God’s politically incorrect opinion concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite crowd

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In the literal Hebrew, God said of the peoples of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of their satellite cities of Admah, Zeboim and Zoar

?her sin is [so] great [and] her sin is [so] grievous, [the] outcry of [complaint] – it reached me? [directly]. ? According to the outcry of her, I will [physically go down] and see it? [Gen.18:20].

Here is a sin – so outrageous – that God had to come and see for himself, the truth of the matter – first hand.

Scoffer?s may reason at this point – that since Christian?s claim that God is omniscient, why would he have to go to the ?five cities of the plain? to understand the situation?? The answer is; of course God already knew, but his theophany [physical presence] at the immoral cities, demonstrates his concern, and willingness to personally judge, for those of faith – who complained about the debauchery ? namely Lot, the nephew of Abraham, who sat in the city gate as a judge [2Pe.2:4-10; Jude 5-7], and the angels who carried Lot?s prayers [Mt.18:10; Heb.1:14].? Almighty God always demonstrates a personal interest in the affairs of men, when men of faith are concerned as well.

The words ?cry? in the Hebrew are two words used in Gen.18:20-21: zeaqah and tseaqah ? meaning, to ?out-cry,? with zeaqah denoting a loud voice, chiefly from sorrow or fear ? a complaint imploring help ? in great distress; while tseaqah demonstrates pain in suffering ? implying earnestness and intensity of spirit.

The complaint was far reaching – longsuffering with the petitioners seeing no remedy for the situation, but God.? This would be akin to what was on the lips of the WWII Holocaust victims at Auschwitz, in Germany.

The word ?grievous? in the Hebrew is, kabed and means, a weighty and heavy in affliction of debasing and physical harm, to the point of death.? The activity was to gang rape a victim by sodomizing [rectal penetration], whether male or female, adult or child, and would have included some of the well-known modern peccadilloes of using a stick, pinning the victim to the ground, forced oral sex, urination and defecation upon the victim.? Other activities included sex with animals.

[Though the previous description is displeasing, it is necessary for understanding the nature of the activity and the mindset of these sub-cultural individuals ? which lacks natural affection.]

?The word Sodom, in the original vernacular, detailed the topography, which meant; ?place of lime? ? a good description for salt pillars, for lime is a salt, and can form pillars – so as to the fate of Lot?s wife.? ? The Bedouins and Arabs have always called the remains of a mound near the southern end of the Dead Sea, ?Jebel Usdum.?

The activity of the populous was sexually debased. The visitation of the Angels, to Lot?s home, depicted groups of violent homosexual men roving about ready to gang-sodomize any stranger they came upon. ? This is similar in brute force to the modern inner-city game of ?knock-out,? where the victim is set upon by a group of toughs who surreptitiously punch the victim in the head with all the force the player can muster.? To the players, the activity is fun!

Other forms of similar mob-violence can to be found in modern ?flash-mobs.?? This adaptation sends dozens of players into a store to quickly rob a merchant, or they may swarm an unsuspecting victim with a physical beating that includes kicking with boots, or beating with any available wood or metal implements.

The objective to understand is that once Sodomy is accepted by the public, the mind-set spreads out to include other violent acts among the citizenry, by mobs.? Point in case, is the continuing mob violence in Egypt ? graphically shown on You-Tube videos where the mob grabs a woman and in seconds rips her clothes off, and gang rapes her in the street.? Other videos from the Middle East show mobs killing and decapitating their victims.

An example of this form of ?controlled debasement? was used by the Czarist and Leninist Russians against the Jews and was called a pogrom.? One may call the Sodomite?s activity; a LGBT Pogrom.

Similar tactics were used by Hitler to gain power in 1937.? His street thugs fought the equally violent Communist party members in the ?beer hall riots? of Munich, but the violence later spread to any detractor of the Nazi Party.? Hitler used the homosexuals, of the German Republic, to exact a reign of terror upon the citizens, and finally upon the Jews, by use of the ?Brown Shirts,? also known as the Waffen SA or ?Storm Troopers,? led by Ernst Roehm ? a known homosexual.? Roehm, along with other SA troopers, also homosexual, were murdered by Himmler and Hitler in the episode called, ?The Night of the Long Knives.?? Hitler did this to secure his political control, and then publically crowed how he had saved the German citizenry, mostly Lutheran, from the evil of the sodomites.

Never forget that the Third Reich was SOCIALIST, as was Russia, and as is modern Britain and its Commonwealth Nations.? The point to be understood is that the Socialists, whether Communist or Fabian in their philosophy, encourage the LGBT crowd to orchestrate confusion, intimidation and violence, as the Socialist climb to power. ? They later annihilate the Sodomites, in order to gain civil and political dominance and control.? This explains why the United States administrations, and the Commonwealth of Nations, have vociferously encouraged the LGBT Sodomites and passed laws to protect them ? in an effort to build the New World Order of ?party-democracy,? at the expense of private freedom and republican ideals.

The underlying spiritual theme that must be grasped is that Satan had opposed God?s rule in the region of Eden [Middle East] and in Palestine [Israel proper], by importing the Anakites, the Philistines, the Canaanites and the Rephidim ? violent half-bread giants who engaged in sexual depravity and had a penchant for cannibalism.? So it is with the LGBT sub-culture.? They are the modern import of Philistines and Canaanites.

The war in heaven and on earth continues and is reaching fevers pitch.? The aim of the demonic is to trick the general populous of the world into accepting degraded forms of sexuality, followed by a total moral reversal ? one that includes denial of Israel?s rightful habitation of Palestine and its national status.? This will be followed by deportation of the Jews.? It will end violently.? Britain and its Commonwealth of Nations will regain its old Middle East colonies as a New Dominion.? Their object from the 1930?s was to exploit the capital and knowhow of the Zionists and the Ashkenazi [Khazara] Jews in a plan to build up the region [?The Anglo American Establishment,? by Prof. Carroll Quigley, Ch. 9, pg. 171-172].

But to gain a little more understanding of the act of Sodomy, we must go back farther into the scriptures to the time of Noah.

Genesis chapter 9 explains that Noah had three sons ? one of which was named Ham ? who in turn, had a son name Canaan [Gen.9:18]. ? Noah is presented to us as a farmer by trade and so he planted a vineyard, made some wine and extended his happy-hour to the point of becoming inebriated, and passed out while naked [Gen.9:20].

This is where the story takes a bad turn.? The scriptures relate that Ham saw that his father Noah was naked, so he told his brothers, Shem and Japheth ? apparently as an act of folly.? He took pleasure in his father?s drunken and naked state.? It was Ham?s brothers who walked backwards into the tent to cover their father?s nakedness ? as a token of modest humility.? Noah awakes and realizes what his son Ham had done to him.? Now what it was that Ham did, can only be conjectured from the little bit of evidence found in the text ? that being, the meaning of names, and the couched language insinuating something of a great wrong was committed ? voyeurism and Sodomy.

Ham did the deed, but his issue got the curse, because the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children ? the children learn from the parents.? Commentators have two general views: (1) Ham made fun of his father, Noah, and used his naked stupor for great ridicule; (2) by investing the name of Canaan ? to stoop or flat ? it suggests that? Ham lay with his father in sodomy. ? The scripture relates that upon awakening, Noah realized what his son did to him [Gen.9:24].

If Ham liked to stoop over naked men, then his son (s), Canaan, would be cursed to stoop [bend] over for others.? The Canaanites lived in the low regions of Palestine and were subject to the Anakites, Nephilim, Philistines, and the Phoenicians.? This connection with the Phoenicians, later gave them a suggested name as merchants [Zec.14:21], but with a stigma similar to used car salesmen.? God?s final attitude about Canaanites is that none shall ever be found within his temple ? meaning that no flesh salesman and Sodomite will be found among the redeemed ? a theme reiterated in Rev.21:8; 22:15.

Regardless of one?s final interpretation, the idea of a man viewing another man?s naked body was considered so abhorrent ? owing to what it would lead to ? that prohibitions of this immoral activity were added to the law of Moses [Ex.20:24-26; 28:42-43].? After all, Adam and Eve covered themselves before God, when they realized their nakedness – an act of repentance and modesty.? To relish the unmitigated voyeurism of other?s nakedness, evinces an attitude lacking repentance and demonstrates rebellion to what God has determined is proper [Heb., yasher; Yiddish, kosher].


Many LGBT Sodomites try to argue that Jesus never said anything bad about this predilection toward sexual impropriety, and they ignore the specific scriptures that condemn the activity.

The major complaint by Sodomites is that if God could forgive others sins, such as male-female fornication, why would he be so resolute against Sodomy?

Firstly, what must be understood by anyone who desires God?s acceptance and forgiveness, has been spelled out plainly – they must repent of their sins ? meaning they must renounce what they are doing and accept what God decrees as proper. ? Secondly, they must believe the Good News ? meaning that they accept Jesus Christ as Lord over them and the world. Absent these two requirements, no one will ever please God or find his acceptance [Mt.4:17; Mk.1:15, Lk.13:3; Ac.2:38; 4:12; Rm.10:9-11].

What is so obvious in the LGBT throng, is that most members will ignore what I just advised.? Instead, in an effort to cover up their sin, they will arrest the scriptures to distort them [2Pe.3:16].

Regardless of their ploy, the answer to the onerous activity of Sodomy, and God?s determination – that this sin is degenerate beyond any category of immorality – lies in the book of Romans.

?Because that which may be known of God is manifest to them; for God hath shown it unto them.? For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…they are without excuse?when they knew God they glorified him not as God, neither were they thankful?Wherefore God gave them up to uncleanness through the lust of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between them.? For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:? And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men? working that which is unseemly?And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them? over to a reprobate mind?Being filled with all unrighteousness?without natural affection , implacable, unmerciful: knowing the judgment of God, that they?are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them? [Rom.1:19-32].

Here is the reason Sodomy is so grievous.? We have all met drunks, and fornicators, wife beaters, thieves, and scoundrels of all sorts.? Most, if not all, will admit they know they are doing wrong, and are not proud of their life.? But the LGBT Sodomites are ?rainbow proud.?? They justify their behavior as sanctioned by God.? They even wish to teach their debauchery to the youngest of children.? Now I ask you by common sense, have you ever met a drug dealer who deliberately goes out of his way to train as many children ? ages 4-7 – as he can find ? to use and sell drugs?? Have you heard of any murders who have trained toddlers and adolescents how to murder?? These things can be found in reprobate African wars, and in Mexico drug districts, but the LGBT crowd is pushing their agenda daily in every U.S. pre-school, kindergarten, and grade school.

They are the as the Apostle Paul stated implacable, and unrestrained.? So God has written that he has given them up, and given them over to a reprobate mind! ? This means that the Holy Spirit is not doing any work with them.? The Holy Spirit is not convicting them of their sin, and of righteousness, and of the judgment to come [Jn.16:8-11].

But why?

Because, as Romans chapter one stresses; they threw away the natural knowledge of God, and their conscience of natural understanding concerning right and wrong!

The judgment against the LGBT sub-culture is consistent with the sentencing guidelines of God ? from eternity.? For the Scripture educates us what God did to the fallen angels who refused their ?first estate? ? that is, their position or rank or duty and their celestial body.? These angels did not simply argue with their creator, they left their post of duty, and took up a human form so that they could choose women from among mankind.? In doing so, they were immediately sentenced to the pit and left in chains.

In their rebellion they produced the Anak humanoid hybrids, the Philistines, and the giants like Goliath.? A retched social cast of amoral beings that were sexually dissolute, and loved killing and the eating of human flesh.? Even the American Navaho Indians and the Mayan culture of South America relate similar stories of giants.? The Native Americans hunted these beasts by day.? Upon finding the reprobates sealed up in caves, the indigenous natives immediately blocked the exits with wood branches, and set the wood afire.? Those giants who tried to escape, were pierced with the spears and arrows of the indigenous natives.

The Bible is not the only reference for this activity of fallen angels.? The book of Enoch, the most well-known of ancient books – of similar theme, explains the situation before, and at the time of Noah.? Revered among the ancient Jews and early Christians, it is dedicated to explaining the whole of the story concerning the activity and fall of the rebellious angelic host.

How can the Sodomites escape immediate judgment; for they have left their first estate as men or as women?? Some have gone so far as to have sex changes and are at the forefront of Trans-Humanism ? the development of cross specie genetic manipulation.


Many LGBT Sodomites will try to argue that Jesus never condemned homosexuality specifically, and that the New Testament doesn?t mention this reprobate activity.? Nothing can be farther from the truth.? The following compendium will demonstrate that the sin of Sodomites was articulated by two specific Greek words mentioned with the words: murderers, fornicators, and the sexually immoral.? One cannot justify homosexuality and its variant strains of: pedophilia, cross-dressing, lesbianism, and bi-sexuality without entertaining sins-unto-death.

The Effeminate:? This Greek word, ?malakos,? was used by Jesus Christ in Matthew 11:8, Luke 7:25, and in 1Corrinthians 6:9.? It means, ?soft to the touch,? and has a Latin equivalent, ?mollis, which made its way into the English via the words, mollify and emollient.? The word has a derogatory connotation regardless of its use as a transitive verb or use as a metaphor.

Concerning John the Baptist, Jesus said:

?What was it you went out into the wilderness to look at – a reed swaying in the wind? But what did you go out to see – a man dressed in soft [malakos] garments? Surely, those who wear soft garments are (to be found) in king?s palaces [Mt.11:7-8].

Jesus was asking a deep question, to provoke serious though among the people.? In a paraphrase, one may ask the same today ? of any people concerning the activity of a dedicated evangelist. ?What did you watch on TV or at the meeting?? Did you go to see a politician or a word smith, dressed in the fine clothing, bling – sopped with perfume ? using flattery, and rubbing your ego and his sponsors?? To find those type of people, you need to look into the houses of the rich and famous ? at Washington D.C or in Hollywood!

Judge for yourself; what type of people do you see on the Hollywood or apparel runways?? Is it not the over-the-top stylish beguilers, who promote their self-interests?? They swagger about kissing up [kiss-ass] to the camera, and other notables in apparel that reeks of lavish decadence, obtuse colors, and scanty covering to encourage voyeurism [malokos].? The males, at these fineries, slide their tongues with lisps, and dainty smiles like women, reaching out with economical embraces and frugal kisses.

The notable Christian commentator, William Hendrickson writes of this scriptural passage: ?The people who Jesus here addresses know very well that John was a totally different individual.? Instead of flattering the king, he had even rebuked him.? So now instead of enjoying a gay palace life, he was locked up in a dungeon.?? [NTC ? Mt.11:8, pg. 486]

Paul also used the word ?malokos? in 1Cor.6:9:

?Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God?? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes [malakos], nor homosexual offenders [arsenokoites] nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God? [1Cor.6:9-10].

Paul has just summed up most politicians and the Wall Street crowd.? Note that the NIV translates the Greek word malokos as, ?male prostitutes? and the KJV translates it as, ?effeminate.?? This word is literally translated as ?voluptuous persons? in the Nestle?s Greek received text, and is followed by the Greek word, ?arsenokoites,? which is literally translated in the Nestler?s text? as, ?abusers of men?.

Vines Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words sums up the word ?malokos?: ?Effeminate, not simply of a males who practices forms of lewdness, but persons in general [women – sex kittens and divas], who are guilty of addiction to sins of the flesh, voluptuous? ? concupiscence.

Abusers of Men:?The Greek word for ?abusers of men? is ?arsenkoites? of two words: arsen or arren meaning man or men and ?koites? and its equivalent in the Latin, ?coire,? which means bed or chambering.? From koites we receive the English word coitus, which literally means sexual intercourse.? Hence, abusers of men, or sexual relations with men.? The KJV renders the word Sodomites.

This word is found in 1Cor.6:9, as written above, and in 1Tim.1:10.

?We know that the law is not made for the righteous, but for law breakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious?for adulterers and perverts [arsenokoites] [1Tim.1:9-10].

The KJV uses the words, ??for them that defile themselves with mankind?? as a translation for the original.? It is noteworthy that the received text uses as a literal translation ?paederists,? an uncommon word for pedophiles.

ThD and Biblical commentator, Ralph Earle, sums up the 1Timothy text: ?Paul goes on to say that the law is made for adulterers and ?perverts.?? The last term is arsenokoitais, which means ?male homosexuals.? The word only occurs once elsewhere in the NT, in 1Corinthians 6:9, where it is stated that homosexual offenders will not inherit the kingdom of God.? Despite its condonation (acceptance) by some church leaders today, homosexuality is categorically condemned in both the OT and NT.? It is the peculiar sin for which God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.? It is widely recognized as one of the causes for the downfall of the Roman Empire, and its rapid increase today in Europe and North America poses a threat to the future of the Western civilization.?? [TEBC, 1Timothy 1:9, Vol. 11, pg. 352]



It is this sin that God took so seriously – that he raised the cities of the plain to ashes, in the book of Genesis.

It is a natural sin of the flesh for men to desire women and women men.? But whence come the idea to cohabitate sexually with the same sex.? To understand this we need to understand the society of the angelic host, and those that rebelled.

Angels are by nature all males.? They live in a brotherhood with no sexual or asexual regeneration.? They were completed as adult from the beginning, complete with all faculties and powers.? They have been an exclusively male society.? Their understanding toward one another is based on fellowship, one male entity for another male entity ? but NOT sexually.

However, when some angels fell from God?s grace, they found refuge on the earth as interlopers, and began to teach people what we would call the ?dark arts,? such as dowsing and necromancy.? They also took wives for themselves and did so by leaving their assigned estate of duty and physical form.? The book of Enoch and other extra-Biblical manuscripts tell that the ?fallen ones? taught women the art of seduction by guile, clothing, cosmetics and jewelry.

The object of taking wives and producing hybrid children was two-fold: (1) to stop the regeneration of man, and thereby the coming messiah; (2) and to place women into a slave situation.? By teaching women to despise their husbands and seek their intimacy with other women, the Nephilim [fallen ones], degraded the regeneration of men, started the slide of women toward slavery, and the beginning of a human male dominated society [homosexuality] similar to the angels? male dominated society.

As I said, Angels do NOT have sex, men do, but the nature of fallen angels is to sustain what was from the beginning ? before man ? in spite of God?s desire to change the creation – so that their style of sentience and culture would stay male dominated.? A secondary effect is to prevent mankind?s dominion over the Earth – advanced through contamination of DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid, the building block of life] and the segregation of the sexes to undermine morality and prevent regeneration. ? The LGBT culture has become the minion of the fallen angels – as were the Canaanites, the Philistines, and the Nephilim in the Old Testament.

This Biblical understanding can be culled from many verses in the Word of God, but we shall examine one specific reference – 1Cor.11:1-16 (in spec. vs10).

Paul wrote his first Corinthian letter to set right improper notions of conduct within the church.

The Apostle Paul corrected the pseudo-philosophic Greek ideas of: wisdom, in Chapters 1 and 2; divisions and parties in chapters 3 and 4; carnality, in chapters 5 and 6; and marriage and sex in Chapter 7; foods and idols in chapter 8; Apostolic rights in chapter 9; warnings about Old Testament Israel, its sexual immorality, participation in profane surfeiting and the definition of spiritual freedom in chapter 10.? After his previous summaries on sexual immorality, and warnings from the Old Testament, he adds the protocols for proper community decorum ? maintaining that its basis comes from God?s order of the creation. He proceeds to say that men are the head in a family, as Christ is the head of the church, and that women have been given long hair as a crown of submission to male authority ? as God has made it so.? The woman came out of man, and was created as his helper. He then says an odd thing:

?For this reason, and because of the angels, women ought to have a sign of authority on their head? [1Cor.11:10.] and continues, ?In the Lord, however, woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman? [1Cor.10:11].

There are two thoughts being expressed here: (1) the angels understand that in creation, women should be submissive to her male counterpart (2) there is no totally male society or a totally feminine society, but both male and female are dependent on each other.

But why, ??and because of the angels??? ? The answer is subtle yet factually and historically discernible ? angels were present at the creation [Job 38:4-7]; angels watch what we do [1Cor.4:9]; angels desire to understand the events on earth [1Pe.1:12b]; angels are ministering servants to those who will inherit eternal life [Ps.91:9-12; Heb.1:14]; and the redeemed will judge not only the world, but angels [1Cor.6:3].

What follows is a rational inference; since angels are a military group – assigned posts ? and report to authorities ? they are affected by our proper conduct or breach of it.? We may by our bad behavior, cause some angels to become confused and disenchanted and follow Satan.? Since they observe order in the created universe, and order in heaven, how could they in the future, submit to weakly disposed Christians as leaders, if those same persons do not demonstrate proper protocol for God?s created order?


In homosexual circles today, there are two types of males: the effeminate males and the super-males. The super-males vie for dominance through intellectualism, and brute force.? Cecil Rhodes and his cadre of inner circle people were of that nature.? During WWII, Hitler used the effeminate SA males to disrupt his enemies, and cause violence and havoc in the streets.? However the super-male dominance of Himmler, Goering and Goebbels caused the downfall of the SA and the emergence of the strong super-male SS.

It is no secret that the leaders of the Third Reich engaged in many secret rituals that were occult.? They took the Hindu luck charm as the Swastika emblem, and idolized the chimaera [two sexed male-female] Shiva, and dabbled in necromancy and soothing [reading signs and images for prophecy ? fortunetelling]. Sex was used in their telepathy communication with ?alien? or occult entities via beautiful females [?vestal virgins?] of the Vril Gesellschaft. Sporting long pony tails, these women acted as occult mediums. They believed that their long hair became antenna for communicating with psychic, or alien beings.? The Nazi party [NSDAP] was founded by the occult groups: the Thule and Vril Gesellschafts Societies, the DHvSS [Men of the Black Stone], and the German Order [Order of Teutons].

The object of the super-male is to dominate all things ? culture, religion, power – even God ? so writes Frederick Nietzsche in his work, ?The Anti-Christ.?? It is noteworthy that the Bible states in the book of Daniel that the Antichrist has no desire for the love of women [Dan.11:37].? He doesn?t need them.? He doesn?t need God or women.? He needs male company – even as the fallen angelic host were used to, and desire to replicate on earth.? Historically, Alexander the Great was a ?super-male-ego? homosexual. Alexander gave favors and land to those that acknowledged him ? so will the coming Antichrist.

This passion for destroying mankind, who is made in the image and likeness of God, is the trademark of the ?all male? fallen angels, their demons, and the homosexual.

If the last information did not convince you, we have posted below ?The Gay Manifesto,? [1987], from the U.S. Congressional Record.

?The Gay Manifesto? document provides a fitting summary as to the future effects of Sodomites upon the American culture.? It reads as a demonic and human hating tell-all, as does the 1898 occult Freemasonry-anarchist document, ?The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.?? The similarities in syntax and tenor are uncanny.? A copy of ?The Protocols? articles 1-15 is also posted below for comparison. ? ?The Protocols? have been referred to as a ?forgery? by academics – but of what they never answer.? To be a forgery there must be a real document.? ?The Protocols? are the document! ? As you read both, you will find them anti-human in focus, violent in their chief ends, and demonic in voice.

The Gay Manifesto has been underlined in places, by this author, to accentuate the sodomizing and pedophilic slavery, hostility toward women, violent wishes, necrophilia, association with the elite rich class, hatred of the middle class, their desire for artificial reproduction, and the desire to make gods of super-males.

For more information on the homosexual agenda see massresistance.org


Gay Manifesto

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

LGBT?s in the Obama Administration

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