Liberal world order?s mind bending

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The Marketing of Osiris the Bull

?The systematic study of mass psychology revealed to students the potentialities for invisible government of society by manipulation of the motives which actuate man in the group [?Group-Think or Hive?]. Trotter and Le Bond, who approached the subject in a scientific manner, and Graham Wallas, Walter Lippmann, and others who continued with searching studies of the group mind, established that the group has mental characteristics distinct from those of the individual, and is motivated by impulses and emotions which cannot be explained on the basis of what we know of individual psychology. So the question naturally arose: If we understand the mechanism and the motives of the group mind, is it possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it?? ? ?Propaganda,? chapter IV, Edward Bernays, 1928

That Secret Societies, or the ?Orders of the Quest? [Templars, Hermitic Orders, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, OTO, Skulls and Bones, etc.], are in league with an invisible government, is not a secret anymore, but a fact that can be demonstrated and given a name.? In my article, ?The Mystery of Iniquity? and in the ?New World Order, Part I,? I explained the symbolism and permeation of this invisible government throughout the globe.? Beyond their mystical ambiance, they are pragmatic, well entrenched, have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of active sycophants and toadies to do their bidding, and they own 51% of everything in the world.

I will explain their philosophy and contemporary activities and goals, in my upcoming article ?New World, Order, Part II.? ? At this juncture, however, I wish only to identify a few key?members and their psychology of propaganda that fills the communication networks on a daily basis.


What is propaganda?

?The word ?propaganda? is relatively new and comes from the Latin, ?Congregati de propaganda fide? (Congregation for the propagating of the faith) ? Pope Gregory XV, 1623-1718.? [Merriam Webster Dictionary]

Propaganda is a methodology used to spread or promote ideas, or to injure a cause or group.? It is deliberate, whether well intentioned or not.? Remember, whether used for secular or religious purposes, PROPAGANDA IS A SPIRITUAL METHOD, for spreading popular ideas or concepts.

?The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence small, but their power of forgetting is enormous.? In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.? [Mien Kampf, Adolph Hitler, 1924]

To be accurate, the New World Order is not the exact term the world cabal uses.? Technically it is called by them: The Liberal World Order.

On February 21, 2014, The Liberal World Order political change agent, Mike Lofgren, former Congressional staffer on the House and Senate budget committees, wrote an essay that was printed in the Washington Post, and later picked up for interview by Bill Moyers.? His essay: ?Anatomy of the Deep State? concerns the rival secret government, a shadow government – that has permeated all of the U.S. government. I quote:

??There is the visible government situated around the Mall in Washington, and then there is another, more shadowy, more indefinable government that is not explained in Civics 101 or observable to tourists at the White House or the Capitol. The former is traditional Washington partisan politics: the tip of the iceberg that a public watching C-SPAN sees daily and which is theoretically CONTROLABLE VIA ELECTIONS. The subsurface part of the iceberg I shall call the Deep State, operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power.? ? ? Mike Lofgren- Congressional Aid 2014

Note: Many entrenched Washington insiders will tell you that there is a government of financial and corporate interests that actually runs the United States of America.? What is not so obvious is that Mr. Lofgren is a ?Commonwealth of Nations? change agent that writes for the purpose of deflecting blame.? While he boasts about the supposed death of the ?Tea Party,? as if it is a good thing, he decries the immoralities that pervade American politics ? the very thing the Tea Party wishes to end.? Hence, his article, though filled with information, is designed to redirect the interested citizen to a fall guy, in the interest of keeping the real culprit behind closed doors.


That real culprit – the world?s shadow government – is run out of Chatham House, in London.? Think of Chatham House as the corporate board room for ?The 300? ? a moniker for a political and financial investment cabal of English nobles and rich, who partnered together to form a global trust, circa 1929. Its conceptual formation can be traced to the British Opium Company, and further back to the reign of Elizabeth I and her high seas brigands.? But the actual formation as a legal financial corporation was instituted in 1929.? Its authority structure is maintained at three circles of power ? as was Lord Milner?s Kindergarten, which was the outgrowth of Cecil Rhodes? infant organization.? That the media calls Chatham House, ?…the most important European Think Tank,? is misleading.? It is not anything like the Brookings Institute in New York.

Chatham House which derives its name from the original owner, William Pitt [1708-1788] who was granted rank and privilege, by George III, as the 1st Earl of Chatham – and so the his noble name – Lord Chatham.? May I note that the British nobles are very adept at using aliases and monikers that leave the unsuspecting soul confounded as to whom they seek, or to whom they are speaking.? In some cases, nobles sport as many as three titles and differing names, beyond their given name at birth.

Today they might call themselves Lord Thames, tomorrow the Earl of Yorkshire, or they may offer their national heritage as Anglo, tomorrow as English, the next day as British; when in fact their DNA has been proved to have Neanderthal genes crossed with Scandinavian, Germanic Saxon, and aboriginal Celts.? Yes, Neanderthal suits them perfectly!

Similarly, the mafia is known to use many monikers; and as well, bunko cons and clandestine organizations of countries.? If William Pitt [Lord Chatham] were a member of the Genovese crime family his lackluster politics would have given him the sobriquets; Pitt the Bull, William of Gout, or Pitt the Anti-papa.

The purpose of multiple names is obvious ? to deflect inquires as to who the responsible party might be ? and, so goes the world famous Chatham House rule: an attendee may discuss the outcome of the secret meeting, but never discuss who was there, or apply a statement to a specific individual. ? [cite:,, and Encyclopedia Americana]

Chatham House which rests in St. James Square, London, is run by a hand-full of mega-corporations, which most people on the face of the earth have never heard of.? Remember, the English are proficient studies of the art of subtlety – this by reason of understatements.? Many English comedies use the expressionless poker-face – even in the midst of a climactic defeat or victory.? It sets a tone of false piety with a display of nonchalance.? Everything the English do is a show ? with ?actors? and ?theater.?? Their culture is a sublime hypocrisy!

The American culture has its centers of braggarts and air, but most US citizens are direct and readable – either by speech or outward expression ? including the well do!? In general, Americans do not think so highly of themselves to the point of psychosis, and Americans desire casual social atmospheres – not pomp and ceremony like the English nobility and their elite sycophants.

The British feast on examining everyone else to their own glory, and live a life of persuading the rest of the human race they need to have directors [the English] in order to succeed properly.

While American citizens are free-thinking and creative, the British subjects are taught from birth to be fawning and willing to be ruled and domineered by better humans than themselves ? their nobles.? Hitler stole this egotism from the English to produce the ?Umbermensch.?? Unfortunately the American Socialist Democratic party, has of late, taken up this same mental disease of egotism.? Senator Harry Reid is a good example of this.

From a Biblical view, the nobles, world elites and the Socialist Democrats are the epitome of the ancient Pharisees of Israel ? blind guides ? whited sepulchers!? Have nothing to do with them!

That the British have a bad name is not without credence.? As was the fame of the ancient Mediterranean Cretans [Titus 1:10-16], so it is with the English Crown and its nobles.? Daniel Defoe [1661-1731] wrote of the English, in ?The True-Born Englishman;?

?Whenever God erects a house of prayer,
The Devil builds a chapel there;
And twill be found upon examination,
The later has the largest congregations?
? Daniel Defoe [1661-1731] ?The True-Born Englishman;?

George Bernard Shaw [circa 1889] wrote in his, ?Man of Destiny;?

?There is nothing so bad or so good that you will not find an Englishmen doing it; but you will never find an Englishman in the wrong. He does everything on principle. He fights you on patriotic principles; he robs you on business principles; he enslaves you on imperial principles.??? George Bernard Shaw [circa 1889] ?Man of Destiny;?


?What makes British Royalty so fetid a culture is not that they disbelieve the grace of God, but that they have not yet found a way to steal it!??? Frank J. Verderber ? 07/ 2014


The people behind the Chatham House governance are the money managers for ?The ?300? ? an auspicious group of about 1,200 to 1700 English and European royals, nobles and the very rich ? including a few U.S. citizens.? They represent two parties:? right wing and left wings.? Of the right wing party; some individual members are:? HM, Queen Alexandra Elizabeth Mary Windsor II, Sir Benjamin D. Martin, and Sir Wilfredo S. Saurin.? Other notables of the 300 are: King Abdullah II [Jordan], Gustove King of Sweden, King Juan Carlos [Spain], Queen Margrethe II [Denmark], and Queen Beatix [Nethelands], to name a few.? On the American side of rich commoners we find: Michael Bloomberg, George Herbert Walker Bush [I], Richard Holbrooke, Warren Buffet, Henry Kissinger, John Kerry, and of course David and Nicholas Rockefeller, to name a few.

Money and lack of scruples are the keys to membership.? However, significant political influence can place a well off toad into the sphere of the primary circle of the Round Table.? The Royal Family belongs to two other noble organizations as well ? that are designated for them only: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Order of the Garder [which is very selective].

Party alignments can be misleading, but in effect both parties within the cabal Elites are socialistic with one representing the Theosophic pagans, and the other Humanistic pagans. Saint Jude of the New Testament warned us of these type of people;

?These are the men that divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit??? Jude 19

Their corporation holdings at the World Bank are managed by share percentages.? A few share-holders are multi-owned such as: the Peoples? Republic of China, the Vatican Bank, the Federal Reserve, the United Kingdom, and the Chinese Red Dragon Family.? Oddly, one Asian beneficiary of the holdings is referred to as ?White Spiritual Boy? ? a moniker meant to keep his persona incognito, with a hint of mystification.

?The 300? makes appearances and statements through the channels of the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the European Union, and other secondary British councils, while tertiary public relations sympathizers, such as the Ford Foundation, the Pew Trust, and the Carnegie Trust, crank out media hype for NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC, the Times of New York and London.

They are enabled by the world financial banking families: Goldman-Sachs, Rockefellers, Leman Brothers, Kuhn-Leobs, Rothchilds, Warburgs of Hamburg, Lazards of Paris, and Israel Moses Seifs of Rome who own 80% of the Federal Reserve Bank of America [cite: Dean Henederson]

The original investors for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, now Chatham House, were: Abe Baily in 1919; Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees; Bank of England; and J.D. Rockefeller in 1926; Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.; Bank of England, Baring Bro.; British American Tobacco Co.; British South African Co.; Central Mining and Investment Corp., Erlangers Ltd.; Ford Motor Co.; Hambros? Bank, Imperial Chemical Industries; Lazard Bro.; Lever Bro.; Vickers Armstrong; Westminster Bank; and White Hall Security Corp. in 1929. [Cite: ?The Anglo American Establishment,? by, Prof. Carroll Quigley, Chapter 10, pg. 190]

For a photo montage of Chatham House cronies go to:?

Call it fate or just a coincidence, but the world banking cartel became securely invested with the RIIA [Chatham House], the same year the US Stock Market crashed ? causing the Great Depression!

Current History Annotation: The Good Fortune of European Bankers

?If you wish to know what the Obama Administration did with the 8 trillion dollar give-a-way, back in 2009 – that Bernanke was hard pressed to explain to the US Senate ? well, it went to the democratic socialist banks of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth Nations, and their partners, the EU.? Bernanke said so during the Congressional hearings, but acted stupid as to which specific banks received the cash gifts.? What was the payment for?? I can only conjecture that it was either extortion, or a balloon payment on an esoteric agreement, or the necessary fee paid by a country that wishes to enter the Commonwealth of Nations ? but pay it we did, with the good name of every American Citizen. It was explained by PROPAGANDA that we needed to bail out some of the very same banks I have listed previously in this article.


It?s a Propaganda War – A RELIGIOUS WAR – from beginning to end – designed to keep the average educated westerner from understanding the bank enslavement system – run by the Old World Nobility.? In simple terms; the nobles could not stop the human free-will impetus toward education, finance, politics and religion that lead to the era of the middle class, since it was Christ Jesus who gave rise to the American middle class.

However, the Nobles, believing the world was given to them by God, [the Ormuz, Shiva, Allah, or destiny], decided to influence: world law via the Templars; world financing through Cartel banks; world religion by Theosophy; and world politics through Democratic Socialism.? Through these power avenues, they have been able to subtly control Western nations.? Similarly, by their tenacious purchasing of foreign agents, Anglophiles [Rhodes Scholars], political parties and statesmen, they have secured for themselves control of Western governments.? As a shadow government the citizens of Western nations become subjects who pay taxes and fees, unknowingly, to the system?s Whore of Babylon and her Beast, the Commonwealth of Nations.

Commonwealth of Nations Flag Commonwealth of Nations Flag

Note: The icon on the flag was developed by Gemini News Service, London, 1972.? The Gemini name depicts the Zodiac image of the twins. The stylized crescent has become the icon of choice, by many world corporations and NGO?s. The fact that the crescent is of Middle Eastern origin, and particularly of Islamic use, concurs with Britain?s recent desire to make London the world center for Islamic finance. From a Christian perspective this information depicts a major shift away from Christianity and toward Greco-pagan theosophy and Islam.

What the English elite and ?The 300? did in China, India, and Indo-China, these last 100 years, they expect to do in the Middle East.? Their strategy is to ride the Beast of Babylon.? The Whore of Babylon – found in the book of Revelation – expects to turn the Islamic nations into Commonwealth cronies, but her tunnel vision will be her undoing.? The Brits just can?t envision a fifth column army of Islamic hoodlums, burning their cities to the ground ? but it will happen!

?Then the angel said to me. ?The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.? The beast and the ten horns [anti-Christ Kingdom ? Middle-East dominion] will hate the prostitute.? They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.? For God has put it into their hearts [the Muslims], to accomplish his purpose ? by agreeing to give the beast their power [the Commonwealth transfers chairmanship of the new Liberal World Order to the Middle East Dominion] until God?s words are fulfilled.? The woman you saw is the great city [London] that [literally] rules over the over the kings of the earth?? [Rev.17:15-19].

As ancient Jerusalem [Judah] was described as the ?Virgin Daughter of Babylon,? and as a ?wanton creature,? in Isaiah chapter 47, so too the Church Universal – found throughout the Commonwealth Nations – has played the harlot.? They ?lounged in security,? engaging in ?sorceries? [Heb. ?keshaphim? ? witchcraft; charms with intent to do mischief to men; to delude the mind ? propaganda and rhetoric], and sought the dark arts through ?astrologers? and ?star gazers? – via the ?pragmatic augury? [Kabbalah] of Templars, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians.

The marketing and distribution of Islamic psychosis is the brain child of the Chatham House cabal in an effort to seize Sovereign Arab funds.

The Shahada is written across the flag and means that Allah is the only deity.? The expression is tantamount to that of the Shema Israel.? The flag is a war flag used by Mohamed when he was in conflict.? This flag is used today – in every Islamic conflict in the Middle East.

In 1926, upon receipt of its Royal Charter, the Milner Group?s name was changed to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.? It has been Chartered by the Royals ? the original 300. Royal Charter means that its fulfillment of purpose has been authorized by the Crown to expound all things English, and to promote the welfare of Great Britain, and the Nobility. Chatham is identified as acting as the ?regent? for the English Nobility. The name of the facility grew to be so synonymous with the institute that it is commonly referred to as “Chatham House.” The Chatham House building is located just a few metres from the former Libyan embassy building where the 1984 Libyan Embassy Siege took place.? ? ? [From Wikipedia, Chatham House]


We are fed a daily diet of cacodaemonic trifles and outlandish tales to motivate the average citizen from the ?Liberty of the Moderns? to the ?Liberty of the Ancients? [see: ?Benjamin Constant? – political philosopher – 1767-1830]. The Liberty of the Moderns is what most people believe the world to become ? a constructive input by all citizens.? However, ?The 300? with their propaganda and rhetoric, uses a deliberate subterfuge – meant to enslave humanity into a class society of nobility-autocrats and ?have-nots? [slaves] ? into the old Greco classic Liberty of the Ancients ? where the Elite rule and make decisions for the rest of humanity.

The type of slave I am discussing is not a beaten-down, raggedly clothed and uneducated slave, but one who will be allowed to work to pay taxes and more fees, and to work longer hours to purchase whatever the Oligarchs wish them to purchase.? A good example of purchasing un-needed goods is the Obama Care – that was first offered by Hillary Clinton, in the mid 1990?s, and passed onto the residents of Massachusetts by Nuevo-rich Republican, Mitt Romney.

Most middle class people, who had a satisfying health care plan, are now forced into a lesser plan that cost more, and they are forced to purchase it by statute of Law.? The Republican leadership desires this health care change from group health, so that individual insurance mandates will increase corporate profits exponentially.? The Democratic leadership wants the end of group health so that the government can control a major industry.? The Socialist World Elite?s [ie. British Royalty] desire this change so that the USA can be on an equal footing with the rest of the Commonwealth Nations.? This change – brought to completion by the agent of change, President Obama – is a necessary factor before the USA can join with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Trade Dominion of the Commonwealth Nations.

The Liberal World Order demagogues cried that we needed this new form of social medicine, so that everyone in American could afford it.? But as it turns out, few can afford it without lessoning their standard of living.? It reminds one of the Soviet bread-lines.? When the people complained, the bread was hard to find, and the wait-lines became longer ? a form of passive control.? They will have every American on the bread-line of medicine.

Yet, the Liberal World Order?s subterfuge is remarkably observable.? Within months of demanding that every American purchase the government sponsored health care, they allowed certain groups to opt out ? some are: the bureaucrats in Washington, all congressional Representatives and Senators and thier aids, the Presidential Staff, the state of Massachusetts etc., etc! ? Apparently their mantra of Liberty, Freedom, and Equity are not for the common citizen, but a right for those that govern.



Their rhetoric and lies have no bounds.? Even on the 4th of July, 2014 at 9:00pm EST, they produce a public TV program on WGBYDT2 that discusses the leaders of the American War of 1812, in specific, Francis Scot Key.? As they present the United States National anthem, they discussed the words and music – laying great stress upon its tune.? Then the camera cuts to a British Historian Justin Reay, FSA, who smiles amicably and states, ?The national anthem?s music is based upon the ?beer stake anthem…? a drinking song of local pubs.? Yet the National anthem is the same music used to sing, ?God Save the Queen? ? Britain?s National Anthem!? As the show moves along, they continue to demonstrate that the beer halls of England were the impetus for the infamous canticle – The Star Spangled Banner.? The show?s producer and resident Anglophile, goes so far as to sing some of Key?s lyrics to several beer madrigals.

Now the facts: Out of seven different articles found in the Encyclopedia Americana, by different scholars, they all cite that originally, many people put Francis Scot Key?s words to all sorts of music, but a few years after the War of 1812, Francis S. Key?s song was sung,? ?To Anacreon in Heaven? a melody, by British composer John Stafford.? The melody was well known in the USA by 1790 and Francis Key used the melody in 1805 to honor Commodore Stephan Decatur. ? However the music of the ?Anacreon…? was adopted by the English in 1825, 10 years after the abeyance of hostilities.? The USA officially accepted the ?Star Spangled Banner? and the tune, ?To Anacreon in Heaven? in 1931, by the efforts of John Philip Sousa.

The British Government goes to great lengths to hide the obvious fact that the two opposing national anthems use the same melody ? remaining a stick in their craw, to this very day!

Recently [7/16/2014 at 5:00pm] the ?Fox Five? political ?Round Table? was discussing the ignorance of young people concerning the meaning or definition of political terms.? The panel claimed that a poll was taken that had ?Millennials? voicing the opinion that Entitlement Programs were perfectly useful and good, but that Socialism was not good!? This is called the ?draw? in propaganda.? They say something that is so obviously obtuse that they gain the public?s attention.

Now that the panel has our attention, they quickly move to their own design for the ?Manufacturing of Consensus.?? Their design is to move the discussion to the idea that Britain is not Socialist, but a Free Enterprise country.


The FOX discussion goes this way; [C = commentator]…..

[C1] ?Socialism is like what they have in England.?

[C2] ?England is not a Socialist country!? Stalin was a Socialist, so was Hitler!?

[C3] ?England is a Free Enterprise country?

[C4] The commentator runs a montage of emotionally charged soundless video clips of Nazi Germany, Stalin, and a host of world dictators to get the public to buy into what is thought to be objective evidence.? However, nothing is more prejudicial and emotionally charged than this presentation ? for it serves to change historical facts and win a naive audience to the focused idea; that Britain is just like the USA ? that it is free enterprise, and thoroughly: baseball, moms apple pie, and Chevrolet.

What is missing is the accepted definitions of; capitalism, communism, Fabian socialism, fascism, free-enterprise, and socialism.

From Merriam-Wesbster? 11th Collegiate Dictionary;

Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. ? State Capitalism: an economic system in which private capitalism is modified by a varying degree of government ownership and control.? Venture Capital: capital (as retained corporate or individual savings) invested or available for investment in the ownership element of new or fresh enterprise ? called also risk capital.

Communism: (1a) a theory advocating elimination of private property. (1b) a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed. (2a) a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism taht was official ideology.

Fabian Socialism: (2) the Fabian Society; from the members? belief in slow rather than revolutionary in government: of, relating to, or being a CHANGE society of socialist in England in 1884 to spread socialist principles gradually.

Fascism: (1a) a political philosophy, movement or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader….

Free-enterprise: freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in balance.

Socialism: (1) any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods; (2b) a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state; (3) a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.?

If we read the definitions carefully, we will understand that no nation is totally Capitalistic or free-enterprising, and neither are there totally Communist nations. Even China, of late, allows private enterprise.? There is however, to a greater degree, a socialist system within the Western nations, including the USA.? Note that Socialism tends toward the economics of a country, while Communism tends toward a government?s ownership of property and political control.? Additionally, Capitalism tends toward the private and corporate ownership for direction of economic activity.

So, the original question: is Great Britain (England, the Crown, Britain) a socialist country? To cull through the propaganda we must list to what degree Britain utilizes each of the economic and political systems found universally.? Many publications apply the term Fabian Socialists to the British Elites.

The Encyclopedia Americana can help us deduce the final answer:

?Up to WWI, at least, British people generally accepted the idea that they were born into a particular social class and would die as members of it…the working class…came to possess a string sense of identity… CLASS SOLIDARITY STILL GOES VERY DEEP…There is in Britain, still, a distinct and recognizable upper class as distinct from upper income group.? It is perpetuated by the public schools…? ? ? ? [1982 Encycl. Amer. Bk.13, pg. 222]

?Britain is governed by a parliamentary system in which the executive officers… are chosen by the body of legislators in Parliament.? The Executive is directed by a cabinet of ministers, headed by a prime minister, WHICH IN BRIRAIN IS CALLED THE ?GOVERNMENT…Britain has NO WRITTEN CONSTITUTION, NO SINGLE AUTHORITATIVE DOCUMENT…relationships [law] are determined by CUSTOM.? ? ? [1982 Encycl. Amer. Bk.13, pg. 238]

Further, ?the House of Lords is both a supreme court and a chamber of legislature.? The monarchy is limited, acting predominantly as a custom and social strata in governing, but has the right to approve or disapprove the minsters of state. Britain does not have a public secondary school [high school] system.? Britain is historically the originator of the Industrial Revolution and, but NOT of capitalism, since capitalism is universal to all levels of a society.? As touching free-enterprise and property rights, its laws and regulations are developed by the Elite socialites and handed down to the ignorant or self-deprecating masses.? It has public health care, public transportation, but of late, has divested itself from ownership of key industries and a state bank. It still maintains a state church [Anglican].

In conclusion, England was indentured in State Capitalism [a limited form of socialism], but has since divested its public holdings of state.? However, it controls the masses through wage laws, health care, limitations of property rights and real estate, through Fabian Socialist edicts.? It produces shades of law for the shades of classes.

Britain is therefore socialistic when controlling its working and middle class.? However, it is fascist in its approach to the Elite classes [Monarchy, nobles, and Nuevo-rich].

Hitler named his party the National Socialist Party, only for the expressed purpose of stealing the thunder from Communists, who used the term socialism to engage the impoverished masses.? His economic system was free-enterprise ? capitalistic – and did not prevent the lower masses from achieving property.? His motto was self-reliance, individually and corporately.? He constantly stressed personal responsibility and endurance as an ethic for the people.? His approach to race was class distinction and xenophobic when comparing the common German with Hungarians, Jews, Negros, Pols, and Slavs.? The cataloged statements of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner, and many other English nobles, reflected super-race mentality within the English Elite that was on a par with the Nazis.

It is historically accurate to say Hitler befriended the Arabs, because they hated the Jews.? English sentiments reflect a similar attitude even today, though not as hostile as the Nazis.? Many remarkable written statements have been cataloged by Professor Carroll Quigley?s, Cecil Rhodes?, and Lord Milner?s memoires that reflect distaste for Hindustani, Jewish, and Negro cultures.? The Puritan morals and fortitude of the 1800?s English, wore off just before the 20th century ? facilitating a resurgence of ethnic and monetary class distinctions.

Britain resembles Hitler?s Germany, from an economic and governmental approach and is therefore incompatible with the customs, morality, ethics, property rights and freedom found in the USA.


The next change coming to the USA is the change of our Constitution, specifically by the removal of the Bill of Rights!

Reflecting on the literary thesis of Lionel Curtis ? his book, ?The Commonwealth of God,? Professor Quigley wrote the following – he was summarizing the strategy beliefs of Curtis, the 300 and the RIIA [Chatham House].

?Since it would be foolish to expect any federation [world government] to evolve from any such organization as this [League of Nations], a parallel, but quite separate, effort should be made to create an international commonwealth, based on the example of the United States in 1788.??? Cite: Carroll Quigley, ?The Anglo-American Establishment,? chapter 12, pg. 282

Here it can be seen clearly that the Commonwealth Nations desire a strong world republic, as the USA, yet without its Bill of Rights, which were ratified December 15, 1791.? Further, their plan is multipronged ? redundancy from several avenues of approach.? If one political egg did not hatch, other equivalent(s) picked up the flag.

To Create Profit, they use Propaganda to Incite Knee-Jerk Reactions from the Ignorant:

You are watching NBC Today Show and one of the anchors hypes the news-story of the day.? A high school student, while at school assembly, asked Miss America to the prom.? He did this in front of the whole school.? She declines, but adds that she is flattered.? However, the school officials have set a three day suspension for the young enthusiast. The young man is interviewed and made the focus of a dastardly unprincipled principal.? Doesn?t every young man want to date Miss America?

We are taken to the Today ?tweet board,? to find out what should happen to this young man!? Thousands tweet their thumbs up or thumbs down, and add condensed comments.? Within minutes every US student in America is receiving the tweet on their cell phones.

This actually occurred on 4/21/2014. What was prompted as news, was no more than an Anglophile Donald Trump infomercial, to promote his Miss America pageant.

But why not just mention the Miss America pageant as a standard news piece, and state where she is speaking? ? because by a carefully scripted Shakespearian roll-play, the manipulators have heightened our senses.? We are now invested emotionally, and physically.? We can?t wait to see what others think, and ?The Donald? has successfully achieved his advertising goal.? This is how we are fed a daily minute by minute ?Manufacturing of Consensus.?

Some schemes that are given impetus through ?Manufactured Consensus:? feminism, negro-disenfranchisement, social-medicine, global warming, trans-humanism, world peace through collective security, the U.S. military Insurgency Plan, United Nations, The Council on Foreign Relations, and of recent news, the selling of European soccer over football and baseball, and the delight of the English Royal Family in the United States; from Buckingham to baby George!? NBC is the greatest purveyor of the Anglophile rhetoric and propaganda.

Simply review the contemporary news and the manufactured consensus is on every page, 24/7/365:? Headlines similar to these can be found easily.

  • US border agent arrested for shoot out with Mexican Drug runners ? truck stopped in middle of Reo Grand River, loaded with bales of Marijuana.
  • US Special Forces marine arrested for entering Mexico illegally by errant traffic decision.
  • Non-descript citizens in California, New Mexico, Arizona demand marijuana outlets.
  • Arizona border land posted as ?Off Limits? to US citizens – area used for human and drug trafficking.
  • South American children fleeing violence cross US border unlawfully ? unaccompanied children are released from detention to find refuge with previously unlawful migrants.
  • UN discusses placing unlawful US migrants under global protection.
  • NAFTA talks discuss more bureaucratic border cross over and authority on US northern and southern borders.


  • Talks indicate possible emergence of US ? Canadian ? Mexican free trade zone entity with European styled open borders. ? Britain hails talks as socially inspiring!
  • EU finds big market potential for North American Free Trade Zone. Texas-Mexican Gulf region to rival Persian Gulf for oil, gas, and medical marihuana exports!
  • New constitution employed by North American partners.? US citizens angered by destruction of the Bill of Rights and new flag.

The regular citizen believes his elected officials are inept, but they are anything but inept. The parties are insidiously caring out the plan to make Corporations the consignees of freedom, where they reassign the people as worker-consumers and change constitutional and common law into commerce law.? While the Democratic socialist-humanists crank out propaganda on the supposed disenfranchised urchins, women, people of color, and sub-culture miscreants, the Republicans do their part by offering more supposed cost saving control of government, through the use of private security and private bureaucrats, who can dispense with the Bill of Rights because; they are not government officials – subject to restrictive and restrictive constitutional mandates.

This will become an enormous cost to our personal freedom.? With the loss of political control by the people, there will be loss of the fundamental rights of parental authority over children, loss of religious freedom, loss of privacy rights, loss of judicial appeals, restriction of movement.? There will be loss of the right to bail, loss of a court appointed attorney [International Commerce law], loss of the right to marry [Non-discriminatory regulations], loss of the right to eat what you desire [USDA regulations], and loss of living where you want [Agenda 21].? The one law they wish to destroy – beyond all others ? is the right to bear arms.? Commonsense educates a government that it has to be careful in its dictates, if its citizens are well armed.

All of this is being manufacture by propaganda ? right now.? An old example is when the Supreme Court in, 317 US 111 (1942), voted for the US government?s socialistic control over a subsidized wheat framer.? The case was the Secretary of Agriculture, et al v. Roscoe C. Filburn.? In it, the defendant was not allowed to grow wheat even for his own use, since he was subsidized by the government to grow wheat for market only.? His personal desire to be self-sustaining and creative in a free enterprise system, was considered a breach of interstate commerce law.? The decision stated that the famer gave the appearance of undercutting support wheat pricing and prevented him from purchasing his needs on the open market.? The USSC used; United States Constitution‘s?Commerce Clause,?under Article 1 Section 8.


Since then, US Administrations have been forcing bureaucratic dictates down the throat of the American citizenry [ie. ObamaCare] ? all based upon a deliberate misrepresentation of the Commerce Clause. This is exactly what the British King did to the colonies ? circa 1770 – concerning tea, and other staples needed for standards of living.? The Crown forced the Colonists to purchase more expensive staples from Great Britton, and prevented the importation or planting of cheaper goods.

The change and perversion of our Federal system and constitutional law is directly attributable to the British Banking System, the Commonwealth ideology, Anglophile parasites and the re-emergence of pagan humanist Theosophy as a counterculture to traditional Christian culture.?


Hillary Clinton?s run for the presidency has been orchestrated and planned by Chatham House. The British royals gave Hillary the 2013 ?Chatham House Prize? for the statesmen, who has done the most for international peace and relations.? Benghazi doesn?t count! Other previous recipients of the award are: Victor Yushchenko of the Ukraine [2005], Sheikha Mozah Al Missned of Qatar [2007], and President Abdullah Gul of Turkey [2010].? Follow the prize ? follow the politics ? follow the money!

I would like the reader to revisit that quote from Bernays ? at the beginning of this article and let his words sink in a bit.

?If we understand the mechanism and the motives of the group mind, is it possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it???? Bernays


All the New World Order had to do was start a web-tweet in Libya and Kaddafi was gone.? The World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Rothschilds, moved right in and began trading the Libyan oil using the US dollar.? It?s all part of the ?Islamic Psychosis.?? Get them all worked up for freedom and democracy, and once the blood war is over and the Western banks are in charge, all that is left behind for the common people is high unemployment, a shaky new democratized government, followed by more turmoil.? Overcome by the sorrows created by the world cabal, the citizens of the latest national fiasco eventually ask for is partnership with the EU or the Commonwealth of Nations!

They tried the same thing in Egypt, but were outsmarted by the Egyptian military and true believers in ?Modern Democracy.?? However, ?The 300? was not dissuaded so easily.? They moved quickly in Syria to arm Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda [a 1970?s arm of the CIA, who developed and funded the al Qaeda freedom fighters of Afghanistan, against the Soviets].

But the Beast they ride upon is not easy to tame.? The situation turned out bad for the British idea of a New Middle East ? having the unfortunate effect of clandestine ?blow-back? that now swarms through Syria and Iraq ? the ISIL [ISIS] Sunni Muslims.? These Muslims were the previous mindless servants of Sodom Hussein, a Baathist Dictator and friend of the Bushes, who derived his power ideas from all things fascists.

The ISIL [ISIS] rebels have made anounced to to the world that it is reclaiming of the 7th through 9th century Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates, where Syria was the Imperial Dynasty of Islam.

The Syrian dynasties were fragmented for many centuries, as is to be expected – for the Word of God predicted trouble concerning the offspring of Abraham and Hagar his concubine. Of Ismael the Bible states;

Flag of Caliph

Caliphs are successors to Mohammad, both secularly and spiritually.? The only man in the Middle East with who can prove his decadency from Mohammad is King Hussein of Jordan.

?He [Ishmael] will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone?s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers??? Gen.16:12


The word ?donkey? in the Hebrew is ?pere,? which is a word-play off of ?paran,? in Gen.21:21 ? the place where Ishmael will live. He lived in the desert of Paran, away from civilization and his brothers, as a wild donkey would. The ancient area of Paran is seven days walk from Mount Sinai in Arabia [Gen.21:21; Gal.4:25], and lies in the modern geography of lower Jordan, Dead Sea region and North West Arabia. And as all Historians know, Jordan is the Palestinian homeland for Ishmael the Bedouin, or ?badawiyin,? in Arabic, and literally means; ?people who became visible.? Another words, they are seen in the open.

The descendants of Ishmael are: Nebaioth and Kedar ? mentioned in Is.60:6-7, as in the region of Midian [North West Arabia]; Adbeel; Mibsam, whose name means, ?sweet odor of balsam,? which is a native plant of Arabia; Mishma; Dumah who is mentioned also in Is.21:11 as the region of Edom, or Lower Jordan; Massa, who can be traced to the Persian Gulf; Hadad, also associated with lower Jordan; Tema who name is on a town in North West Arabia; Jetur and Naphish, located in south-west Syrian and north-west Jordan, by 1Chron.5:19; and Kedemah, whose name means, ?eastward,? inhabited regions of desert between modern day Jordan and Iraq. This explains the bulk of Palestinians, their wild state of dissatisfaction and recalcitrance. However, the Palestine region also includes Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Lebanese.

Consequently, the Obama administration is confused and stymied by the recent Ishmaeli [ISIS] ?hands against his brothers? debacle, but the British see this as profitable mendacity. For all of the U.S. blood spilled in Iraq, the British always had an eye for all things Babylonian ? since the sovereign money accounts of Arab oil mesmerize the covetous eyes of the British crown, nobles, and bankers. My goodness, the Saudis have even built themselves a Big Ben with Moon-god horns – just be ?good chums?



?The 300,? via Chatham House, with its many propaganda change agents, have manipulated the people of the world into viewing non-stories ? tricking us into investing our time, and perhaps our money, so that we worship at the Golden Calf of Osiris the Bull. And we can be sure that there is plenty of ?Bull? to go around.

Their tart and sophomoric propaganda, such as the Miss America high school story – previously mentioned – is considered ethical, since no one was hurt, everyone had fun, and business was booming. But it was a lie, a con job, no better than a flimflam scheme. This particular event may make you shake your head and smile some, as if you attended a carnival show or read a book about PT Barnum?s disorienting word mazes, and his psychological phrase; ?There is a sucker born every minute.?

The nonsense appears benign, but what if the unseen ?manufacturers of consensus,? decide to motivate our fears to accept: a Patriot Act; two wars with Iraq; a war in Libya, a war in Syria; a change of Western Society from Judeo-Christian to Greco-Theosophic-paganism ? all for the expressed purpose to format a new liberal world social society – evinced by: acceptance of ruling Elites, LGBT lifestyles, pedophilia, bestiality; no US border; a new US constitution; a return to the British Commonwealth, and a war on Israeli?s soil to prevent a massive supposed ?alien? invasion from outer space?



Everything I have written pales in strangeness when compared against the actual words of western world diplomats ? the Elite.

It was the French Government who seriously prevented its citizens and outsiders from meeting on a mountain that was supposed to be the focus point for a new alien society from outer space. The event happened in December 21, 2012 ? the date that the Mayan Calder prognosticated the ?End of the World!? Similarly, the mountain has been a favorite of UFO watchers, who claim it is oozing with many sightings.

The mayor of Bugarach, France, closed its famous picturesque high point, ?Pic de Bugarach? from any person, local or ?esoteric outsiders?, whether they come by rail, auto, bus or aero plane. The great migration started when sub-culture adherents of extraterrestrial fashion – the ?Intergalactic Hitchhikers? – determined that the mountain was going to be the last place left at the ?end of the world? scenario.

By matter of comparison, a traditional USA strategy for steering out of control urban legends, as the aforementioned, would have been to build an amusement park there with displays and lots of rides ? like was done at Roswell, New Mexico, and make some money from it!

Further, it was the [EU] French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, who told the world and Secretary Kerry, on May 13, 2014, the world had a deadline of 500 days to solve the ?climate chaos? problem, or else! Secretary Kerry jumped on the Fabius bandwagon of fear, to inform the public that the denial of climate control efforts would be ?catastrophic?

Likewise, it was Secretary Kerry who was reported to have been ?obsessive and messianic,? when negotiating with the Israelis on a two state solution. The Israeli Defense minister Ya?alon and head of the IDF, mocked Kerry profusely. Kerry?s views were stated as being exaggerated ? almost sacerdotal and eschatological in fervor.

Now it was Jesus who said that the Devil was a liar from the beginning [Jn.8:44]. The Apostle Paul wrote that the Devil approaches us as an angel of light and his followers do likewise [2Cor.11:14].


Though the emerging anti-Christ system appears based upon simple material goods and services, the whole plan is spiritual in nature. It follows Lucifer?s propaganda found in the book of Genesis ? once we bite the fruit, we find out that things are more costly, and the worries of life become more burdensome. The soil is harder to till.

Also within the Liberal World Order arsenal of tricks, ?The 300? uses the ?Golden Calf? appeal to bring about a form of PT Barnum awe, with mental and spiritual dementia. The ignorant follow the priests of finance, who point to the bull, which promises to bring peace and security. If the naive allow the new Liberal World Order propaganda to take hold, their future will be found in picking up cow pies for fuel in order to earn a living. And we thought that Bronze Bull on Wall Street was a simple idea of strength. It?s obvious the Bull is the idol of all Theosophists – the Mystery of Osiris!




On the NBC Today show, 4/24/14, at 7:30 their British news reporter, Keirs Simmons, reported on the death of Prince Charles? brother-in-law. Simmons reported that the royal, ?…was able to move easily among British and American royalty.? Yes, you read that properly, he reported that Americans have royalty, while dropping the Kennedy name. This was no foe pas ? it was deliberate. 2014 is gearing up to be the year America discovers its need for the Royal family ? a necessity, when we rejoin the Commonwealth of Nations at the expense of our Bill of Rights.

Another British Commonwealth front has been exposed by Walid Shoebat. Mr. Shoebat is a reformed jihadist, who converted to Christianity and exposes contemporary British and Islamic deceptions and propaganda at their core. His organization has linked; the workings of the Muslim Brotherhood and world jihad, to Oxford?s school of Islamic study. Oxford is the British pinnacle of education [just another word for propaganda] for the world elites ? specifically, Rhodes Scholars. In a recent article, via documents and photos, he demonstrates the Clinton?s ties to Bassam Estwani – a Muslim Brotherhood ?spiritual leader? who advances Sharia Law inside the USA. Both he and Bill Clinton are Oxford buddies. Furthermore, the elite propaganda mill, for British royalty and nobles, is the old Royal Institute for International Affairs, which is now known as Chatham House, in London. [see: ]

Chatham House gave the coveted world award for, Diplomat of the Year to Hiller Clinton, in 2013. Expect Hillary to be our next US president regardless of the actual vote tallies. The poles will be rigged, as well as, the final tabulations, which will show a close race that was won by just two or three percentage points.


Herein does the Bible warn, concerning the end times, or what we may interpret as, the end of the rule of secular man and his government –

?The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe a lie and so all will be condemned that have not believed the truth, but have delighted in wickedness.? ? [2Thes.2:9-12]

God is not the one who tempts mankind, or is the perpetrator of the deception, but he suspends the gift of common sense, because people are too lazy to think for themselves and to choose what is right ? because they have already chosen to believe a lie.


In the reprinting of the book, Propaganda, by Edward Bernays [circa 1928] the opening paragraph of chapter one states;

?The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a Democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society, constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country? ? Edward Bernays, 1928

And so Mr. Bernays ? the nephew of Sigmund Freud ? sold his diabolical deceit to the Carnegie Foundation, General Electric, General Motors, John D. Rockefeller, and Proctor & Gamble. Before long, every astute member of the US and British military and clandestine organizations wanted these keys to the kingdom Satan. His book, Propaganda, was used like a Power Point presentation today.

The first enterprise of early propaganda is to convince the Western Public, that propaganda was the brain-child of the communists. Yet, we can easily trace the work of Karl Marx and Engels to the mid 1800?s British Royals ? for Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in London. His philosophy attacked the middle class, and gave praise to the stable society of the monarchs. Additionally, his body and family members reside in a posh London cemetery.

The second part of the propaganda enterprise is to successfully use it on the Germans during and after WWI.

Benays, who worked hand-in-glove with the British secret service during WWI, learned many tricks from his teachers. Noam Chomsky, writes in the forward for ?Propaganda? that the English were already manipulators for political propaganda by the 1850?s. Chomsky quotes the 1842 British chemist William Thomas Brande, and later Ralph Waldo Emerson;

?Derived from this celebratory society [the Congregatio de propaganda fide], the name ?propaganda? applied in modern political language as a term of reproach to secret associations for the spread of opinions and principles which are viewed by most governments with horror and aversion? ? Brande ? 1842

Emerson author and occult transcendentalist and Unitarian, describes the British as;

?…still aggressive and propagandist, enlarging the dominion of their arts and liberty [culture]…? ? Emerson

Though Emerson articulates that the English laws were ?hospitable? and notes their end of slavery, he nonetheless states that the English were ?aggressive and propagandist.? Emerson was after all a world laureate and his use of specific words were guided by intelligent decisions. He did not say that the British were, ?steadfast and proud articulators of their burgeoning life style.? Instead Emerson, a liberal himself, used a form of sophisticated snobbery that congratulated, while being dismissive of British cultural values.



The ?how to sell the public anything they need, want or don?t want,? was, and is found, in this small book of 130 pages ? called, ?Propaganda,? by Edward Bernays. Machiavelli and Nietzsche would be jealous. Here was a document so succinct and expedient that it could be renamed the Doctrine of Daemons. Some of the topics are familiar: Organizing Chaos; the Psychology of Public Relations; Propaganda for Political Leadership; Women?s Activities and Propaganda; Propaganda for Education; Art and Science ? to name a few.

Propaganda is a subset of selling. When salesmen sell honestly, they inform the buyer of an item?s exceptional abilities, quality, longevity, efficiency and aesthetics. Not so the Propagandist. He will employ a few of these attributes, as would any prevaricator who uses just enough fact or truth to suck us in.

The thrust of an efficient Propagandist is to develop a picture in our mind that is not true, but becomes mental reality. After all, the Propagandist is not selling us what we need or desire, but what he wishes us to buy from him. Propagandists are sophisticated con-men!

Hollywood was the benign salesman with films like the Wizard of Oz, Beach Party Bingo, along with Treasure Island, and James Fenimore Cooper?s, The Last of the Mohicans. However, just before WWII the government with its army of Bernays aficionados encouraged Hollywood to sell the War. The English were portrayed as nearly American in religious fervor and social family expression. They were portrayed as those poor honest peace loving people over there, when in fact the British government precipitated the War with Hitler, by encouraging ?der Feuhrer? to take Czechoslovakia and Poland, while the English incited France and Russia to attack Germany. And because the British governance is so thrifty, they also played the ace card as well; trying to sell Germany on a Pan-Anglo-German cartel pact that would control world goods, services, and finances.

After the War Hollywood became the social experimenter ? selling the public on easy sex, easy cash, glitz, glamor, and violence. The American public never asked for it, but the Propagandists had a plan to reshape American morality into the image they desired. At its heart, the propagators and funders were the same crowd that desired the Anglo-American Pact, and a One World Order.

Do I have your brain engaged yet? Has this small amount of information began to churn up potential similarities between the National Organization of Women, the feminization of America, the era of Metro-sexual males, U.S. mindless education, unlawful immigration, eco-science and Global warming, Climate Change, and Uni-bathrooms?

Though the British Monarchy was the best it Europe at the art of deception and lies, their crude talent for manipulation and brewing trouble everywhere needed refinement. Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Lord Cecil extended the British ego and wind of World Dominance, but it was Bernays, who catapulted Social-Experimentation and manipulation to its dominant height.

Note: Marx, and Milner, and as well, the ruling British monarchy, were all born of German decadency and immigrated to England. So it was with Bernays – a German palatine – he immigrated to the USA. As a postulation, it appears that all the proto-Nazis that failed Lutheran, Roman Catholic, or Judaism?s morality, found a home in the haunts of London and New York City. What the 1850?s Lutherans despised of the German Occult group, called the Society of Germany, took roots at Yale University to become the Skulls (Sculls) and Bones that delivered all the ?Wise Men? of America into the politics of Washington, starting with Eli Root. It is from Yale that the CIA picks the many of its recruits.

It was the period of WWI that heralded the manipulative use of propaganda. It grew exponentially, and was the rope that tied us up and into the English quagmire of the Anglo-American pact. Thereafter, all national interests within the Western powers were undercut by a continuous orchestra of pleas reciting the God ordained union of Western Powers, Bankers, and Mega Corps, Democracy [Fabian Socialism] and Rule of Law. Behind the winds and doctrines of propaganda, followed the bureaucrats and military structures; all subject to the intrigue of the British royals, nobles and the dark organizational trusts of Cecil Rhodes, Lord Alfred Milner [1stVisicount], and Lord Robert Albert Talbert Gascoyne-Cecil [3rd Marquess of Salisbury]. After the war, the House of Lords gave us more of the same in the guise of Lord Lothian, and Sir Alfred Zimmerman, members of All Souls church, writers for the Round Table Magazine and the Times of London, and as well, Oxford Fellows.

If only Guy Fawkes [Circa 1605] had successfully lit the gun powder under the House Lords, the world would be a better place today.


Well its socialism to be sure. Fabius Maximus, Quintus, was a Roman General [260-203BC] who?s careful analysis not to engage Hannibal in a direct battle, made him appear a coward, yet his tactics won the Second Punic War. His idea: the use of incremental changes in tactics facilitated by consistently applied pressure. However, the English Elite who like to change history for self-aggrandizement, or out of fear of getting caught, now hawk that the society was named after Frank Podmore ? endearingly referred to as, ?Fabian the Delayer.?

The Fabian Clubs of London became the rage in 1883. Promoted by idle rich middle class intellectual radicals, who took the name of Fabian the Roman, because of his ?…subtle avoidance of pitched battles.? Their concept was to join into other political parties by a slow melding process, while advancing their own agenda. Among their celebrated rank are George Bernard Shaw [author], and Graham Wallas [the Propagandist], Hugh Dalton [economist and bureaucrat who nationalized the Bank of England]. These particular men were invested into the inner circles of the Rhodes-Milner Round Table cabal. Fabians influenced the bulk of British socialists to this day and they were always considered ?radicals? ? meaning those who oppose tradition, having their attribute adapted from the idea a mathematical root, or the fundamental root system. [Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia; Encyclopedia Americana Bk.10, pg. 823; The Anglo-American Establishment – C. Quigley]

The objective of Fabians, or Rhodes-Milner Roundtable cabal, was to, world-wide, entice adherence to the British Empire and its way of culture by bribe or force – that was in effect, an Oligarchy of Elite nobles, bankers, politicians, and corporate heads. They would direct the affairs of the world from a Theosophic religious and commerce centered society – and bring to what they believed to be, world peace and security.


A Viennese Austrian by birth [1891]; his mother was the sister of Sigmund Freud. His family moved to New York City where he entered Cornel University in 1912, receiving a degree in agriculture. He married Doris E. Fleischman, the buttery socialite. Together they founded the first US public relations firm. Its base customers were government, industry and labor unions. His wife marketed a hypocorism for their firm; ?The Council on Public Relations? ? no doubt picked up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs [Chatham House] and used for its new NGO, the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR]. Bernays was the impetus behind the US war propaganda machine of WWI ? helping to run the ?Committee on Public Information.? He is considered the father of public relations. [The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia; The Encyclopedia Americana]

Bernays? immediate successor for refining the art of government-lying, was Harvard educated Walther Lippmann, who coined the phrase, ?the manufacture of consent.? Lippmann was a Fabian Socialist, who loved everything cosmopolitan and Elite and was the inveterate reporter-writer for the NY Herald Tribune, New Republic and World magazines. He also wrote an essay for the book, ?One Word or None? [1946], in which he advocated giving up US sovereignty and nuclear power to the United Nations ? the brain child trust of the British royals, nobles, cartel industrialists, and bankers. Lippmann loved the whole world of aristocracy, Fabian socialism, and Theosophic laws of Reason. [Encyclopedia Americana; One World or None]

Adolf Hitler dedicated a whole chapter in his book ?Mien Kampf? ? entitled, War Propaganda.

?All Propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it addresses…The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, and their intelligence is small, but their power to forget is enormous.”?? A.H. 1924

And where did Goebbels, Hitler?s propaganda and P.R. representative, obtain his ideas of propaganda? One need look no further than the effect of WWI Allied propaganda on the Axis Powers. Germany lost the war – not because its forces were overrun or because it ran out of financing ? it lost because the Anglo-American propaganda machine, led by Bernays, convinced many infrastructure workers [dock and harbor; railroad, road maintenance, etc.] to go on strike ? to obtain a socialist workers paradise. The German war machine instantly ground to a halt.

It was Hitler?s analysis of how the war ended that convinced him to embark on his restructure of Germany via propaganda. His appeal was always to the ?Folk? ? the common blue collar German. So in the final analysis, he learned his lesson from the American-British deceptions, and Pan-Anglo world domination with its Cartel financing.


You were laid off from your employment between 1985 and 1990. They told you that industry was ?downsizing,? and they would help you become re-educated for a new career. But after re-education you found that you still couldn?t get employment. The problem was you were too educated, or had previously made too much money, or your maturity didn?t fit the corporate employee profile. Simultaneously, you were also told by others that your education was not up to date, and that you wouldn?t work for less money. As time went on, you took part-time employment anywhere you could get it, and found that your most recent interviews, if you got them, were asking you why you had so many different jobs. On the news you heard that US manufactures could not find qualified employees in America. What was going on?

Remember the old Personnel Director or Manager ? he became she in the majority of corporations and the office title is now, Human Resources.

Let?s take a look at this: What was going on at the time; Public Relations gurus (propaganda specialists) of financial investments firms were encouraging their clients to gobble up small corporations that had one or two very profitable divisions. The object was to keep the profitable divisions, while selling off the average performing divisions, after you cranked up their quarterly reports with outstanding profits. The cranking was accomplished by dumping older better paid employees and hiring younger employees at lower rates, and saving bundles on health insurance costs. Whole divisions of once useful and reasonably profitable employment entities were wiped off the US corporate infrastructure in just a few years. The US GDP suffered, but the GNP looked stable, unemployment skyrocketed, and prices increased. What is worse, this Public Relations Propaganda mechanism went on for about fifteen years and prevented mature engineering and administration staff from entering the promotion rungs ? thereby leaving a hole in the work force of intelligent and educated middle management who understood the history of the product and the market.

Corporations are now run by younger men and women in middle management who do not understand where the company came from, how it grew, and were it should go.

Simultaneously the Public Relations gurus and hawkers entered the realm of Employment specialist. The ?Personnel? manager was now the Human Relations manager. Driven by clinical psychology, social engineering, and the propaganda of ?me-too? Fabian-Socialist Liberal World Order values, the new managers became cutthroat negotiators. Although they know nothing about how to make the corporations product, they know how to surround themselves, ?for the company?s sake, with lots of effeminate ? non aggressive types. The new employees fit outwardly healthy profiles and women who will march on behalf of any campaign the corporation promotes. The human resource specialists desired the fearful, and the stupid ? the average and the no opinion workers for robot employees. The propagandists are molding its new work-force.

But why fill the Human Resource position with women? Are men bad at hiring? ? of course not. However, the mindset of women is quite different than men. Men look for a ?can do? independent thinking individual that is creative and demonstrates a previous history for completing his tasks with little supervision. Women however, were and are motivated differently. They naturally desire socialism ? they want everything to be fair, because they are natural managers for training and rearing children.

[I suppose I just wrote an un-holy, and a politically incorrect statement, but I am looking at this from a Christian perspective, not from a pagan theosophical endearment.]

Men will also choose – between two candidates of equal ability ? choosing the one who has mouths to feed. Women look at only what is expedient, since they want an across-the-board fairness to life, and they have a constant need to hear from their boss that they are valuable and desirable.

Is this description of women a misogamist view? Not at all, but it is a general psychological primer, and a trait established by the Word of God and commonsense observation. Women do not know how to mitigate well ? they just know how to follow fixed rules. In a common colloquialism, I am saying that the Propagandist Public Relations mentality of women do not recognize that they are choosing a cute pony to drive the plow, instead of choosing a draft horse. Biblically, women are nurturers, and men are protector providers.

Additionally, women are the glue for society?s civility – while men are better builders of the technology.

The Bible presents the ?Wife of Noble Character? in Prov.31:10-31. It never mentions that she is bare-foot and pregnant, but she is lauded for her control and administration of her home, which includes: her choice of furnishings food, management of repairs, purchasing extension properties, supporting her family, trading for best prices and goods, raising her children, and by doing so, her husband is respected because of her.

Read why the Fabian Socialist Propagandists want women involved in all the affairs of the world;

?Women?s most obvious influence is exerted when they are organized and armed with the weapon of propaganda…the latest recruits [women] to the political arena should be recognized and make use of the newest weapons of persuasion [propaganda] to offset any lack of experience…women can use their newly acquired freedom in a great many ways to mold the world into a better place to live.??? [?Propaganda,? Chapter VII, Bernays]

Women, therefore, are the major instruments for political, educational, health, home, courts, laws, aesthetics etc., as change agents for the Commonwealth of Nations. They generally make good Fabian socialists and Theosophic toads for the new Liberal World Order, because they desire deeply to be recognized, want everything to be fair and their heart will follow after the one who rules them [Gen.3:16]. In a nut shell, feminize the world and you can easily remove the Judeo-Christian culture of Biblical morality and gender roll play. It?s just another take on the snake, the woman and the tree of knowledge of good and evil [Gen.3:1-13].

Men however put their efforts into seriously building things, because they are trying to outrun the toils of life and the thorns that eat up their sustenance [Gen.3:17-19].

All one need do is call to mind Nancy Pelosi and this concept will become imbedded forever!


The argument goes that Western men simply want to keep women ?down.?

My answer; societies found in the Middle East Islamic cultures and in the cultures of Africa are the domains of male dominated systems that force women into untenable situations. Bigamy, rape, child brides, female mutilation-circumcisions, and slavery abound, in not only the poorest and most uneducated of these regions, but also in the richest and best educated – simply because of pagan animism and Islamic Sharia Law.

Perhaps the National Organization of Women should fight their campaigns in Islamabad or Riyadh. If the destructive propaganda of the British Propagandists that is being used in the USA was exposed properly, it would bring to a halt all the stupid and useless social laws that menace the American population. We would be able to increase the job rate substantially, while lowering the tax rate.

Bernays next chapter, incidentally, involves education change, and the first thing he decries is not American aptitude, but workers [teachers] compensation. And in America most teachers are women.

Bernays goes on in Chapter VIII to define ?intelligent propaganda bureaus? within the Colleges to uptick the money resources.

With all the Propaganda, no real development of civilization has occurred, only a devolving society of effeminate men and ignorant graduates. The Propaganda of Bernays and its use by the Commonwealth Nations, explains the slow job market, the lack of creative enterprises, and the dumbing down of the U.S. citizenry.

The new Liberal World Order has made Americans the slaves to armies of men-haters and social experiments, that fill the halls of our political institutions, courts and schools and businesses with: wiccans, lesbians, and Amazons, as well as, the emptied eyed stare like that of Nancy Pelosi who stood in the halls of Congress and demanded of Obama Care legislation; ?We must pass this legislation so that we can find out what is in it!? Buy the way Pelosi was once a California high school teacher.


Words mean something to those involved with integrity, but words also present an opportunity for those involved with manipulation ? to those who are propagandists. Certain words have a sound that stimulates our senses, which is called ?onomatopoeia.? The sounds stir our emotional interests and the generalized meaning of the words can recall to memory pleasant or unpleasant events.

Words that are used over and over, by national and global political, banking, and security cabals are words that should be suspect as propaganda tools and have esoteric meanings. To understand the key words, is to have the Rosetta stone to decipher and anticipate the future moves of world government and its financial institutions. All of mankind – tribes and cultures – express themselves, or as I would put it, expose themselves as to who they are, and how they think – through use of idioms, syllogisms, and deceptive or inverted terms.

The word ?hate? is used over and over again, by Democratic Socialists, Fabians, and Chatham House cronies, when discussing race relations. This is followed by the word, ?inclusion.? ?Democratic? is another word that oozes the sound of desire, but no-one ever defines what democratic means.

Idioms refer to a dialect of language peculiar to a people, class or elite agency [ie., talking points, key players, political action committee, equal education]. Syllogisms are deductive arguments of logic with major and minor premises; ie., government provides services – police make you feel secure – healthcare encourages competition ? controlled competition reduces cost ? therefore government services, security and healthcare are cheaper.

Deceptive or Inventive Terms are imprecise expressions that lead someone to the opposite conclusion; ie. fossil fuel, climate change, global warning caused the cold winter, universal health care, democracy leads to freedom.

For example, the movie, ?My cousin Vinnie,? had an idiom that hangs in the mind and ear of all who saw this humorous film; ?It?s the yuets, ya honner,? Vinnie retorted to the Judge.? We all recognized who he was talking about, and found comedy in, his New York inner city dialect. Today the linguists would express cultural dialects as Ebonics, Hebronics, Italionics, or possibly Chicagonics, Oleanonics, Newyonics, as pseudo-classy coverups.

Gangsters use words like: mechanic or made-man for a mob hit man; enforcer for a bone breaker; bag-man for a currier; screw for a cop, etc. Similarly, the security apparatus of the USA, (CIA) uses key words that bring to mind similes or metaphors, such as: keystone, black-stone, gate-stone, keyword, handler, assets, operative. For police organizations the idioms are; ?perp? and ?informant? ? for military, ?target? and ?event.?

The point is; those that use these idioms, to produce an esoteric [hidden] language. The purpose is for confounding, and hiding, their real intentions, while manipulating the general populous. The FBI did a grand study of the ?Mafia? during the 60?s and 70?s, and gave Congressional and Court testimony concerning the meaning of certain gang related linguistics – its interpretations and meanings.

The Christian point of view follows the Biblical view that some people crept in among us as false teachers who introduce destructive heresies. Their purpose was greed – to exploit us with stories they have made up [2Pe.2:1-3].

Since the whole of the political and financial world rides upon the back of the ?Beast? [to use a Christian idiom], all we need do is look to the head inductively, and follow its commands downward, or pick up its tracks, and follow them back to its source. In our case of study all roads lead back to England, specifically Chatham House, and Buckingham Palace. The commands or the tracks use a considerable number of English idioms – and not so surprising, of Shakespearian origin. It is a cacophony of stage words, embellished syllogisms, hundred dollar words, with the careful articulation of grammar, seasoned with purported fine culture; a few are:

theater, stage, acting, actors, playing the part, detent, entente, collective security, democracy, superintending power, citizen agents, equality, equity, rule of law, commonwealth, the whole world is a stage, gay inclusion, sustainability, eco-friendly, global warming, climate change, legal in opposition to lawful, spirituality of all religions, symbolism in opposition to intrinsic values, statecraft, weapons of mass destruction, illumination, herd, collective mind, and aristocracy to name a few.


The dark symbolic prostration of the world?s people before the Great Pyramid of the Illuminati, at the 2012 London Olympics ? courtesy of ?

From a Biblical view there are two avenues of thought found among men. The first is Natural Instinct – based upon emotion. We can call this the ?knee-jerk reaction. The second process is critical thinking ? based upon common sense, and moral prerogatives.

From a secular point of view, psychologists have studied and understand the social acceptance phenomenon among groups of people. The natural instinct of humans to trust what they already know is a major indicator of Group-Think ? whether verbal or visual. People like things the way they are. Change agents force new ideas upon the masses by utilizing the acceptable vocabulary, general schemas, and positive aspirations of society to invoke new directions. However, the Elite will change the accepted definitions and meanings over time.

This is a major reason the Elite use symbols. Arbitrary signs can invoke strong reactions ? the color red, a dragon, a rifle, – the photo of a mother and child – the occult Phoenix and Pyramid at the London Olympics.

Once the Elite propagandists have utilized the seduction of known words and symbols, they gain credibility with the public. Con-men do this but dressing as a minister, or appearing as a local business leader. The idea is that people trust what they know. IT?S A NATURAL INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL.

Once in a mode of trust, people are more likely to believe the purveyor of the propaganda. An example might be; because a person is running for public office they exhibit an air that they know much about government and the needs of the people. People will accept their presentation as truth. However, a logical check of this person?s credentials may reveal that he or she is a ?ringer? ? an operative sent into the political arena for distributing false information. People trust and believe what they know visually and verbally. ITS A NATUARAL INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL.

The dilemma that the opposition has, when warning the public, is that of obtaining the trust of the people. The factual emissary is conveying information that is contrary to what the people have believed. Since the information is new to the ears or eyes of the public, the public is naturally hesitant and suspicious – from an Instinct of Natural Survival. Again, people trust what they know, even if it is a blatant lie! The Elite fully comprehend this and so they pepper the masses with lying propaganda and rhetoric until it is established as a fact or truth. Talking points are used for the distribution of lies, exaggerations or misleading rhetoric.

The German Third Reich of the Nazi did no less, and Stalin bested Hitler.


At one time, I was the receptor of a mean spirited political scheme. A rumor of propaganda was spread that I was going to shut down a town fair, even though I had no authority or physical capability to do so. In less than six hours, dozens of townspeople had been mobilized by their Natural Instinct to believe what they thought they knew, and were out on the streets looking for me. I finally met a mob of about twenty-five irate civil servants and townspeople who shoved and threatened me. I was able to calm them and went home to where I was met by the local police demanding I let them into my house. They threatened me by evincing their weapons and stating that they would come in if I didn?t open up. I was finally able to dissuade excesses by calling the State police. However, the State Police officers who lived in the Town took sides and began to also intimidate me. Eventually, I demanded and received an investigation from the State Police Headquarters and many people were chastened

And what was it all about? Well, I was an elected member of the water commission and when I had found out that there was some bacterial contamination in the town?s water supply, I had the system flushed at the fair-grounds. Chlorine was added to protect the citizenry and visitors. But you see, I never told the self-important Elite within the town. As the political adage goes, ?All politics are local!? What we observe in a small town, we will experience in Washington DC and at the United Nation.


?Are you a 3 in a 6 world?? ? so goes the slogans of the 1990?s. This propagandist ideology was so subtle, the campaign near came to a halt. However, it was revived by Facebook, Google, and Twitter for the purpose of selling Social Media.

Since propaganda started as a spiritual idea, one must reason that it?s sacred and key words involved the spiritual. From a Christian perspective three is the number of the Trinity, while six is the number of man. However, from a Theosophical or pagan perspective, three is a symbol of ?magic,? it?s ?all seeing eye and pyramid,? of ?intuition and fecundity;? and six symbolizes the goddess Venus, ?love truth, balance and harmony? ? so says Avia the white witch in her social network website of Astrology – .

[I only mention the bizarre and occult because this is what is driving the new Liberal World Order.]

In that fateful year of 1929 – the year of the 300 – the year of the stock market crash – the year of Edward Bernays? ?Propaganda? – there came along a very satisfying addition to counting, testing and shaping the human race ? ?Six Degrees of Separation,? a fundamental social theory developed by a Hungarian, Frigyes Karinthy. His work involved ?network theory.? Karinithy?s idea is that a person could contact an unknown person in the world by starting with his own group of acquaintances ? a total of six. These abstract ideas were given mathematical corollaries that were worked into algorithms, that are today, used in Twitter and Google accounts.

There are other competing algorithms, such as ?Three Degrees of Separation,? offered by, N. Christakis and J. Fowler.

By 1961, MIT?s Michael Gurevich was conducting meaningful studies on Social Networks. Other world mathematicians used the data to work on urban and transportation problems. They found that there were weak bonds in social networks. You or I would call these weaknesses: family, close friends, acquaintances and strangers, but then my labels do not sound useful to the arbiter elegantiarum.

Soon the whole soup of mathematicians and sociologist were calling this holy-grail, ?The Small World Problem.? Note: being close to the rest of the world was considered a problem. By 2003 that Liberal bastion of Ivy-League intelligentsia ? Columbia University ? was running through stranger?s emails ? in an effort to work up a mathematical base for statistical re-affirmation and data crunching.

Now the race was on. Who could find the natural instinct of sociological tendencies toward interconnectedness?

To make a longer story even shorter, the ?Doctor Frankensteins? were subtly dumping free games onto the net to watch web surfers like rats in a maze. President Obama?s close friend, Mark Zuckerman was right in the middle ? tabulating and bating unsuspecting internet users to feed the data he needed. The purpose of course, is to get into our minds, our billfolds and our private places. Hollywood even got into the act with the TV shows: Six Degrees of Separation; Lonely Planet Six Degrees; Babel, including soundtracks and games etc.

It reminds me of the famous remark made by James Earl Jones, in the movie ?Conan the Barbarian? – starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; ?Ah the riddle of the steel. So you think you have power. But you do not know the real power. I shall demonstrate for you the power of six!?

What has this to do with Propaganda?

By enabling the security apparatus? and Elite?s the ability to know our natural man – our consciousness ? our Freudian ?Id? ? exposes us to the Elites suggestions. Consider it the long way around hypnotizing the human race. But for those who are aware, and avoid these shameless exercises of satanic psychology and game baiting, they can keep their personality as God and they intended ? free from subversion!

Just why do you think the Bible mentions 666? It?s the number of man ? the unholy Trinity ? that will mark every weak minded human – for the coming ultimate social world connection! Propaganda and intimidation will be at the forefront of the ?Name the Mark and the Number? system.


A few historically sanctioned lies, of British origin: the world needs a League of Nations to bring about world peace; the Germans are to blame; the French are to blame; the Americans are to blame, the damn Irish are to blame; the world needs a nobility to rule; the British culture is God ordained; the Hindustanis culture is meant to be a caste society, the Dutch are idiots who do not understand money, diamonds, gold and platinum, and they need to have their land taken in the New World and in South Africa; the French need to surrender Quebec and Jamaica; the Arabs have better manners than the Jewish people; the CFR is American, the Pacific Institute is American; the U.N. is an American idea; man came from an ape; the petroleum found in the earth came from the tissue of fossilized animals; marriage is sanctioned by the state [Henry VIII]; divorce is perfectly moral [Henry VIII]; the English brought about The Reformation, not the Germans; the world needs state sanctioned corporations; the English invented law, cloning of humans is scientifically ethical; countries need to give up most their sovereignty, the English won WWI and II, Queen Elizabeth II has no money to repair Buckingham palace, methane and carbon dioxide cause global warming, people cause global warming, the cold winters are a direct effect of global warming, people need to be protected inside city boundaries [Agenda 21, and Counterinsurgency Policy], we need a carbon tax, beef is no good for us, and there is nothing better than elite nobles to rule the world, etc.

If you believe this anti-British sentiment is underserved, consider how many British subjects have been showing up on TV and radio. They are commentators telling the USA how to live. They are news anchors reflecting the world news. Piers Morgan, that wannabe English toad, spent over a year on CNN demanding Americans give up their guns.

Have you noticed lately that ABC, CBS and NBC just can?t get enough of the ?Royal Family.? We receive daily reports on Prince William, his wife and baby George visiting all over the world, and doing such common things as playing polo, organizing a yacht race, and tasting wines at elite vineyards. No Mannischewitvz, Thunderbird or Gallo port for them! Prince Harry, ruddy and mannish, he is reported fighting in Afghanistan, then mountain climbing, and finally on an expedition to the South Pole, something everyone can afford. However let?s forget about his drunken whoring in Los Vegas. Lucky me; NBC heralded Queen Elizabeth?s birthday, April 21st – a date upon which, I too was born. Should I give up my Bill of Rights for that honor? Does she know Hitler was born April 20th? I suppose that means the Queen had come in second for the coveted title of World Feuhrer.

?Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.??? [Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference in Evians, France, 1991]


In the New Testament it is written:

?In the last days there will be scoffers who follow their own ungodly desires. These are the men that divide you, who follow MERE INSTINCTS and do not have the Spirit? [Jude 18-19].

We need to renew our minds ? use them logically with common sense and moral critique – as the Apostle Paul wrote:

?Do not conform anymore to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to TEST and APPROVE what God?s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will? [Rom.12:2].

Jesus also taught his listeners to:

?Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment? [Jn.7:24].

Transforming our minds so that we are able to discern right from wrong and truth from fiction, takes time, desire force of will, and the grace of God. The Elite and its world menagerie [a place where animals are kept and trained for exhibition] are looking to induct us into their zoo. As stupid as it may sound, all we have to do – once we have prepared our minds – is to say, NO!


The point of this website, and its information, is to encourage Christians and others of inquiry, to follow after precepts of the Bible – and to consistently reflect on the information submitted to the senses. Additionally, it is our intention to distinctly warn the reader that you are – we are ? being manipulated insidiously by a cabal of world Elites. By understand their values and principles of operation, a person can make intelligent and informed choices, and keep the prospective of a sentient free-willed individual ? otherwise we are subject to the social reconstruction of our minds by demonic influence.

It was Jesus Christ who said, ?You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free? [Jn.8:31-36]. It is an imperative of the saving grace of God, to set at liberty the captives of the Devil [Ps.146:5-8], or in this case, those mesmerized by the lie of Satan?s minions.

Free-will is a major tenet of God?s purpose in man. Many peoples will be tricked into forfeiting their image and likeness to God, and devolve into mere animals – exhibiting only instinct and subject to the laws of Pavlov [Jude 10]. However, a free-willed individual must be ever vigilant and be ready to make informed decisions at the expense of friendships, employment, and social status – if they desire to be fully human, spiritually aware, mentally competent and sentient.

The object of the NWO is make all peoples simpletons – trans-humans – who salivate at every whim that the Elite advertise publically. Slavery is a plot of the Evil One. He meets out his devices through humans who think godly morality is not worth keeping, and so they enter the realm of spiritual deceit [Rom.1:18-25]

The end of all things known is near. The new LWO with its Devil inspired humanistic thinking, has for the race of peoples, slavery to: a One-World religion; a One-World Monetary System; a One-World dictator; and a life built not upon the arts and sciences, but upon desires of the flesh ? hedonism. The losers will be considered by the world order, the ones who engage in manipulating their fellow citizens the least. Under the Elites economy, might will equal right, and anarchy will prevail.

There will be within a few short years, unparalleled deceit, mindless violence, urban destruction, and apocalyptic wars, meant for those who deny their humanity, and yield their souls to the tenets of Satan.

Those who understand this have a refuge in the God of Heaven ? the safe port of Jesus Christ, in a world of turmoil.

The Lord?said:

?Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues??? [Rev.18:4]

The world market place with its politics, culture, ethics, and spirituality is a veritable pagan mystique that professes fealty to God, yet subtly looks to change the nature and laws of the Almighty. It whispers daily into our ears, ?Ignorance of science and art is ignorance of the divine character found in every mode that man creates to satisfy his needs of who he is. We are one ? we are gods ? meant to form our own universe and build our great metropolis into the heavens. True member of the humanity understands this and joins in the cacophony of praise to the human intellect.?

My final word on propaganda shall be a quote, taken from the book, ?Union Now With Britain,? by Clarence K. Streit, 1941, published by Harper Brothers of New York and London. Mr. Streit was a German born paladin of Anglo devotion. He was a political change agent and College propagandist for a governmental world federation. He wrote exclusively for the Observer and the Round Table of the British Empire?s Milner group. He knew Lord Cecil, Lord Lothian, and Lionel Curtis as an outer member of the RIIA [Chatham House]. I quote Professor Carroll Quigley – from his book The Anglo-American Establishment;

?In England the basic propaganda work was done through the Round Table and Lionel Curtis, while in the United States it was done through the Rhodes Scholarship organization, especially through Clarence Streit and Frank Aydelotte??? [C. Quigley, Page 282]

The propaganda that they believed was not just world political conquest, but a unifying Theosophical religious belief. The wished to revive the old pagan empire of the Greeks whose chief architect [the Freemasonry ?G?] was Dionysius, originally Osiris, and ultimately the first world dictator, Nimrod of Nineveh and Babylon ? builder of the Tower of Babel!

?We are threatened by two dangerous groups, both inside our country [USA]: Those who lack the sense to see the truth, and those that those who lack the courage to say the truth until it is trite… The world will have to come to Union, of course, but the mass of people will have to suffer badly before they will accept it.?

[Dangerous Americans are the astute Christians and the politically adept moralists. They are those who are opposed to the new Liberal World Order]

?Together we can found the ?Great Republic? he forsaw ?for man?s vast future.? We can be the ones to bring to our confused, aspiring species what men have sought, since at Babel they began the building of ?a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven.??? [Clarence K. Streit, ?Union Now With Britain,? pgs. 46 & 53]


?The Beast…once was, now is not, but will come up out of the Abyss…??? [Rev. 17:8]

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