Grace of God makes entry into Massachusetts governor?s race

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The governor?s seat that is about to be vacated by Deval Patrick, has the 12% of Republican voters hopeful that they may be able to prove they actually exist, while the Democrats expect to easily pick up the top office with a majority of 36% voter base.? Scott Lively, however, is expecting to cull out a moral base from the 52% Independent voters in Massachusetts.? He is anticipating a resurgence of old fashion respectability from the morally and Biblically based voters.? Additionally, those who are fed up with the standards of modern politics, are looking for a favored son pragmatist and statesman rather than the common flamboyant and expedient politician.

A natural born resident of Massachusetts, Pastor Lively decide to put is experience to work for the people of Massachusetts.

Politically, he claims to be a libertarian like the Founding Fathers, as conservative as Ronald Reagan, and as progressive as Teddy Roosevelt.

Scott Lively pastors his inner-city mission church located on Springfield?s, State Street.? Started as a Bible outreach and coffee house, the ?Redemption Gate Mission? in Springfield [ ], where he ministers to hundreds of inner-city families, through civic and evangelistic programs.

Previous to his inner-city mission work, Scott Lively founded the ?Abiding Truth Ministries? ? that has an outreach for Biblical family values in over 30 countries.

He was raised blue collar, and worked manual labor jobs in his early years.? While running his home repair business he went to school part time and obtained his Juris Doctor from Trinity Law School and a Doctor of Theology from, School of Bible Theology ? both in California.? This makes Scott Lively the very first lawyer and politician in America to have reformed!

Scott Lively desires the State of Massachusetts to, ?…regain its popularity as a bastion of moral freedom, free-enterprise and traditional family values.?

As players know, politics is a tough game even for the most initiated and Pastor Lively is finding his competition formally activated.? Lively has already been on the receiving end of politically motivated litigation.

Taking a Biblical stance, the pastor is well known for his openly anti-gay sentiment.? In March of 2012, he was sued in Springfield, Massachusetts Federal District Court, by a Ugandan gay rights group under the ?Alien Tort Statute.?? Surprisingly, federal judge Michael Ponsor rejected quash motions, by Lively, that were based upon jurisdictional matters, and the lack of substantive evidence.? Instead, Judge Ponsor ruled in favor of the Ugandan petitioners – citing ?International law? as appropriate and rejecting First Amendment arguments as ?premature.?

?Memo- Support ? Motion – to ? Dismiss et al

The law suit against Lively is seeking damages for what the Ugandan government did – in terms of human rights violations – to Ugandan LGBT people, inside Uganda.? The petitioners admit that Pastor Lively has no direct link to the events declared, but claim that the spreading of his Christian Biblical doctrine?s about Sodomy and other sexually aberrant behaviors, encouraged the Ugandan government to write a law which passed legislation, but was never implemented.? The enactment gave impetus to anti-gay social hysteria in Ugandan cities.

What is also known historically, and to the court, is that the government of Uganda has already paid out reparations to individuals who were stigmatized or assaulted in their specified Ugandan cities.

The law suit is considered frivolous and strongly appears to limit the free speech and religious beliefs of American citizens ? in specific Christians.

Judge Ponsor is a graduate of Harvard, Yale, and Oxford Universities.? He was inducted as a Rhodes Scholar, for the defense of all things Socialistically British, as was President Bill Clinton ? who submitted Judge Ponsor for the federal judgeship in August 1994.

The judge?s ruling appears to be a political mechanism ? a non-sequitur – for slipping International Law in the backdoor – of U.S. Constitutional Law.? Judge Ponsor?s decision to allow the Ugandan lawsuit to continue ? even though it has no substantive merits, no federal jurist standing, and no direct evidence of wrong doing – appears to be a lifeline for Anglophiles and International Democratic Socialists.? He has also made his British-EU anti-death penalty position clear in his fictional book, ?The Hanging Judge.?? His publicist associates Judge Ponsor with LGBT champion, Truman Capote, and Capote?s ant-death penalty book, ?In Cold Blood.?

The judge?s political decision appears to be designed to keep alive the growth and use of the more important Kiobel case, USSC 10-4191, where a Dutch Corporation was sued by an American citizen for tort recovery – specific to her Husband?s death. It is another example of Social re-Engineering by use of **Judicial Legislation. The problem is; the ?murder? event did not take place in Holland, but in Nigeria.? The petitioner wishes to sue for damages under the US ?Alien Tort Statute.? of 1789.

?At some point I realized that judges are the un-appointed legislators of mankind, and what we do is just as creative,? Ponsor said.?

? sic ? Mass-Live Article

The Alien Tort Law was specifically designed, at our country?s inception, to recover lost assets due to piracy on the high seas.? It was not envisioned for use in abridging free speech and religious convictions of its citizens, which were hard fought for by our founding fathers.? Neither was it passed for witch hunts on US and alien corporations.? However, after a hiatus of 200 years, liberal jurists found the law appealing for litigation purposes beginning in the 1980?s.

Kiobel Case

Apparently, Pastor Lively has the dubious honor of becoming an unwitting front-line patriotic combatant in the war to save US sovereignty, Constitutional Law and First Amendment rights.

Previous USSC decisions ? concerning the use of International Law ? has maintained that; where there is recognized standards of International law, the Court has a duty to consider that law?s historical use and mandates, but only for a petitioner?s final remediation.? The Court made it plain that US Constitutional Law trumps International Law, when coming to a finding ? whether for the plaintiff or for the petitioner.

International Law Opinion Yale University

The law suit has had no ill effects upon the Scott Lively?s campaign for governor. Sixteen thousand voter signatures were submitted – of which 12,500 have been certified as valid – well over the required 10,000.? His name will appear on the November Massachusetts ballet for state governor.? His platform remains unabashedly conservative and geared toward Biblical standards of morality and common sense fiscal responsibility.

Those participating as candidates have received Scott Lively as a serious contender.? Public media forums for the gubernatorial candidates have been held at:? Harvard Law School, Boston Library, Boston Globe, Mass BAR Assoc., Black Ministerial Alliance of Boston, Candidate Forum, RoxVote Coalition, Dimock Center, and at the South Boston Community Health Center – moderated by previous Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis.

According the pastor Lively, there hasn?t been a swell of anti-gay questions from the forum speakers – adding that he has been accepted as a professional candidate by the Democratic, Republican, and independent contenders.? There are three Democrats running: Coakly [AG], Grossman [Mass Treasurer] and Burwick [Medicare bureaucrat]. The Republicans are sporting two candidates: Baker [machine candidate] and Fischer [Small Businessman pro-family conservative].? Beside Pastor Lively, there are two other Independent candidates: Felchuk and McCormic. Upcoming Democratic and Republican primaries will lessen the field of potential candidates, but Lively is standing his ground, even if his opponents remain for the ?long count.?

?I?m in this election to advance a Biblical World View in the Massachusetts political arena, where Christianity has been absent for decades.? Lively stated.

If voted Governor, his first areas of focus are to; ?…restore the Commonwealth to its early model of a fiscally sound [state] – as found in the 1950?s, and restore moral sanity; not like the Marxist state we are chaffing under today?

He also believes Massachusetts could do better in it educational curriculums and he would restore the scholastic advantage that Massachusetts once had.

When asked how his overall abilities and skill can make a real difference in the governor?s office he replied, ?What I am bringing into the job is a very broad perspective of World experience – in 40 countries, and the ability to think outside the box for solutions for the state. ? We are not participating in the mudslinging, pandering, million dollar ad buys and false promises.? I anticipate a larger number of votes than poling will indicate.?? He added that he believes people are fed up with the LGBT agenda are waiting for a Statesman to appear who will lead Massachusetts out it predicament of codling a minority and aberrant culture.

The exuberant Lively quipped, ?My campaign is different, I want voters to know that I am unapologetic and unafraid.?

It?s going to be a ?Lively? campaign for sure – one that will not dull the voter?s senses or find this candidate?s building his image from talking points or polls.

Scott Lively will be officially launching his campaign in September.? Campaign contributions will be raised through the signature effort, with revenue sources predominantly defined by individual donors, up to $500 a person.

His website is, and he may be contacted by telephone at 413-250-0984, or by email at?

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