Jerusalem – Who Owns It?

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By: Frank J. Verderber


The recent Presidential decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel brought a fire storm from the Palestinian authorities, and as well, most of Islam. The U.N. Security Council meeting on the subject was vetoed by the U.S. – followed by a General Assembly vote that censured the U.S.A. [128 to 9] for going against a universal U.N. General Assembly mandate.(2)

However, the presidential action was properly warranted; according to Congressional mandate – via Law – by the, ?The Jerusalem Embassy Act? of 1995(1) – completed under the Clinton administration. It came into law without the President?s signature, since he failed to sign or return the bill in 10 days [See Article 1, Sect. 7, USC]. At the time, it was a mandate by the American public and Clinton did not want veto their desire.

In the aforementioned law, Congress allowed any future President to evaluate the mandate every six months, and decide if the time was right to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Presidents Clinton, Bush II, and Obama, decided not to invoke the Congressional request. After one year in office, President Trump decided that the time was right. Citing a rational explanation that: a majority of Israel?s government buildings are in Jerusalem; and that they have had control since 1967; and that the US decision to Move our embassy was a sovereign desire of the people of the U.S.; and that keeping this problem in political limbo would not bring a peace resolution between Israel and the Palestinians.

The decision of President Trump did not give Jerusalem to Israel in perpetuity, because the USA cannot unilaterally give away what it does not own or control. However, it was viewed that way by the Palestinians, the Muslims nations, Western Europe and Commonwealth Nations.

On December 6, 2017 President Trump signed the option and declared that the USA will be selecting land in the city of Jerusalem and moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv [ancient Jaffa]. Several other nations responded in kind with the General Assembly passing a ?Condemnation? against the USA on, Dec. 21, 2017. One hundred-twenty-eight nations voted for the ?Condemnation,? with thirty-five nations abstaining, and nine nations voting against the ?Condemnation.? This action occurred after the US vetoed a Security Council vote against its decision.(2)

From a pragmatic point of international diplomacy; if the most powerful nation in the world says it will do something, what country in the world can prevent it. It is this type of power that the European and Commonwealth nations detest, since it goes against the British hegemonic principle of ?Collective Security.? (10) The expected future response from other secondary nations will be that they will eventually follow the US lead. After all, those that curry favor from the USA need to do what is favorable to the US ambition. Effectively, over time, one by one, nations will place their embassies inside the City of Jerusalem. That in turn strengthens the Israeli right to own and occupy the city as a capital.

From a totally contemporary political point of view, the action taken by the President was an absolute rebuttal of the British-EU concept of Globalism, and it states frankly that the USA rejects a commonality of global governance, and it will keep and continue its national sovereignty. This has added trouble between the British Prime Minister Theresa May, and European elites and the USA.

Since President Trump?s decision, at least ten other nations have followed suit and given enough time others will also. Politically and diplomatically, this will settle the question as to who owns the city, but it will surely cause bitter and rancor within the Muslims nations.(3)


Before we look at the argument of who rightly owns Jerusalem, we need to review the 20th century and the British and UN mandates concerning Israel and Jerusalem.

After WWI, the Allied Powers rested the Middle East from the Ottoman Turks, and for various reasons Britain became the guardian and of the Middle East.

During the War, British adventurer and Officer, Thomas Edward Lawrence [Lawrence of Arabia], brokered a deal with the Hussein Family of Greater Jordan and Palestine. The Hussein family constitutes the original descendants of Mohammad and Amirs of Mecca and Ammon Jordan. Equally they were power brokers in Jerusalem.(6) Abdullah Hussein would use his Arab militias to harass Turkish troops and logistics for the War effort. The Arabs were promised to receive a Caliphate at the end of the war that would include todays: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Arabia and Palestine. Britain reneged on the deal, and France was given authority over Lebanon and Syria as war booty.(4, 5)

By 1922, the British made their celebrated Balfour Declaration – under Arthur James, Earl of Balfour ? that recognized a need for a homeland for the Jews, based on Zionism; an 1896 international principle that the Jews should have a homeland in Palestine. The Balfour declaration was included in the League of Nations? ?Mandate for Palestine.? However, the League of Nations was determined to keep the City of Jerusalem an ?international city,? because of its historic gravitas and because of many claimants. The USA simply gave a head nod to the whole affair on Sept. 21, 1922, through a joint Congressional resolution, because U.S. interests where at home, not overseas. (1, 4) The USA was not yet considered ?THE? world power and it was very nationalistic and isolationist.

This period ended with many promises broken to the Arabs, as Winston Churchill was now Secretary of the Dominions of the New British Empire. In a series of quick meetings the sons of Sherif Hussein, King of Hejaz and Mecca, were elevated to kings in the regions. Abdullah was granted Transjordan as Amir, and Faisal was granted Iraq as King, which he lost in short order against the French who took Syria and Lebanon as well. And so that is how the kingdoms of Arabia and Jordan were formed ? by an arbitrary decision of Churchill and an arbitrary decision of the French. The dissatisfaction in the Middle East to this day is a direct result of British pomposity, and French greed. All the while, the Bolshevik Jews from Russia ? Jabotinsky, together with Nehimia Rubitzov, and his spouse ?Red Rosa? Cohen help to build David Ben-Gurian?s military Jewish militia. Rubitozov and Cohen changed their name to Rabin and had a son named, Yitzhak Rabin ? future terrorist against the British, and later Prime Minister of Israel.(8)

Jews started migrating from Europe to Palestine. By the 1930?s tension grew between the Zionists and Arabs. 1937 saw civil revolts and honor killings braking out in Jerusalem. The perpetrators were the radical Muslims – under the Mufti of Jerusalem. Those events have become what we refer to today as, ?The Palestinian Intifada.? It was at this time that the Palestinians embraced violence.

But the Jewish elements and Zionists were not free from violence. Under Menachem Begin, a post WWII Jewish-Polish freedom fighter, more violence continued. Begin was given a force of 600 soldiers [the Irgun] in 1941. The British were trying to keep an uneasy peace in greater Palestine, but Begin decided to test the British resolve. By 1944, Begin was attacking British Police in a bid to win a Jewish state.(5) Though Begin became a Prime Minister of Israel, he was wanted by the British as a terrorist.

On May 14, 1948, Israel became a nation. The UN took action to set up the Partition Plan for Palestine. Immediately, war broke out between Jews and Muslims, which lead to a brokered ?Armistice? in 1949. However, Eastern Jerusalem [the old city] had been captured by the Jordanians, Iraqis, and Palestinians. The Israelis defeated the Egyptians in the Negev. The British armistice gave rise to the renaming of Hussein?s Hashemite Kingdom into Transjordan and the splitting off of eastern Jerusalem. Eight months later, the Israelis declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.(7)

In 1967, a new Arab War commenced and it was a disaster for the Muslims. Israel defeated the Arab League in a matter of 6 days, and took Eastern Jerusalem as a war prize taken from the Jordanians. By 1973 the Arabs and Israelis fought another war. Israel won and this time they kept most of what they captured. The Israelis annexed the Syrian Golan Heights, but returned the Sinai to Egypt in return for recognition as a state. Because the Golan was such a strategic observation post, the Israelis refused to release the mountainous region back to Syria.

NOTE: Mount Hermon in the Golan was the probable place for the Mount of Transfiguration, because all of Israel can be seen from there, and it was very close to the Sea of Galilee and Caesarea Philippi which Jesus visited [Mt.15:29; 16:13; 17:1-2]. Mark?s Gospel tell us that Jesus went to all the cities and villages around Caesarea Philippi and after six days went up to the mountain [Mk.8:27; 9:2]. He was looking at what the Father had promised him. Traditionalists claim it was mount Tabor as per Origen [3rd Cent], St. Cyril of Jerusalem and Jerome [4th Cent.]. Regardless of the Franciscan church on Tabor, this mountain is only 1,900 ft. high, while Mount Hermon is 9,000 ft. high. It also makes no sense for Tabor, since it was over five times the distance from Caesarea Philippi than that of Hermon.

It may be compared that at this time in history, Israel owns what its northern boundaries were under the Twelve Tribes and King David.


Most Christians and Jews will cite the Bible and God?s decision ? recorded multiple times in the Old Testament (O.T.) that Jerusalem city belongs to The God of the Israelites [Ps. 122:3-5; 132: 13-14] ? and he gave its maintenance to the people of Israel through the promise to Abraham, and later to Joshua, as they captured the cities in Canaan [Ge.12:5-9; 13:14-18]. It was made very specific that the Arabs and Jordanians would have no part of Jerusalem [Neh.2:19-20; Zech.14:21b].

Additionally the city of Jerusalem was captured by Joshua about 1,450 BC [Jos.12:8-10] and later by King David ? again – some 250 years later [2Sam.5:6-10]. When David captured the city, the place was called the fortress of Zion, and the Jebusites held the fortress there.

NOTE: The word root for Zion is guessed at by evaluating Hebrew, Arabic and Aramaic words of similar use. Essentially, the fort at Zion is the key to its meaning. However, the word roots typify a meaning of dryness and is depicting desert dwellers.(11) The Jebusites were at Zion and were related to the giants, who lived just south of Jerusalem. Ps.84 ? written by the sons of Korah – opens this expression by discussing the traveler having to pass through the land of the giants [Valley of Baca] in order to get to Jerusalem. The Valley of Baca, is generally arid, but those who pass on the way ?make it like a pool of springs? [metaphorically]. Balsam trees are there and they give off a sweet redolence. It is south of Jerusalem and opens into the Hinnom Valley. But each wayfarer goes from strength to strength to appear before God in Zion. Never forget that God was originally worshiped at Zion during the time of Abraham. It was Melchizedek ? King of Salem and priest of God Most High – in Gen.14:18 – who sacrifice on Zion. Mechizedek whose name means Mel (king), and Zedek (righteous). The dry hard trek to sacrifice on the alter at Zion, ends at the water gate were the Gihon Spring pours water into the Pools of Siloam, which means; to ?strip off? or ?take off.? (12) And what would one strip off after a long dry walk through the Baca? ? one?s clothes of course, to wash off the dust. Some will say the Valley of Giants is to the North West of Jerusalem. However, the route used by the Ten spies of Israel under Moses used the roads near the Salt Sea to get to Hebron – just above modern En-Gedi – and continued up to Lebo Hamath – near the modern Syian-Lebanese border ? and then back down the same way [Numb.13:12-25]. They did this to avoid the Anakite giants and Philistine on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Please note that there are Balsam trees are still in the En-Gedi area of Israel on the west coast of the Salt Sea, just south of Jerusalem ? a distance of some 25 miles.

Other passages of the O.T. prophesy that Jerusalem would be the Capital of the World [Is.66:20; Ps.132:13-17; Zech.14:16-21] with the Jewish Messiah [Jesus Christ of Christianity], sitting on the throne of David [Ps.132:11-12; Is. 9:7; Jer.23:56; 33:17; Lk.1:32]. Additionally, the New Testament (N.T.) corroborates this with the ?Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as King [Zech.9:9; Mt.21:1-5; Mk.11:7-10; Lk.19:37-38] and the conquering winner-take-all, by Jesus Christ The King, as found in [Zec.14:1-4, 9; Ac.2:29-36; Rev.2:26-27].

This works very nicely for Christians and Jews, but just because the Bible explains the coming events, it will not convince humanists and Muslims. This is part of the reason that during the Millennium reign of Christ, King Jesus will send a drought of the countries that do not go up to worship , sacrifice, and bring gifts [Is.66:19-20; Zech.14:16-19]. The Word of God must be accepted by faith through obedience. After all, has God Almighty or his Son shown up lately to explain the matter to the United Nations? That would be nice, but the reality is that people in general make claims of ownership based upon historical rights.

Oddly, Muslims claim heritage and ownership of the city and the Land of Palestine, yet the Quran?s Surah Al-Ma?idah 5:23- 24 states unequivocally that the whole of the land belongs to the Jews. However, before the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the Jordanian Throne [Hashemite Kingdom] had custodial rights to the Temple Mount.

?And remember when Moses said to his people, ?O my People! Call to mind the goodness of God towards you when he appointed prophets among you, and appointed you kings, and gave you what never had been given before ? to any human beings. Enter my people! ? the Holy Land which God has destined for you. Turn not back, lest ye be overthrown to your own ruin??

[Quote: Quran ? Sura 5:23-24, Rodwell English Translation].

Israel?s claim is historically based upon the Bible. It claim has been adjudicated by divine authority, dated archaeological artifacts, history and accepted as fact by Mohammad. If the land belongs to Israel, then Jerusalem belongs to Israel as well.

Jewish people also claim two universal and rationally accepted premises: in a war which one did not start, if the antagonist loses, the protagonist can claim any land won in battle; the second is similar ? possession is 9/10 of the law. Jordan was the overseer for the Jerusalem and its suburbs, but the war in 1967 had a bad outcome for Jordan and a good prospect for Israel.?To the victor go the spoils??

[Quote: W.L. Marcy ? 1786-1857 ? in: ?Patron, Life of Jackson,? Vol.3, pg.378].

However, Jordan still has custodial right over the Temple Mount, which Israel has agreed to, as granted in the 1922 and 1948 British deal with the Arabs (13). Later, when Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty, the following verse was part of the 1994 negotiation;

?Article 9 of the treaty states: ?Israel respects the present special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Muslim Holy shrines in Jerusalem. When negotiations on the permanent status will take place, Israel will give high priority to the Jordanian historic role in these shrines? (14).

In that peace treaty, the ?Waqf? have oversite of the Temple mount. ?Waqf? is the term given to the supervisors and caretakers of all Holy shrines throughout Islam ? land, materials and money that have been given over as holy items to Allah. There are about 900 employers of the Waqf in Jerusalem, and the manager is Mufti Mohammed Hussein. Previously the job of overseeing the Temple Mount ? also called ?Haram al-Sharif? ? was given to a Jordanian Hashemite family member, Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi, who became the first King of Jordan.

What this tells us is that the Israel wants the Temple mount as its own, but for the time being they are respecting the rights of the Jordanian Crown, because it had supervision over the Jerusalem since, the 1800?s and as maintenance supervisor of the Temple Mount, since 1920.

The greatest artifacts still standing that were built by Israelis are still in use; they are: Herod?s Temple Mount, barrier walls, and canal ducts, and pools built by King Hezekiah [circa 8th Century BC], monuments, wells, the city of Hebron, the Citadel of Masada, New cities built between the late 1800?s to present.

However, claims of ownership by historical precedents are rated by how long the property was occupied by the claimant, and what they built there that is still standing and operational. In this, the Muslims have a few spectacular merits for ownership – but so do others, such as the Crusaders!

The big problem with the Jewish claim is that after 70 AD, everyone had military control of Israel proper except the Jews, so building public edifices was an impossible task. They couldn?t claim the Temple Mount because Christian sects forbade it, and then Muslim sects forbade it. But the Jewish people mad a serious attempt at rebuilding the Temple in circa 362AD, under Julian the Apostate. They collected all the materials for rebuilding, but just before the work was to begin, a violent and strange storm arose in the area; long in duration, with multiple lightning strikes that set the wood logs on fire – destroying all the building materials. [source: ?History of the Christian Church,? Schaff, Vol.3, pgs.54-57]

Palestinians have no claim whatsoever; because they were never people, owned any nation or were part of any territory accept Jordan. Palestine is a designation given to the area of modern Israel, by the Romans. They based the name, ?Palaestina,? upon the previous inhabitants, thus meaning, ?the Land of the Philistines.? This is corroborated in Herodotus [5th C – BC], and by the 14th C ? BC, Egyptians ? in the Tell el-Amarna tablets.

[source: Encyclopedia Americana, 1982, Bk.21, pg.198]

The Palestinians are made up of Arabs, Bedouin, Egyptians, Lebanese, and Syrians, Christians and Muslims. There is the link to the land, because Jordan had supervision over Jerusalem by authority of the U.N. However, Jordan a nation of ten million is about 40-50% Palestinian. Jordan reduces that number by claiming about 2.5 million are Palestinians refugees or migrants, not subject of the Kingdom. However, those Palestinian that look to become a legal resident are simply considered Jordanian.

Because the Palestinians were troublemakers, King Abdullah Hussein II of Jordan, had too many problems with them, and ordered a military crackdown on the Palestinians 1971 – forcing millions to retreat to the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.


1. The Golden Gate
2. The Temple
3. The Court of the Gentiles
4. The Last Supper
5. The Garden of Gethsemane

6. House of Caiaphas
7. Antonia Fortress
8. Herod?s Palace
9. Hasmonaean Palace
10. Golgotha

The Muslim?s real argument lies in centuries of disconnected ownership, from 700 AD through to about the 1500?s. The Muslim break in governance of the Palestine and Jerusalem came by the exploits of the European Crusaders, Eastern Roman Empire, Russia, and a few others.

Jerusalem was conquered in 638AD by Caliph ‘Omar ibn al Khatab, who cleaned the rubbish off the Temple mount. The Muslim main archeological structures within the ?Al Quds,? or the Temple mount – associated with Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik [648-705 AD] are: the Al Aqsa mosque; Dome of the Ascension; Dome of the Chain; Dome of al-Khalili; Dome of the Prophet; Dome of the Rock; Dome of Yusuf; Fountain of Qasim Pasha; Fountain of Qayt Bay; Pool of Raranj; Minaret of Israel; Bab al-Silsila Minaret; Ghawanima Minaret ; al-Fakhariyya Minaret; and the Islamic Museum Al-Mawazin.The construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock were the work of the Umayyad Califs.


Though the Dome appears to be Greek, Abd al-Malik made the structure with both Greek and Islamic designs; in order that the religious claims upon the Temple Mount would reflect a generous acceptance of other well entrenched faiths. The Rock was by Muslim traditions the site of: Adam?s paradise; Abraham?s altar; the site of the original Jewish Temple of Solomon; and the place visited by Mohammad during his celebrated ?night journey.?

[source: ?Jerusalem,? by Simon Sabag Montefiore, Chpt. 18, pg 190-93]

Other serious claimants are the Italians [by proxi – the Roman Church], the Albanians, the English, the French, the Germans, the Russians and the Turks. All four can boast standing ancient edifices that are in use today, and as well, long periods of managing Jerusalem all or parts of Palestine. Examples of structures are: Roman fortresses, aqueducts and roads; French walls, churches, and forts; English modern improvements in roads, water distribution systems; Russian and Armenian church structures.

Additionally, the French won most of the area along the coast of Palestine along with Jerusalem and had placed French Templar Knights over a large area of the ancient Levant [Palestine plus] that included Syrian and Lebanese cities They held the territory for 200 years and it was called, ?The Kingdom or Jerusalem.?

Although Richard the Lion Hearted of England won Jerusalem from Saladin I, as well as a few coastal cities, he later retreated, because his English kingdom was being swindled by his brother John Lackland, youngest son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. However, the English made a comeback – obtaining access and control of Palestine in the early 1800?s

The Germans had a small claim, but didn?t show much interest. The Albanians under the Ottoman Empire gained control over Egypt and Jerusalem for a period. Even Turcoman from the Asian steps mauled their way as far as Egypt, but being warrior knuckle draggers, had no use for developing a lands or civilization.

Of the religious sects who controlled and built edifices and had the ear of kings and potentates, were the Muslim Dervishes, Druze and Shia. On the Christian side there were; Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, and Maronites.
The Muslims were interested in the Temple Mount, because they accepted it as the place where the ?Temple of the Great God of Heaven? stood – a moniker coined by the Jews during and after Roman occupation. The Muslims also believed that Mohammad had visited the site. The temple mount, called ?Al Quds? by the Muslims, was so holy in their belief, it almost coopted Mecca as the center of Muslim worship, except that Abd al-Malik, attacked the Shia Arabs and won Mecca and the Kaaba ? in the year 692AD.[24]

A sinful attitude was inherent in European and Eastern Christianity up until the 1800?s. Up until the reign of Abd al-Malik they regarded the Temple Mount [Al Quds] as useless ? so much so that they turned it into a garbage dump as an insult to the Jews. The only two edifices any Christian group cared about were the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Place of the Skull [Gethsemane].

The Jews only had two places in which to worship over 1900 years; the Western or Wailing Wall, and a synagogue. However, though they were dispersed over the world, the Sephardic Jews stayed in the land of Northern Africa, Palestine, and in Jerusalem proper for those 1900 years. The first major return to the Land of Promise was executed by Russian Jews after a series of pogroms by the Czar.


Many countries have had a piece of the ?rock? for nearly two millennia. Both Muslims and Christians wanted the Jewel of the East, from which to claim Kingship of Jerusalem – and many did just that ? calling themselves The King of Jerusalem and considering themselves the Vicar of Christ on Earth. This was a formidable title, because it gave the recipient the ability to demand favors of every Christian Government in Europe. After all who wants to say no to the Regent of Christ the King?

The Christian Zionism belief was first held by the Puritans of England [circa 1625] – after a resurgence of Biblical study under the ?Lord Protector,? Oliver Cromwell. It was Cromwell – in discussion with Puritan leaders – who came to believe that Christ would return when the Jews returned Palestine. Therefore, Cromwell and the parliament launched a new enterprise of encouraging Jews to come under the safety of the English government, who would help in sending them to Palestine.

After the death of Cromwell, the idea of ?The Return? or Christian Zionism lost favor in England, but became etched in the minds of Puritan Colonists of America. Over time, the idea of Christian Zionism attached itself to conservative Protestants; who hold to this belief, today, and so, cross-religious NGO?s popped up in the 20th Century: the Christian-Jewish Alliance [CJA]; International Fellowship of Jews and Christians for Israel [IFCJ]; Jewish-Christian Alliance [JCA]; Messianic Alliance of America [MAA]; and the American Alliance of Jews and Christians [AAJC]; who gather together and request donations to keep Israel in the Middle East.

None of these alliances are Biblical! Jesus and his Apostles John and Paul taught that Christ?s brothers and sisters are those who listen to his father [Mt.12:46-50] and there is neither Jew nor Greek nor Gentile in Christ [Gal.3:28-29]. A person or church is either in Christ or not. The alliances are men?s idea of how to do God?s work.
We should not forget the Prophesy of Daniel; Jerusalem shall be trodden under by the Gentiles for many weeks [years] until him to who it belongs shall come, and then there will be a restoring [Dan.9:20-27; Mt.24 all; Lk.21:24; Rom.11:25-27].

What these prophecies are saying is that there is a seven times curse on Israel for working out its sin, which stretches across time and culminates into: the rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem; the Death of the Messiah; and a long stretch of time; where the gentiles trample down Jerusalem and Israel proper. During the end period [ end of days], The Antichrist will make a deal with the Israelites for seven years, but break his covenant in the middle of the peace-process – the final ending comes with the visible return of the true King-Messiah – showing up to claim his throne and city.

What this means is that Israel, as a people or a country, will never have peace until the real Messiah and King returns. In-other-words, the promise of God is dependent upon the Return of the Messiah, not on the ideas and politic of men.

But how and why will the Antichrist be able to make this compact with Jews who according to the scriptures cannot have their country back until King-Messiah shows up?

It took some 100 years of British policy, wrangling, bribes and machination together with Secular Jews and Russian Bolshevik Jews to establish the idea of Israel, which became the Balfour declaration – all of which is based on 300 years of Anglo-Zionism. Previous to this, the Jews were offered the British colonial territory of Uganda, as a country. It almost worked, but obtaining the old Promise land of Palestine was the dream of Theodore Herzl circa 1890.[15]

Herzl was a secular Austro-Hungarian Jew who was known to use Christmas Trees, had nothing to do with the ?shtetls? ? the common Jews of his time – and he never circumcised his son. He considered the German race superior in culture, because of his theory of beauty or the ?Bildung? theory. Though Herzl is honored as the Father of Israel – because of his assembling of the first Zionist Congress [1897] – his two children where not the image of Jewish esteem. His daughter had mental disease and died of an overdose of Heroin. Her brother, Hans, was also secular, originally uncircumcised, but submitted to it in 1905, converted to Protestantism, then Catholicism, and finally committed suicide by revolver on the same day as his sister?s funeral. His suicide note relayed that he lost his trust in God.[16]

The Khazar Jewish family known as the Rothschilds – whose original patriarch was Moses Amschel Bauer [circa 1740] – changed their name to Rothschild ? meaning ?red shield? in German. This was done after Mayer Amschel Bauer worked for the Oppenheimer Bank in Hanover Germany [circa 1760]. Why they did it is interpreted as a form of sorcery somehow connected to the number 666, but lacks credible documentation.

The Rothschilds compromised British economics in the earl 1800?s and held a banking dynasty. His son, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, cornered the British economic market between 1809 and 1824 by lending to England and Germany during the Napoleonic War. He later forged an insurance company partnership with Moses Montefiore, a Sephardic Jew from Tunisia. These are the people and the wealth that Herzl convinced concerning the Zionist movement.

Even today the Rothschild name and influence are found in the highest levels of the new Jewish state called Israel. The Rothschild family recently designed and paid for the new Israeli Supreme Court that has the distinct marker of the bank on its roof; a green copper pyramid, just like the one on the back of the US dollar, except the top of the Pyramid has been capped.


Essentially, New Israel was made from political and financial considerations, of secular and politically communist men. The country is not the promise of God! It has no King, or Temple, and it is not run as a theocracy. Modern Israel is a Socialist Democracy, with no interest for God. The few that have an interest in God cannot get along with other sectarian Jews. According to, ?The Jewish;?

?In 1953, as a part of the ?Status quo agreement? which was meant to create a stable co-existence between religious and secular elements in Israeli society, the Personal Status Law was passed. Under this law, all issues of personal status were passed over to the exclusive control of the Orthodox religious establishment. This has created enormous tensions within Israel, since all sorts of different groups feel marginalized and unrepresented in issues of personal status. Many groups, such as Ethiopian and Russian immigrants, have suffered what they perceive as almost wholesale discrimination and humiliation at the hands of representatives of the Orthodox establishment? Women who have tried to get a divorce against the will of their husbands have found themselves chained to the husbands?? [17]

There is no religious joy or brotherhood in the State of Israel ? just competition and grudges. In the Jewish Agency Report, the secular is demanded over the religious, and the same arguments you hear in the US over liberal rights of the state over personal family rights are promoted.
Israel is ? to all appearances – a second Ishmael ? a mistake of men ? trying to accomplish God?s promise, or build their own power structure. I believe both arraignments are in effect, with the biggest winner being the power cabal made up of the Rothschild bankers and the wealthy Ashkenazi Jews. Their purpose was to entice Great Britain to allocate the original Palestinian domain for a homeland for the Jews, but not as a religious center, but as a power base. Remember these negotiations where developed some 50 plus years before Hitler and Himmler decide to intern and murder the European Jews. Israel the nation was not conceived because of the Holocaust, but only fast tracked because of it.

Concerning the term Ashkenazi; there are no Ashkenazi Jews, since those so-named people existed in the 1 century BC and AD and were goyim [gentiles] – that lived in the upper right of today?s Turkey. Even though the Ashkenazi were a distinct people from the Hebrews they were just west of the Khazar people. What Ashkenazi really means in the mind of the modern Jewish, relates to the descendants of the Khazar or [Khozar] nobility from the Kingdom of Khazar near the Caspian Sea ? circa 650-950 AD.

In 750 AD, the Khazar nobility converted to Judaism; to the rejection of their aboriginal Skygod religion. No epigrapher or historian knows why they did this. The Khazars migrated to Bulgaria and Hungary in 950 AD, after being conquered by the Kingdom of Kiev. They finally spread into Eastern Europe and found a place with in the German states. They are not the direct descendants of Abraham, but were Jewish by virtue of conversion. According to ?traditions? they are called Ashkenazi from the Hebrew words that designate the country of Germany ? ?Ashk? naz.? They, not the Sephardic Jews [the real descendants], came up with the idea of Zionism [a free state of Jews]; under the leading of Theodore Herzl, circa 1900. [18; 19; 20]

According to a Wikipedia post “Toviyah” (?????) and the Greek Septuagint ?Tobias? (??????) are interpreted as ?The Goodness of God? ? a Jewish term used in the late 1st millennia for the nations of Eastern Europe and parts of Western Europe to include Germany. My own Austrian relatives were moved to an enclave of Slovenia in the 1300?s. They called the area, ?Gottschee,? which means, ?God?s Country.? The English designation, ?God?s Country? is used often by people from the Pioneer Valley concerning the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. The point; when European Jews use that of the German enclaves of the Middle Ages, it is a benign and overused universal term that should not be used to prove anything! When used by Jewish apologists, it is meant to cause confusion by rhetoric.

According to ?Bible Maps and Charts? ? a Harvard corroborated educational service – states that the name, ?Gomer,? is the general name given to the proto-European people [Germans and Celts].[21]

However, Gomer was a son of Japheth in Gen.10:3, and Gomer?s son was Ashkenaz and therefore they were white proto-Europeans [Caucasians]. It was from the line of Noah?s Son, Shem, who gave birth to Arphaxad, then to Shelah, to Erber, and through several others to Abraham the father of the Jews and Arabs [Gen.10:21-22; 11:10-29]. So it can be clearly seen that Askanazi [meaning is uncertain], is a word borrowed by late Medieval Khazar converts to Judaism – to describe their background as German Jews, who called the land they moved to, ?Goodness of God? ? in-other-words, Eastern Europe! Therefore, when they say they are Ashkenaz, they really mean they are Khazar who moved into the region of Eastern Europe. They are not genetically Hebrew!

What we have in totality is a Gentile People, who once had a thriving kingdom by the Caspian Sea – that was removed from them by the Kingdom of Ukraine ? the People who gave rise to the Russians. The Khazars, having taken the religion Judaism, found that it did them no civil or status favors during the Late Middle Ages through the Renaissance and Reformation periods. However, they flourished economically, while engaging in merchandizing and money lending. Once they gained political power in the late18th century Britain, they began to make plans to re-establish a homeland. Though most Khazar Jews [Ashkenazi] of wealth wanted to integrate with the cultures around them, many found the intolerance of the Russians a curse. So they developed the idea of a homeland, and it was Theodore Herzl the secularist, who founded the Zionist movement.

Personally, regardless of the European Jews wealth and political aptness, I feel complete agreement with all Jewish people that they needed a place of their own, after the horror of WWII. However, point in truth, the new promise land was obtained by politics and an arrogant British willy-nilly manipulation of power, not because of The Holocaust. Notably, the Palestinians are not a discreet people, and have no particular attachment to the area of Palestine ? except where individuals owned property for centuries. The real caretakers were the Husseins of Jordan and Arabia – under the power of the Ottoman Empire. However, the Husseins gave up that mandate to the Palestinians.

Most Jews who visit Israel are from the USA or Europe. They buy a cottage or an apartment, show up for vacation, hold two national passports, and find the idea of Jewish Disney Land very appealing. It?s better than Florida when the Palestinians are quiet. Most have no real heart for God or for the religious symbolism of Israel?s history. According to Wikipedia?s Demographics of Israel, the largest groups who represent Jewish people are from Europe, Russia and the USA. That comes to 30% from Khazar [Ashkenaz] Jewry, and only 15% from North Africa who represent the genetic descendants of Abraham ? the Sephardi. The 12% from Asia are actually European Khazar Jews who fled Germany pre-WWII, and so they are just more of the same descendants of the Khazar converts to Judaism.

According to the Times of Israel;

?Less than half of Israel?s Jews, 44%, consider themselves secular, 24% are traditional but not so religious, 12% are traditional religious, 11% are religious, and 9% are ultra-Orthodox.? [22]
What this tells us is that only 31% of all Jewish citizens of Israel are religious, and of that only 9% are Biblically mandated toward keeping the Law of Moses via Hasidism.

Some Christians will point to Biblical verses of the nation?s rebirth and millions of Jews flooding into the country from all over the world. They will point to the UN mandate that did this in ?one day? as the Bible foretold. But was this what the Bible foretold?

Is.66:8 makes the prophetic claim that a country will be born in one day, has a verse before it [v.7] that states, ??she delivers a son?? Has Israel delivered a ?son since 1947?
The prophesy in Is.66:20-21 that states the NATIONS will bring [carry] the children of Abraham back to Israel, has verse 15 before it that states, ?SEE, the Lord is coming with fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. For with fire and with his sword the Lord will execute judgment upon all men, and many will be those slain by the Lord.? [see Pe.3:10; Rev.19:11-16]. Have we seen the fire of the Lord since 1947? Have we witnessed nations packing up Jews and sending them on their way to the Promised Land ? with gifts and money – like was done in ancient Egypt? Have we seen nations flying in the remnant of Jews, or do the most Khazar [Ashkenazi] Jews come for vacation, while  some stay to build the country? The answer to that question lies in the recent boom in rentals and condos in Israel. [23]

From a Christian and Biblical view, the Children of God look forward to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth in its fullness. That happens when the Messiah [Jesus Christ] returns and places on the map of the world, the Country of Israel – that God?s desires! He will make Jerusalem a Holy City. It is not that today. The promises found in the Bible within Isaiah 66 deal with the state of Israel after the Messiah?s return ? NOT before.

Consider this next statement carefully; God warned of a False Prophet in Deuteronomy and of an antichrist in Daniel. Satan?s sends Antiochus EpiphaneS of Syria, then Nero from Rome, then Julian the Apostate from Constantinople, then many more as false Jewish messiahs, and then Hitler. Every one of those monsters had the attributes of an antichrist, but they were not the real deal. So it is with the people of God. God said I will I will place my people in a land prepared for them. The devil responds by producing giants through the fallen angels and human women, and where does he do this? ? not in Turkey, not in Babylon, not in Lebanon, but in Canaan better known as Palestine by the Romans. The Jews are thrown out a1000 years later and the Devil sends in the Palestinians who were living in Transjordan. God scatters the Jews to every corner of the world and takes away their kingdom, so the Devil temps a proto-European tribe of Khazars to accept Judaism and set up the Kingdom of Jews by the Caspian Sea. So, God uses the proto-Ukrainians of Kiev, to scatter the Khazars. The Devil counters with Khazars claiming Abrahamic relations and they intermarry with Sephardi Jews, like was done improperly as found in Gen.24:3; 28:1; Deut.7:3; Josh.23:12, Ezr.9:12 and Neh.13:23-28.

Even in the New Testament Paul argues against marrying a pagan but forms a compromise in 1Cor.7:12-16. Saint Paul?s summery for involvement in the affairs of the world is;
??The body isn?t made for sexual immorality, but for the Lord?God raised the Lord from the dead?he will raise us also?your bodies are members of Christ…Do not be yoked together with unbelievers, for what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial?? [1Cor.6:13-15; 2Cor.6:14-15].

The point is the Devil inspired the new State of Israel through money, politics and power. Observe, the majority of Jews who are settled there, lack spirituality. The rest of the nation is filled with entertainers, provocateurs, terrorists and shysters. Israel is just like every other unholy Gentile nation in the world. This is NOT the promise of God!

The question arises; what then is this Israel about that God has allowed it?

When Christ comes back, he pays back everyone who maligned him ? every thief, every scoffer – every murderer – every pedophile, every sex-slaver – every hater of the promised City of God. He will pay back those, ?who say they are Jews but are not, but are a synagogue of Satan? [Rev.2:9]. The Lord is efficient, ?for where the eagle flies there the carcass is to be found? [Mt Note that it is written;

?He gathers them [the nations] together in a place called in the Hebrew, Armageddon? [Rev.16:16]. Armageddon is a compound word and an idiom in Hebrew that means, ?The Place of Slaughter.?

It will be in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, but there is no valley named after that king, but Jehoshaphat marched through that valley on his way to a great victory over an overwhelming sized army of pagans. Armageddon is the Hinnom Valley and the judgment seat will be at the Tophet ? the place where the hot iron idol of Moloch consumed the infant children alive. Jesus Christ’s last supper was held in an upper room overlooking the north entrance of the Hinnom Valley. Christ was encourage before his sentence and torture by the view where his judgments would end the Devil?s run.

This is why it states in Is.66:23-24 it is written that men of nations will come to Jerusalem every year to bring gifts and bow down to Jesus the Messiah-King, and go out to gaze upon the dead bodies of the Lord?s enemies who rebelled. The nations will see with their eyes the worm that dies not and the fire that cannot be quenched – in the pit at Hinnom that make the bodies of Christ?s enemies ??loathsome to all mankind.?

The point to be taken from this exegesis is that as Christians we can look forward with joy to a New Jerusalem under Christ, and a new Israel, with a new Temple. However, we should understand that the nation that exists today is an Abrahamic Ismael. It is the work of men, and God says he will burn up all the works of men. For a Christian to publically proclaim that the now existing nation of Israel is a great promise of God is the same as choosing Barabbas over Jesus. We should not entertain personally giving money to Israel, except for Christian evangelism.

As Christians, we can visit the country of Israel and its ancient edifices and topography, as mentioned in the Bible, and we can envision its restoration under Jesus Christ. However, we should not indulge the fantasy of Banking magnets and political movers, by standing in awe of their achievements. The disciples did with Jesus when observing Herod?s Temple Complex in Mt.24:1. The response of Jesus to their excitement and wonder was to prophesy the destruction of Herod?s complex!

No one owns Jerusalem except Christ Jesus, and he will claim it at his ?Coming,? where every eye shall see him? [Gen.49:10; Ezek.21:26; Rev.1:7].

?Outside [of Jerusalem] are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who practices falsehood?[Rev.22:15].


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