New World Order – Part II

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The following introductory article, and its soon to be released book, concern contemporary world political events and their historical review, and are evaluated from a doctrinally Christian perspective.? This report is NOT about UFO?s and Poltergeists or Zombie flash mobs.? It IS about factual news reports, articles, historical books, government sources and other narrated and recounted information that has been under-reported, and left to languish in archives.? It is about websites, documents and quotes from the principle players of the New Liberal World Order.? They represent a cabal of religiously bent egotists, who desire the end to Christianity, as we know it, and the assimilation or extinction of the Biblical Jew. This work, reports on the development of a world federation that is working toward monitoring and controlling every aspect of life on the planet.? They desire a world were Oligarchs rule through pyramid down bureaucracies, bio implants, cloned humans, and chimer hybrids – all functioning under one eclectic and syncretized religion that is old Greco-Platonic in cosmology and metaphysics – that worships matter and earth – and deems man as the ultimate control of the cosmos and destiny.

?Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, ?Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.? [Yet], He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: The LORD shall have them in derision.” ? [Ps.2:1-4]




An ancient war has been going on ? a war that commenced in the beginning of the world with the usurper, Nimrod [Gen.11].? He convinced the world to build a monument that would rival the Lord of Heaven. After scattering the nations into many languages, mankind succeeded in bridging the gaps of communication, formulating rational schools and guilds, with teaching and technology.? Approximately in the year 30 AD, Jesus of Nazareth left his carpentry business and home and embarked on his mission to bring universal understanding, divine counsel and salvation to mankind, through his Atoning Sacrifice. He revealed the true nature of man and against that rebellion, he further revealed the nature and desire of the One Eternal True God.

The world view at his time, was that of Greco-Roman philosophy and its order of gods and mysteries, which were believed to bestow a ?form? of eternal life upon worthy men ? men of renown. This gift was called ?apotheosis? ? elevation to the status of godhood.? Thus the Socratic-Platonic-Aristotelian philosophies offered some earthly motivation to those endowed with worldly power.? Jesus Christ, however, offered the gift of God?s acceptance to all who would be humbled and receive Christ as Universal Sovereign of mankind – just as they would receive the Eternal God – and so, the world war for adherents began in earnest after Jesus of Nazareth rose from the grave – to prove he had the power to grant eternal life.

The philosophy clash was obvious; the natural law, with its ?survival of the fittest,? together with, ?to the victor goes the spoils,? was challenged by Jesus Christ?s disciples, who taught that obedience to God?s form of humility and kindness would bestow, NOT godhood, but the right to become a child of God Eternal, and live forever in a new indestructible body.

By 325AD, Christianity had become the chief spiritual philosophy in the Middle East and in half of Europe.? Even the three and one half year reign of Julian the Apostate [345AD] could not turn back the sweeping victories gained by preachers of the Galilean.? The Roman world thought that the religious war was settled ? it was not!? It festered in the schools at Alexandria, and Athens, and found new life in the paganism of the Sabeans – the forerunners of modern Arabs and later Islam, and as well, with the Persian Zoroastrians.

Where the Greeks failed, the Arabs would offer hope to the pagans by virtue of art, mathematics.? This hope gave rise to the second religious world wars waged from the 11th to the 12th centuries ? The Crusades – by virtue of blunt force and the issue of blood.? It died out lamely into a stalemate.? Eventually, the ideology of the Neo-Platonists from the 1500?s and the Turkmen hordes kissed each other in the oil fields of Kirkuk, Iraq ? Britain?s first oil field circa 1905.

World War (I), the war to end all wars [1914], opened possibilities for British World hegemony, and a chance for the Socialist Neo-Platonist Royals, to win humanity back to the age of Plato and Socrates, and replace Roman sarcerdotes and Protestant religious leaders, with the sect of the ancient Magi ? the mathematicians and scientists Elite.

Hitler?s pan-Germanism followed the utilitarian views and occult practices of Cecil Rhodes? empire building, but without its pleasantries and inclusion of races ? instead, opting for the Nietzchean approach. But he too was raising the mathematicians and scientists to the Ubermensch, and instituted universal food quality regulations, social medicine, improved infrastructure.

Yet, Hitler was different than the British model ? he offered jobs through technology free-enterprise initiatives. The middle class was welcome to build up Germany.? Of notable mention; Neville Chamberlin, Henry Ford and Prescott Bush were enamored with Adolf Hitler, and thought him a benefactor for a new order of economic prosperity.? Similarly, the Masons, Templars, and Bonesmen thought global enterprise and global financial trusts would bring the little Austrian to bear.

People like Henry Ford and Prescott Bush were part of the American Military Industrial Complex, which is associated with the American-German secret societies.? These societies are similar to the Masonic Nazi Schlaraffia-Loge.? Reichsf?hrer Heinrich Himmler and Oberf?hrer Karl Maria Wiligut formed the SS occult Nordische Gesellschaft ? a Gestapo styled Round Table of German SS Knighst, who supervised the Nazi Military Industrial Complex.

Many secret society industrialists in the U.S. favored Hitler for his anti-communist stance and his desire for free enterprise economics.? In the 1930?s, the American industrialists were so captivated by Hitler?s ideas, which? had raised the German output and GDP that they decided to remove Franklin Roosevelt from office, by an outright insurrection, referred to as the Business Plot.? They planned to change the federal government into a fascist ideology.? The well-known Marine General, Smedley Butler, was recruited in 1933, by the U.S. industrialists in a conspiracy to overthrow the Presidency.? They planned to use five hundred thousand economically distressed U.S. Army veterans.? Smedley was recruited because he was consistently used by the Presidential office to force compliance of U.S. imperialism, which had protected capitalist investments in other countries.

The plan did not succeed, because General Smedley reported the conspiracy to the U.S. Congress.? The Congress held investigation hearings that implicated Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush Sr. and grandfather of G.W. Bush. ? The investigation also implicated Goodyear Corporation and DuPont, among others.? This leads to an understanding of the Kennedy assassination; in that George Bush was a CIA operative, who smuggle weapons to the Cuban contras out of a boat named ?Barbara.?? George Bush is plainly documented in photos as being present in Dallas, that day in 1963.

The 1933 Business Plot is viewable through U.S. movie reels, and BBC reels that are available on the WEB.? They plainly show Congressional investigators explaining evidence of the near putsch of our President and government.

By 1935, General Smedley was so disenchanted by money politics, and the misuse of his marine career for corporate world hegemony that he wrote a small book, which was publish by ?The Round Table Press? and later condensed for the Readers Digest.? He named his book, ?War is a Racket? which became a tell-all of how war is used by the world powers for corporate profit.? A copy of the book is also available on the WEB.

[1.? History of Butler]

[2. ?War is a Racket? ? SEE Appendix]

[3. Prescott Bush leads Wall Street coup de ta against FDR]

[4. General Smedley Butlers Congressional Testimony]

[5. Overthrow of Franklin Delano] Roosevelt]

[6. American Corporate Partners of Hitler]

This demonstrates that the Bonesmen industrialist have the end game of unrestricted corporate access to the world?s natural resources via brute force, while the Round Table [Chatham House] people desire exploitation of the same resources through subterfuge, propaganda and dumbing-down the masses.? After WWII, both parties affected a gentleman?s agreement to move toward assimilation of the natural resources through clandestine wars, bribes, and diplomatic muscling.

World War (II) – 1939-1945 – almost destroyed the British design of hegemony, it was the adherents of Cecil Rhodes? Neo-Platonic Old World Democracy – the rule of Oligarchs ? who had coddled Hitler, and had advanced a secret pact between Britain and Germany for world financial and trade control. ? It was the inner circle of Rhodes Scholars at Chatham House [RIIA] ? the ?Cliveden Set? – who prevented the ?Valkyrie? assassins, from killing Hitler in 1939, and led to the assassins? political failure in 1945. ? Oddly, the Valkyrie assassins [the ?Kreisau Circle? – Helmuth von Moltke and Adam von Trott zu Solz] were Rhodes scholars with Oxford degrees.? Von Moltke was also an adherent of Christian Science, as were the English Rhodes-fellows, and Moltke knew Lionel Curtis and Lord Lothian of the Round Table group.? However, the plotters had a Pan-German design for World leadership and hegemony ? not the Rhodes? Anglo plan.? This was their undoing as far as the Rhodes? people were concerned.

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Waterbury Sunday Republican, September 25, 1988 ? B9 Waterbury Sunday Republican, September 25, 1988 ? B9

Between 1915 and 1940, industrial corporations, educational and arts NGO?s, moved to change the landscape of the American philosophy.? The names are most virtuous in hearing, but the Brits referred to their American delegates as, ?Iniquity.?? The up-enders were; Clarence Streit, George Louis Beer, Jerome D. Green, Frank Aydelotte, Walter Lippmann – along with Ford, Roosevelt, Wilson, Carnegie, the Dulles Boys, Adlai Stevenson, Rockefeller, and Morgan.? During this period, the British insiders – known as the Round Table group, or Milner?s Kindergarten ? formed the Council on Foreign Relations, the Atlantic and Pacific Councils, and the UN.? They accomplished this via the help of the Royal governing council called, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which later became CHATHAM HOUSE.

[ ]

The governing council, Chatham House developed and continues to develop all the global financial and political strategies for the original ?300? ? a moniker given to the first set of 1929 British royals, nobles, bankers [ex., Baring Brothers, Rothschilds] and industrialist [ex., British American Tobacco, Central Mining Corp] who formed the core of the world oligarchy.

[The Anglo-American Establishment, By Carol Quigley, pgs 168; 182-184; 190-192; and Encyl. Americana1982, Vol.13, pg 452.]?

British Neo-Platonists pagans regrouped after WWII, and convinced the Royal family to own its empire by virtue of dominions, which the Empire renamed, The Commonwealth of Nations [1949].? In essence The Commonwealth of Nations became a semantic euphemism that restates the Empire of England with a fleu-de lis, in an effort to ignore England?s flemene frit.

From there the British neo-pagans beefed up their United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Pacific Alliance, the Atlantic Alliance, and moved through Canada, to beguile and bewitch the American politicians with Anglo-socialism and adept apologetics, while begging US and British comradery that was based upon common language, common law and our nation?s colonial birth.

When President Reagan made his speech in the 80?s, he referred to the USA as a ?Bright city upon a hill…? Christians thought that Reagan had quoted from Augustine?s ?City of God? ? the New Jerusalem – but the Neo-Platonists argued that he was quoting from Francis Bacon?s, ?New Atlantis? ? the classic Greco-philosophic Neo-Polis.? Reagan fulfilled unfortunately, what the Christian School of Alexandria did in the 2nd and 3rd centuries; he placed new wine into old wine skins. ? He thought a mixture of the two systems would balance one another.

If Reagan had only listened to his pro-American advisors instead of his Anglophiles, the Falklands would be within the Argentinian family – leaving the Caribbean islands and Belize as intrusion zones of British hegemony within the Americas.? But Reagan approved of Prime Minister Margret Thatcher.? She was an iron lady to be sure, but her concerns were with world opinion of British power, not with the Spanish population on the Falklands.

The last 20 years has seen the British government sponsor a ?Neo-Polis? educational service that provides scholastic pursuits, and regiments young minds into the aspects of Global governance and citizenry.? William and Hillary Clinton are champions of this indoctrination of ?Global Village.?

Even as the new millennium approached, major Liberal World Order change agents, such as Professors Harold Bloom of Yale and NYU and Elaine Pagels of Princeton, filled the literary press with mystical accounts of the coming of the next awaited emanation of their cosmic gnostic messiah.

Bloom?s 1996, ?Omens of Millennium? recounted the religious tenor of America by way of ?…Gnostic, Sufic, Kabbalistic, and psychoanalytical sources? ? just in time for the Clintons to get close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Professor Pagels did her change agent magic by flooding readers with: The Gnostic Gospels (1979), Adam, Eve, and the Serpent (1988), The Origin of Satan (1995), Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas (2003), Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity (2007), and Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation (2012).? Most of her conclusions are ?Beyond Belief,? though her work is marked by documents de profundis.

It is noteworthy that Professor Pagels is infatuated with ?Thomas the Doubter,? of the synoptic Gospels. She toys with her fetish of, ?what if? to coax us to believe the salacious ? the unthinkable – concerning the manners and customs of Jesus Christ and his disciples. ? Additionally, Elaine Pagels? latest abomination is a re-definition and re-interpretation of John?s book of Revelation.? And of course, like every determined Gnostic, they know what they are after, because they have gnosis ? they know better than everyone else.? Their wisdom is not built on common sense, historical record, and objective facts, but upon mystical emanations of Greco either that wafts down to them from daemons and maggidims.

The enduring fashion of modern Gnosticism is to advertise that Jesus took Mary Magdalen as his wife.? The idea is that Jesus desired a demon possessed prostitute rather a chaste Jewish country girl, which would suggest his social demeanor was akin to the common rabble and by implication not God – yet that of a social reformer.? And so where did they get all the information to construct this whimsy? ? from a painting by Leonardo Di Vince that was created 1,500 years after the life of Christ. ? They saw a feminine figure to the right side of Jesus – within the painting.? Never mind that famous artists of the period, would regularly paint their own mistresses onto the canvas as a personal touch, and as gift of affection.

?Secrets of the Code,? written by Dan Burstein, exposed the flight and fancy of Dan Brown?s ?Da Vinci Code.? ? He mentions Pagles? book, ?Beyond Belief? and Johnathan Kirsch?s, ?Moses,? by his prebatory remark; ?Perhaps this longstanding habit of Biblical redactors ? changing relationships, merging deeds…change[ing] the earlier forms of the story to fit their political needs…?? And that statement is a very cogent and succinct identifier for the change agents of the world Elite.

During their redefinition of Christianity, nowhere is there to be found the proponents of historical Christianity, or the principals of the Reformed Protestantism or Roman Catholic American or European spirituality.? They can?t be found, because implacable history doesn?t fit in a world ready to receive the coming Antichrist!? It would be like asking an Islamic Scholar to interpret the Hebrew Masoric text and expecting a cogent and accurate allocution.

Even now as we watch or read news reports from the Middle East concerning ISIS (ISIL) and their murdering rampage, Prince Charles odes with fatalistic charm, the end of Christianity in the Middle East. As reported by – 02/08/2015 ? Prince Charles made his reflection to ?The Sunday Hour? radio program that very few Christians will be left in the Middle East, because of the ensuing conflict.? The Prince offers no recourse or help.? In his Neo-Platonic oligarchic dispassion, the whole of the issue is simply a sad affair ? too bad.

So it is that politics and public opinion is fed more nihilism concerning the present state of its Judeo-Christian society.? The world is running back to paganism so says Gnostic, Professor Harold Bloom.? He is elated concerning the public?s interest in angels during the 1980-1990s, with TV dramas such as, ?Touched by an Angel,? and he is at odds with the Apostle Paul who wrote:

?…Satan masquerades as an angel of light…do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels, disqualify you for the prize… [2Cor.11:14; Col.2:18].

Yet, Professor Bloom delights in the increase of angelic interest ? first demonstrating that angels are corporal, then opting for the Kabalic maggidim ? dream state creations of the unconscious mind ? something for everybody! With his grimace of glee, he prognosticates the demise of Christianity by clever patriotism.

?The return of angelicism to the America is not a new event; it reflects rather a tradition that has prevailed since the nineteenth century, when it culminated into one of the most American of religions, Mormonism.? Paul and Augustine would have frowned upon our angelic obsessions, and both the Catholics and normative Protestants ought to be most uneasy with this current in our popular spirituality.? And yet it is very American, and represents another return of ancient gnosis that official Christianity fought to annihilate? [?Omens of Millennium,? by Harold Bloom, pg. 70]. ?

What must be kept before the readers mind, is that regardless of the sophistication and rational demure of British and European royals, nobles, scholars, scientist, and politicians; they provide the impetus for changing the world, by way of the Occult.? Regardless of their intentions and personal beliefs, because they engage the psychic and paranormal for reasons of influence, power and money, they will have received the undivided attention of the Hounds of Hell.? Whether oppressed or possessed, they will in time, fall prey, or wittingly give themselves over to the supernatural occult powers and become those possessed Golem of the Kabalists.

According to, most of the occult fetishes, such as Satanism, especially among the Luciferians, ?are inspired by the ancient myths of Egypt, Rome and Greece, Gnosticism and traditional Western occultism.?? The Wikipedia article goes on to define a special satanic cult called, ?Order of Nine Angels,? or ?ONA.?? Nine Angels is a gnostic reference to the hierarchy of the ?nine cosmic authorities? – most notably associated with ancient Sufi texts and the Sanskrit Srivastava.? The Satanic ONA group is specifically of British parentage, and is known as ?fascist Satanism,? organized around clandestine ?sinister tribes.? Their stratagems are socially annihilitory and anarchist in their universal design to destroy the present Order.? ? []

Incidentally, the designation, ONA, is also being used by the UCC churches in America, to usher in transgender and homosexual acceptance within Christian church communities.? Wikipedia designates the ONA acronym to be official, which stands for ?open and accepting? ? a term and doctrinal pursuit first attributed to the deceased Rev. William Sloane Coffin, of the NYC Rockefeller Riverside Church.? One would reason the acronym should be, ?O&A,? or ?O/A? but they prefer the designation of the ?ONA,? as if in sync with the occult and demonically inspired ?Fascist Satanists? of Britain.

[ ]

Stranger yet, is the anagram ONT [Ordo Novi Templi] which is tied to the secret German Masonic guild, the ?Schlaraffia-Loge.?? This occult lodge was vested with Fascists and Nazis, before and during WWII.? It is closely associated with the Skills and Bones.

Another Liberal World Order desire is for the inclusion of all things homosexual, into the main steam of global culture.? Homosexual?s use within ritualistic Satanism is a documented phenomenon. In general the rituals do not use effeminate homosexuals, but macho brutish types, that are affectionately referred to as, ?Bears? or ?Beasties.? The term subscribes to the ultimate male dominance that lowers the necessity and usefulness of women.? Dr. Scot Lively, of Springfield Massachusetts, wrote on this subject in his book, ?The Pink Swastika.?

Additionally, it is no secret that the Riverside Church, NYC, is the main source for encouraging dissolute behavior in American churches.? The outflow from Riverside goes directly to a special committee within the UCC church leadership. Riverside Church is a product of the Rockefeller Family, who is conjoined with the aspirants of the Liberal World Order, and Gnostic-Theosophy. The Riverside church has hosted spiritual services directed by Zen Buddhists, Wiccans, and Muslims.

However, American corporate and political interests are not free from culpability, when we dissect and examine the proponents of the emerging world order.? Fifth column Anglophiles have always been around to massage the interests of the Crown of England ? men like: D. Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, D. Rockefeller, George Louis Beer, Jerome D. Green, Clarence Streit, and Walter Lippmann.? Yet a dramatic divergence of opinion developed between the British Commonwealth hegemony stratagems and those of the American corporate athon.

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Yale?s bones-men and their confederates in industry, military and security, developed a taste for Futurism rather than culturally refined British exploitation of the masses.? The emergence of computers and mathematical algorithms facilitated this vision and led to a divergence of strategy for world hegemony.

Psychologically, the Yale-men became enamored with Alvin Toffler?s 1980 futurism best seller, the ?Third Wave? ? a figurative postulation of competing and colliding waves of technology, manufacturing and development, to arrive at a third onslaught of social and technological revolution.? It prognosticated the domination of society by post-industrial technologies in the third period of development, by reason of high acceptance of digital informational resources, and the use of implants.? The ?Third Wave? prophesied a Star Trek type Borg society ? interconnected and able to develop far beyond their natural abilities.? Apotheosis had arrived through the Gnosis of informational services.

This Third Wave can be traced back to the German futurist Ossip Flechthiem [circa 1940?s] who argued for futures predictions or forecasting of markets, and social trends.? This led, in turn, to futures trading and social demographics by RAND Corporation.? The epitome of this American trend is being seen in the emergence of the NAFTA agreement, and the recent North American oil pricing wars, and as well, the NSA underground installation in Utah?s Wasatch Range [] ? designed for socially predictive algorithms, via computer communications interceptions.? This Apotheosis of the Yale set – by gnosis – can be demonstrated in their foreknowledge, prognostication and omniscience, except that a Solar flare can knock out a weather satellite and leave the evening meteorologist in a dither.

[Citations: 1. ?Omens of Millennium,? by Harold Bloom, pg. 28; 2. Encyclopedia Americana, Bk. 12, pg. 208-209]?

The forces of Oligarchs and Neo-Platonists are collecting.? Their desire is building.? They mean to achieve what God has forbid.? They will, like their predecessor, Nimrod, make man like the most high.? Mankind has tasted the chance to prove its worth, and achieve its Universal Nirvana.? While Christians continue to look to Jesus Christ as their blessed hope of eternal life, the world Elites that hawk Occultism, Gnosticism, Theosophy, and Kabalah, have already merged with Shia-Persian Gnostics and are looking toward their Millennial Utopia that offers to them a universal consciousness and eternal life.? Their sign of the cosmic convergence is technology.? The only thing that stands between their insatiable desire and belief in the leap of mankind is Biblical Christianity and Zionism.? The outcome of this clash will be catastrophic and apocalyptic.


Regardless of the sophistication of world Oligarchs and their secret organizations, the overwhelming political, social, and religious philosophies that they subscribe to, in greater or lesser degrees, are all found in four bodies of works: (A) Zoroastrian scriptures; Bundahis, Vendidad, Zendavesta, and Pahlavi ? (B) the Pseudo-Dionysian manuscripts; (C) the Nag Hammadi texts; and (D) the Hebraic Kabalah scripts.

I will explain more about the following documents in the Religious Appendix of this article, but for now, I will give you a brief summary of these Philosophic schools and their character, which have so enamored the humanistic world Elite, and their cronies.

The First set of cultic manuscripts of the ?Purist? Gnostics, involves the five Zoroastrian works, which are eclectic paraphrases of the Hebrew Old Testament that have been synthesized with the ancient Sky-god fire religion of the aboriginals, and later became the Mithras fire cult, under the Greeks and Romans.? The author of these texts is accepted as Zara-Ushta, [~630-553BC] a Vedic tribesman from the east of Persia. His name comes from, Zarathrusta which means, ?camel-driver.?? Zoroaster [the Grecized name], produced ideas about: creation, the flood, the first man, Father God, righteous living, resurrection, heaven, hell and a savior. ? Historians report that the ancient Magi learned of these concepts from Zoroaster and the Medes accepted this religion.

At first it appears that Zoroaster beat the Hebrews and the Christians to the punch, concerning the One True God, however, Zoroaster?s ideas were coincidental with the first and second dispersion of the Northern Kingdom Jews, in 730BC, who were sent to the province of the Medes [2Ki.17:5-6].? The dispersion of the Southern Kingdom of Jews was in 607BC and 590 BC where Daniel ends up being the head of the Magi as well as regent of the Babylonian Crown [2Ki.24:1; 2Ki.25:1; Dan.2:48].? Given Zoroaster?s birth and death he received knowledge of Judaism some 130 years after the first Jewish dispersion or within 10 years of the second Jewish dispersion.

Camel caravans and their drivers traversed thousands of miles across Middle Asia in order to do their trade.? What better way to pick up and transmit new ideas than by caravan.? We see the same effect a thousand years later by Muhammad [570-632AD], who married a trade-woman and caravan owner.? Muhammad also plagiarized and syncretized the Genesis accounts.

The Second occult inclination of the World Elites is the Pseudo-Dionysian texts – so named, because it was thought that the Bishop of Athens, Dionysus [1st century], had written them, however, the culprit was Proclus [485AD].? They are an eclectic and syncretic meld of Plato and the New Testament Scriptures, sourced from the Alexandrian schools of allegory, during the 2nd through 4th centuries AD.

The Gnostic schools have subsidized these texts with Zoroastrian beliefs.? Though Gnosticism melds with the theosophists and has the Greco occult flavor, all Gnostics, like the Freemasons and Templars, are followers of Persian Zoroaster ? a pseudo-monotheistic blend of Judaism and the ancient fire cultus of the Sky god. [See Appendix].

The first mention of Pseudo-Dionysian texts was via Serverus, Patriarch of Antioch, 512-518D. The author [Proclus] gave the work the title: ?Divine Names, Mystical Theology, Celestial Hierarchy, and Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.? The treatise was written as a Neo-Platonic work in triad theme of: purgative, illuminative, and unitive.? It fits well the multiple triad principles of Freemasonry, Templary and Theosophy.

The Pseudo-Dionysian texts gained entrance and sway in Western theology via Irish philosopher and theologian, John Scotus Erigena [810-877] ? while working for Charles I [the Bald] of France.? His writings were later condemned by the Church for advocating Pantheism and manifesting his first work of Theosophy, which found its way into France and England. [(a) History of the Christian Church ? P. Schaff, Bk.III, pg.604-605; (b) Encyl. Amer. 1982, Bk. 9, pg.137; (c)? Cambridge Biological Encyl. 1998, pg.310]

The Third occult fascination of the world Elites are the Nag Hammadi texts – so named, because they were discovered in this town in Egypt, in 1940. They are of 2nd century Sabean [proto-Arab] origin. The accepted author Hermes Trismegistus, and so named Hermetica, wrote and / or compiled 17 books of dialog teachings that melded Egyptian cultus with Greek cultus.? The Sabeans used these texts extensively with parts of the philosophies becoming imbedded in Arab traditions and Islamic thought ? some of which were transmitted to the crusaders, orally.

One of its more distinct manuscripts is the Emerald Stone [Philosophe?s Stone] and was first published widely by the Arabs in the 6th and 8th centuries AD.? It is the bible of all things Alchemy.? The Emerald City and the Emerald Iles take on a whole new meaning


Many Europeans adapted much of the Hermetic writings for purposes of para-psychology, mystical unions and channeling – what the CIA and MI6 refer to as ?Remote Viewing.?? The Austrian psychoanalyst Herbert Silberer wrote extensively on dreams and symbols, after studying Freemasons, Hermeticism, and Rosicrucian systems. ? This is where you will find the urban legend and the Hollywood movie; ?Men that Stare at Goats.?

The English jumped into the occult, with the founding of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.? Its principle founders are:? William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers.? They were previous members of Freemason lodges and Rosicrucian Temples.

The Isi-Urania Temple was established in London, 1888, along with the Osiris Temple in Weston and Horus Temple in Bradford, and finally in 1893 the Amon Re Temple in Edinburgh.? The cult established ?inner and outer orders? based upon experience and knowledge and it became the rage of Victorian England ? capturing a multitude of upper society elites.? It was exactly at this time that Cecil Rhodes [a Mason], Lord Milner, and Viscount Robert Cecil [of Salisbury] established the Secret Society, with its inner society and its outer Association of Helpers.

Cecil had designs to make England the epicenter of World commerce and financing.? His determination was to use the Secret Society with its Theosophical religious bent to; ?absorb the wealth of the world…[and]… to paint as much of Africa as British red as possible, and to do what I can elsewhere to promote the unity and extend the influence of the English speaking race.?

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The Fourth corpus of occult fancy for the world Elite, involves the numerology and symbolism of Hebraic Kabalah, which follows the schema of the ancient Babylonian magi.

Qabalah of Hebrew origin, or its Anglicized moniker, Kabalah [also Kabbalah and Cabal], is a philosophic and practical system of occult instruction of symbols and numerology, into the beginnings of creation and the esoteric powers that were, and are, behind the maintenance of the cosmos.? It is both philosophic and practical in its teaching. To understand the powers means to control the powers.? The Hebrew word qabalah, is related to the word, qabal, to choose, but may be a hyphenation of qaba, to rob, and alah, to curse.? So the choice may be: to choose the right way, or to steal a curse.? Either may suffice, since the interest of Kabalah is to look into the secret things that belong to God.? Since choosing to know the knowledge of good and evil brought a curse to man, in the Genesis account, then the choosing and manipulation of the esoteric powers are a way to rob back some blessing from the curse.

This type of thought is not so unusual in the Hebrew psyche, when one considers the story of Jacob and Esau.? The first robbery occurred by bargaining with his brother, for something God had control of ? the firstborn promise.? The second robbery involved manipulation and deceit to obtain the power from Jacob?s father, Isaac.? The third robbery had Jacob trying to receive the final seal of approval from The Angel of the Face of God.

Many Christian pastors see the wrestling epic [Gen.32:22-32] synonymous with prayer, but Jacob?s intent was to use his human resources to impede the Angel, so as to force a compromise that would lead to a blessing.? The human activity didn?t work, yet God blessed him for his desire, which was admirable.? Jacob saw the benediction of the First Born, as a very important and honorable blessing form God.

A Kabalah Rabbi, or aficionado, would see this activity of Jacob as a pragmatic way of getting something from God they were forbidden to receive – hence, to quaba, to rob, or choose to rob.? But it?s all in the subtle techniques used that would differentiate in the mind of a Hebrew, or an initiate, which type of robbery is sin, and which is not!


The initiates of any of these Gnostic, Theosophic or occult schools, or teachings, are fed a diet of symbolism and philosophic concepts that sometimes follow Christian morality and Christology, and at other times oppose it.? As the initiate moves up the ladder of understanding he is exposed to ancient occult philosophy such as astrology, and to the final blasphemies of: alchemy, soothing, tarot, thaumaturgy, theurgy, Wicca, and pragmatic Kabalah

1650AD? Syncretistic-Alchemic-Kabalah 1650AD? Syncretistic-Alchemic-Kabalah

The reader can appreciate how the ?Cabala? panel of the 17th century, diagrams the purpose and scope of this esoteric study.? It reports Philosophy, Astronomy, Alchemy and Virtues as the prime education interest of the initiate. It is completed in a Zodiac style, with a Mesopotamian [Babylonian] Beast that evinces the body of a Lion, the head of a Man-Goat, wearing a three tier diadem, and breathing fire ? all the earmarks of Satan!? What better representation to visualize the scripture of Saint Peter;

?Your enemy the Devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour? ? 1Pe.5:8

As the reader examines the 1650 Cabala panel, he will notice the ?Bull? which represents Osiris, and the triangles, and worlds, [star constellations] reflecting the ?Triad Unity? an occult representation of God, not the Christian Trinitarian view.? The animals portrayed are similar to the faces found on the Cherubim in Ezekiel chapter 1.? However, the Biblical facial quad is a man, a lion, a bull [or lamb] and an eagle in Ezekiel; while the facial quad in the ?Cabala? panel is represented by a man, a lion, a bull and a goat.? Close, but not a keeper, since the promise of Jesus Christ is to separate the sheep from the goats [Mt.25:32-33]!? Notably, the goat god Pan is the representative emblem of Satan and the order of nature.

If you take the time to turn this information over in your mind, you will understand why there are so many odd world cults and secret organizations that share some of the same ideologies, clothing, and bling and symbols – evincing Babylonian, Egyptian and Arabic culture and cosmology.? For example, the higher orders of Masonry and Templars wear the black cape and wide brim feathered hat and black uniform as do the British Order of Bath.? They are conjoined via their Neo-Platonic politics, and their occult Hermeticism and Kabalah.? Some prefer the Kabalah better – others the Mathematical theories [CODE] of the Greeks – others the promise of Apotheosis for the enlightened – but in the end, they all feed at the trough of Satan.

They are the Mystery of Iniquity [2Thes.2:7]!? Although Yehovah had, in Zechariah?s Book, removed the Mystery of Iniquity ? the whore ? from harming his people – by hiding her in Babylon; he adds; when the time was right he would put her in her house [Zech.5:5-11]. The French and English brought back her secret teachings, and now she resides in Inner London – that sovereign section of London?s theft banking, with its Gnostic Temple, and mystical alleyways of British styled witchcraft and theater.? For those who can grasp it; the Harry Potter series was about Inner London ? the other half of mystical Elites ? the warlocks, half-blood princes, and witches – fat with wisdom and drenched in the finery of gold, silver and magic gems – from which to view their future of apotheosis.? Hogwarts College and its fames schools were none other than the reality of ?The Inns of The Courts,? with its Inner London Temple, and Schools of Gray, Lincoln, and Middle Temples.

[see: my article: 1. 2. ?The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies,? at ]

In his book, the gnostic and sterling professor of Humanities at Yale, Harold Bloom, echoes an identical belief as the one I have put forth ? that of a syncretism and shared belief system within all of the occult Gnostics and Theosophists.? He views the work of E. R. Dodds?, ?The Greeks and the Irrational? ? 1951 ? as the key to understanding the origin of Gnostic belief ? the occult self as manifested in Shamanistic practices within the Temple of Apollo.? The occult self is similar to the ?Ka? of the Egyptians and Semitics, which I discuss later under Section IV of this book.

?…this shamanistic belief, of which we also call Orphic, seems to me the origin of all Gnosticism ? whether Jewish, Christian or Islamic ? and of the secular, Alexandrian Gnosticism called the Hermitic Corpus, which became the foundation for Bruno and other mystagogues of the Italian Renaissance.? Shamanism universal, and this may account? for the curious universalism of what normative believers [Orthodox Christians] of all ages term ?the Gnostic heresy.? The phenomena I am addressing in this book ? angelicism, prophetic dreams, ?near-death experiences,? millennial fears, and apocalyptic yearnings ? do not manifest themselves now as normative [orthodox] but as Gnostic tendencies…At their kernel is the ancient emergence of Gnosticism from Shamanism…?

[?Omens of Millennium? by Harold Bloom, pgs. 157-158]

NOTE: Bruno refers to Giordano Bruno, also known as Filippo Bruno, nicknamed ?Il Nolano? ? 1548-1600. ? He was a Dominican Friar, who was also a philosopher and scientist.? He travelled in England, France, Germany and Italy, offering his pantheistic views ? was arrested, tried and burned at the stake in Rome.

[The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed.]

What is obvious here, is that a well-known Gnostic, and as well, a Yale and NYU professor, corroborates my thesis that Gnosticism, Theosophy, Pantheism, early scientists, and Greco-philosophic Europeans, where predisposed to the practices of Greco and Middle Eastern Shamanistic practices of occult mediums.


An open mind is a good thing!? Education can widen the opinions and rational thought gives impetus to patience and understanding.? One can even have civil respect for the opinion of their opponents, without inferring that they are right, or have spoken truth.? Everyone has the right to exist, and to chart out a life and philosophy of their own choosing.

Jesus Christ was never against these dictums, and as a matter of fact, if one closely reads Christ?s interactions with the Pharisees, the reader will notice that the apologetics of Christ was exceptionally rational.? Christ?s aim was to find committed followers ? those that would respect him.? He always left room for free-will. Even Jesus said, ?Blessed are the peace makers? [Mt.5:9].

Secularists regularly interpose the virtues of love and mercy in an effort to bring peace upon earth or sell a political scheme.? The world?s religious, such as; Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims will invoke Almighty God and heap upon him every form of honor imaginable. They will end their compendium of euphoric rationalization with, ?Is not God, the God of us all?

Can anyone argue against this type of reasoning? I testify that I cannot!

However, the issue is NOT God consciousness, nor is it peace.? It is not education, or even science.? The issue is sin and rebellion against the chief desire of God, who the real God is and ultimately, who does one believe Jesus Christ is?

Allah never produced one creative miracle, healed the lame, the leper, or raised the dead; and neither had Amun Re, Ahura Mazda, Astarte, Baal, Buddha, Osiris, Hercules Mithras, Saturn or Thor.? Not one of them ever took our condemnation, and paid the penalty for our sin!? The issue IS that the world wants to have peace by its own methodology, when God has demonstrated openly that peace comes through acceptance of His Son, Jesus Christ.? Hence, the Greco-fish acrostic ? IXOYE – – which means, ?Jesus Christ, Son of God.?

This acrostic and its symbol was used by early Christians to simplify the real issue: the method of spirituality; of obtaining peace and eternal life; and the identification of the True God.

The world system simply desires peace without their Creator.? He is considered the odd man out.

And so, public television presented the program, ?THREE FAITHS – ONE GOD? – via the World Channel.? It is an interfaith dialog that had Muslims teaching Christian children how to pray to Allah, but never to be seen is a Christian, or Jew, teaching a Muslim how to pray to Yehovah.? As one Christian woman expressed to the Muslims, ?We don?t want you to think we are here to convert you? ? and this in the full face of Jesus Christ?s proclamation – found in Mt.28:19-20; to go into all the world and make disciples of the nations.

After all, according to the British inclination for English speaking peoples, Christians and Jews are more open minded, patient and willing to go the depths of insulting the grace of God, in an effort to not insult other humans.

Factually, there is only one God and He goes by one name only:? ? ? ? ‘ ? = ? H V H Y = Yehovah!? And there is only One Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.? [see my book, Doctrines of Christianity at, ]

We are at the precipice of the final struggle between the reign of man and the reign of the Eternal God.? The next few years will evince this animosity between Humanist-Pantheists and Christians ? and as well, a remnant of Abraham?s seed. It will be no less bloody and no less costly, than all the epic struggles waged on behalf of God – against those who have believed the lie of Satan; that man too, can become like the Most High.

The following exposition in Section II will review my original article NWO Part I, and go on to expose the occult British world order; its subtleties, intrigues, and its religious, social and political systems.

The Egyptian god Osiris [From the ?Ancient Near East? Princeton University Press 1958] The Egyptian god Osiris [From the ?Ancient Near East? Princeton University Press 1958]

The Introduction to New Liberal World Order Part II gives an overview of the political, religious and social structure of the World Elites.? The purchase of the book, on or at other sites, provides detailed information on the themes of NLWO Elite: religious affiliations, corporate leaders, British hegemony, the British Crown,? purpose of the Commonwealth of Nations, wars, tactics, policies and practices, affection for Muslims, oil, banking, and inner-London financial district, U.S. Anglophiles, and how they affect U.S. policies. There are several feature Appendixes for extrapolating the finer points of the NLWO mischief.

The full publication will be on sale as an e-download on at for a nominal fee.? Publication date is for end of March first week of April 2015.

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