would be immoral.

This is how the demons, fallen angels, and their emissaries behave toward mankind.? In the last 50 years, have the governmental agencies that claim to keep us safe [U.N. U.S. State Dept, HUD, EPA, BATF, TSA, CIA, Treasury, USSC], ever stopped the exploitation of our natural resources, protected our national borders, stopped human, drug or gun trafficking, kept our monetary system stable, ensured an effective and efficient use of our tax dollars, or given constitutional relief to the public?? But, if you can lie and uphold them as reputable, the agencies will warm your cockles [cochleae cordis] of your heart ? with: free cell phones, free medical, free EBT [Electronic Benefits Transfer] cards, regardless of your national status. ? It?s Bread and Circus the Syndicate way ? but the interest accrued will make you a slave for life.

The Commonwealth Powers believe in this concept so much – that what makes them happy is to steal from their own people and enslave mankind to corporate trash food, and pharmaceuticals that will give us cancer ? force us overpay for ineffective healthcare ? and coral us within closeted cities ? to be spied on endlessly ? so that the Elite [the minions of Satan] can become ??principalities, powers and wickedness in high places? [Eph.6:12]

What is so odious is that the Bible makes clear – we always have a choice of free will, whether to do the will of God or do our own thing.? That is God given and what makes us human ? intelligent, creative sentience.? Satan is in the business of tricking, deceiving, and manipulating mankind to rebel [do our own thing], so that he can destroy us by enslavement. ? His work in this world is perpetrated by a cabal of toadies – found virtually in every corner of the globe as regime leadership ? politicians.

However, the issue is not specifically ?Climate-Gate,? but the techniques used to orchestrate world-wide fraud.? As I wrote, it?s all about ?hisses and misses.?? When Satan hisses he uses misses.? He will misapply facts, misinform people, and by use of misfeasance, he will mistreat the human race, by misspending and misgoverning, and when caught he will act as if we are mistaken, for his purpose is to bring down upon us misery, because he and his human emissaries are misanthropic.? They hate the idea of free people who are happy and doing well.

We must learn to mistrust agents of change!

Using our own word play, we will examine the word root: “mis” or “miss,” and by completing an etymological review, on we will find?that “mis”?has two base meanings.

Firstly, it denotes a mistress who is defined by Random House College Dictionary as: (1) a woman in authority, as over a household or institution. (2) The female owner of an animal; a woman who has power of controlling or disposing something.

Secondly, the prefix ?mis? means: ill, mistaken, wrong, incorrect or negating.

Biblically the Commonwealth of Nations [AKA ? New World Order, Anglo-American Union, British Empire] is the mistress ? the Whore – upon the Beast.

The ?Whore? of Revelation sits upon a beast, with a cocktail of bubbly that makes men mad with passion – for just about everything they shouldn?t be passionate about: immorality, theft, wanton avarice, murder, covetousness ? and they ply their marketing by way of the merchants of the sea ? the modern political salesmen.

She uses a lot of misnomers ? that is, a deliberate misnaming of a person or thing, as a legal instrument. ? I suppose that would be the same as calling Barry Soreteo, Barack Obama, Allah, God, or Climate Change, Global Warming.? Yes the Facilitators and Changes Agents like misnomers, and they place them in every legal document they can employ.

The Whore uses this technique, because she is on a mission to mistranslate and misinform.? As Sigmund Freud would say, ?It all about sex? ? for in its lowest common denominator, the Whore, or Mistress that rides the Beast is a misogamist ? she hates marriage ? a union of men and women, or a sustainable union of any national identity. ? She does this because she is a misanthrope ? a hater of mankind that is bent upon enslaving those who are mentally asleep.

But her downfall will come –
By serpentine hiss –
From the Beast that she rides –
A misogynist!

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