How infants and toddlers silence the violent

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?Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger? ? Ps.8:3 ? Modern Masoric Text

?Out of the mouth of children and sucklings hast Thou founded power, because of Thine adversaries, to still the enemy and the revengeful? ? Ps.8:3 – Keil and Delitzsch German to English Translation


?From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise [or strength] because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger? ? Ps.8:2 ? NIV


What may be quickly noticed concerning this psalm is that some translations designate this key verse as three, while the other translations designate the verse as two.? This is due to the original Hebrew text ? the rules of Hebrew syntax – and the header at the top of the psalm.? The header is considered a verse in traditional translations and only a notation in modern translation.

The second observation deals with Children and Infants that appear to be speaking glory to God; and by their utterances, they silence the shouts and intimidations of murders. The idea is that children can, by their appearance and sound, silence the blood thirst avenger – even in the midst of a raging battle.? God has ordained it so ? that is, he has fixed life in such a way that it will occur.

There is a play on words to be found between the greatness of God?s power seen in the heavens, the physical power of vengeful men, and the weakness of infants and children ? strength verses weakness.? There is also a play on words between the mouths and utterances of men during murderous rage, and the utterances of infants and children.

The actual idea found in the Hebrew could be translated; ?From little babies you receive the praise of strength from their mouths ? even from those that are nursing at their mother?s breast or found within the womb ? by drowning out the threats of your enemies – the violent murderers.? ?

This of course appears preposterous, at first, since infants cannot talk, but babble; and toddlers have little command of language subtleties and syntax.? Additionally, only a naive person would believe that a cooing and inarticulate child – weak and physically ineffectual – could force the retreat of murderers.? It is a million to one that a man bent on revenge would demonstrate mercies toward a weak child ? as if he might say, ?Oh we cannot harm the wee little ones!?

Absurdly, to suck at the nipple would require the art of a ventriloquist, in order to praise God at the same time!? It is in this irony that David understands the magnificent power and will of God, and so pens his psalm of praise.

Before I demonstrate its possibility, we must understand the Hebrew words that are used, so as to lay the foundations of the claim, and the historical occasion for the writing of this psalm.

Word Analysis:

The following Hebrew words and their literal translations:

  • ?Gittith? (found in the header) – it means; (1)according to the custom of song, or the custom of playing found in Gath – a Philistine city; (2) the geographic name of a person from Gath.? This word is extremely important for determining the place or origin, and the irony used by David. It will be explained later.
  • ?olel? -? means; babe; suckling; a growing youth. See also Ps.17:14; Jer.44:7.
  • ?qodam yanaq? ? means; suckling; from before sucking [fetus] or supported or held during sucking.? Complicated translation, but implies ones within the womb, or those newly born.
  • ?yasad?? – means; ordained, to lay a foundation, appoint, or settle.? The work of a child.
  • ?oz? ? means; strength; might; hardness ? as first found in Ex.15:2, ?The Lord is my strength, and my song…?
  • ?shabath? ? means; cause to keep silent; still,
  • ?oyeb? ? means; one being foe; enemy, but more at a personal foe – not just an enemy of war, but a specific opponent.
  • ?naqam? ? means; one avenging; to breath out revenge.

The Occasion:

This is a psalm of David when he was running from King Saul.? We know this because of the term, ?Gittith,? in the header.? Gittith is the name of a person from Gath, or since the header states, ?according to Gittith? would equate to; ?the way they do it or the Philistines do it – in other words; in their style or with a similar tune.? It may also imply the use of a special stringed instrument made in and used at Gath, or by the Philistines.

David?s sojourn in Philistia may be found in 1Sam.27, where we learn that David took 600 men and their families with them to Achish the King of Gath, the very town that Goliath came from.? So the full complement was about 2,500 people, with herds of sheep, goats, cattle [1Sam.30:20]. King Achish told David to settle his people in Ziklag, a Hebrew town now within the territory of the Philistines ? about ten miles south of Gath.

David worked for Achish, or so the King thought, because David would not attack Hebrew towns, but raided Geshurite, Girzite, and Amalekite towns that were south east ? toward Egypt? ? and Achish trusted David [1Sam28:8-12].

The wars against the Israelites and King Saul continued, with the Philistines breathing out vengeance.? They would kill women and children to bring retribution against Yehovah?s dictum to Israel, to clear the land of the Amalikites, Jebusites, Anakites etc etc.- kill all men, women, children and infants [Num.21:3; Jos.9:24; 10:28; 1Sam.15:3].

[Note: Yehovah demanded the slaughter of all flesh, young or old, man or woman, infant or teen, but only of the half-breed Philistines, Anakites and others who had intermarried with those possessing the DNA of fallen angels ? the Nephilim.? God was filling the earth with men, and the Devil and his angels were filling the earth with half-breeds Gen.6:1-4]

For David?s ruse to be successful, he had to always act as a Philistine protagonist, and so he would sing to God in the methodology of the Philistines. Think of David singing the words of the ?Star Spangled Banner? in Moscow, to the music of ?The International Soviet.?

The Praise to God:

Let us now get to the purpose of Ps.8.

We know that David sang his psalm in Ziglag ? surrounded by the Philistines.? He goes out into the evening air ? perhaps in the meadow ? and stares up at the open night sky [verses 1 and 3 ? heavens, moon and stars, but no sun]. ? The magnificent expanse of stars as well as, the large and small Magellanic Clouds, soured above him with a crescent moon.? [Had there been a half or full moon, there would have been no multiplicity of stars to contemplate.]

Awe struck by the magnificent expanse of Yehovah?s visualized power, David hears the sound of a baby in his town, or observes an Israelite mother suckling her new born.? The Holy Spirit quickens David?s understanding even as He had quickened Elijah?s upon the mount of Horeb? ?The end of God?s glory and power is not to be found in the universe, but in a ?small still voice?? [1Kg.19:11-13].? So goes David?s proverb; ?Out of the lips of infants and small toddlers…?? His glory is so powerful it can shut the threats from the mouths of God?s personal enemies, by what seams but a whisper.

Extending the Meaning:

The children of Anak were misrepresentations of God?s creation plan.? They stood in opposition to Yehovah?s purpose.? Therefore they must be annihilated.? Because Israel was chosen not only to possess the land, but to be the Champion for God in His purpose, they did the work of killing of the sons of Anak. ? The Nephilim, Anakites and Philistines responded in kind by going on raids and warring with Israel.? They breathed out execrations and promises of wiping the earth of all Israelites [1Sam.17:41-44].

David however realized that God?s power allowed Israelite families ? their children and infants ? to thrive, while surrounded by the sons of Anak.? In an ironic twist, the violent treats of God?s personal enemies – to destroy the children of Israel – were laid bare as impotent – having no power whatsoever.? Look ? here under the very canopy of the heavens – within the camps of God?s enemies – the pregnant Israeli women walk about, the new born babies suckle, and the toddlers – weak as they are – play in full view of the threats of God?s personal enemies!

David, so taken by the understanding, sings his praise to Yehovah – perhaps using the music of the Anakite madrigal, ?Ode to Baal our Power,? while the wind carries the melody to the gates of Gath, where Cretan Philistines say; ?Hear that ? David sings to our Lord!?


It has long been understood by theologians that the main strategy of Satan is to annihilate the seeds of man from the earth, or at least dilute it.

Lucifer?s first adventure was to form from the Nephilim, the Anakite race with its giants.? The Bible tells us they were around before and after the flood [Gen.6:4]. ? The sixteenth century Portuguese explorer, Fernao de Magalhaes, named the tip of South America, Patagonia ? meaning ?big foot,? in Portuguese.? It was named so, because, when his party landed on the beach, they described giant human foot-prints in the sand.? The facsimile records ? still available at Yale and Harvard Universities ? report their interaction with a family of giants who stood about 12 feet high, and where living in a cave environment. There are numerous oral legends and glyph etchings in the U.S. west ? made by Hopi, Navaho, Sue and Paiute tribes ? that describe hunting down and killing the giant who ate human meat.

When Lucifer failed at this quest, his hordes interbred with humanity, so as to dilute the human DNA.? When that failed he filled the land of Palestine in Eden, with wicked tribes that detest Israel. They are here to this day and worship the ancient Mesopotamian Moon-god, Nanna, also known as Alilah, or his modern designate, Allah.? Allah in Hebrew means ?curse.?? Hebrew is a middle Canaanite language and a base language for the more modern, Arabic.

Sharia Law ? a Satanic substitute for Levitical Law ? allows for the utter destruction of ?infidels? [one not within the faith of Allah], to include their families.? The murderous rampage and destruction of Christians and Jews in the Middle East is a testament to the strategy of Satan.? His ?Final Solution? is to make war so palpable and palatable that an endless bloodletting will lead to the loss of human life, on a scale never before seen.

With the reports coming in from Iraq and Syria about the maelstrom precipitated by ISIL insurgents, I am reminded of the videos evincing Iraqi Christian, Shia, Alawite and Kurd toddlers and as well, new born infants, surviving the slaughter – only to rest within the open walls of bombed out houses – protected by Alawite and Kurdish fighters, backed up by U.S. air power.

It was Hitler whose planned final solution was to exterminate the Jews.? Before the war started with England, many Jewish children were led to safety across the English Chanel to the whitened Cliffs of Dover.? Though Hitler breathed out vengeance and killed many Jews, Poles, Slavs, and Hungarians, their children went on to survive and thrive after all. ? So great is the power of God that children and infants sucking at the breast, evince the ordained purpose of Christ in God.? Only children in heart will enter Heaven and possess the earth, and all that the cosmos displays!

God?s resolute command echoes from the beginning of time, He will never again curse the ground or destroy living creature; for as long as the earth endures there will be seed time and harvest, day and night, summer and winter – with its renewal of life [Gen820-22].

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