Explioting the minds of the gullible

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A news story breaks and it reads: ?Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Possessed Right Wing Literature.?? That afternoon, BBC Radio with Hilary Andersson, broadcasts a discursive program – hinting that the Tsarnaev Brothers were victims of white supremacist literature, and that the pair joined a Chechnyan jihadist group out of frustration. [see: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-23541341]

The readers or listeners are left with sympathy for a sociopath, because they cannot properly discern propaganda and political rhetoric, from the truth.? Facts, reason and truth eludes the ignorant, because the New World Order has dumbed-down another group of United States citizens.

Consider that in any home, a book, magazine, or pamphlet exists, which is incongruent to the world view or morality of the book?s owner.? I, for example, have a copy of Hitler?s Mien Kampf ? but I also possess a copy of the Communist Manifesto.? As a matter of fact, I have literature from Machiavelli, Hobbs, and a copy of the Koran.

If one were to analyze my nature by the BBC standards, the official news could read: ?Italian Racist-Communist with Ties to Al Qaeda Instructs Christians in Leviathan Ethics.?

You may find this absurd, but this is exactly what goes on daily ? within the US and British media.

How do they entice public sympathy to believe their nonsense?? The ?hook? as the police bunko-squads would call it, is culture.? They talk about benign subjects of moderate interest that have no governing emphasis on life as a whole, yet invoke feelings of fun.? The BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., will fill up the senses with gourmet food, mountain living, the latest fashion, and vacation spots ? a litany of secondary or tertiary importance, which cater to the carnal or pleasure side of the human nature.? The purpose is to lull the listener, or reader, into a world of fantasy and amusement.

?What?s wrong with that?? ? you may argue. ?Shouldn?t life be fun??

But ask yourself; is life all about fun?? Is life not about working for a living, making serious decisions about the expenditure of one?s savings, and promoting a life style that is conducive for promoting a moral and socially stable society?? The wedding and the bedding that followed was great fun, but marriage is a serious thing.? Children are not always merriment, and their care is costly and their proper education is the difference between obtaining a bohemian or a scholar for a son or daughter, when they come of age.? But to the world of propaganda and its impetus, iniquity, life is no more than a ride on the bus of the god Bacchus.

Now that the audience has been sated into a world of amusement and pleasure, by the New World Order Facilitators and Change Agents, there is invoked a mildly serious thought upon the public?s compromised mind: Somali pirates are just poor people in need of work; the Boston Bombers may be displaced immigrant victims; or Black flash mobs are people desperate for affection; and Islam is a religion of organized tranquility for the brotherhood of man.? On the other side, the propagandists discuss the sad state of the arrogant whites who just cannot give up the role as ?Master.?? Add to the mix, strange photographs of red-haired killers, in bouffant coiffures, fronting wild eyed stares, while the epitaphs of racist, Klu Klux Klan, supremacist, are dropped into the fun loving ears of the mentally muted public.

The latest attack of reprobate ideas, have been nurtured by the media change agents, for the destruction of Christianity – by way of anti-human depravity.? Trans-human ideology is mingled with the words love and brotherhood so that we are told that homosexuality, lesbianism and trans-sexuals are legitimate expressions of human life and dignity.? What will follow this depravity will be the encouraging of children to have sex with children and sex with adults – sex with animals – the mutilation of one?s body and the worship of demons.

You may say, ?It cannot happen!? ? but it has – multiple times in human history. The word sodomy comes from the Biblical city of Sodom, where homosexuality and sex with animals ruled the society.? The reason the judgment fell upon the children as well as the adults, was that the children took part in the orgies.? The Proverbs of Solomon state: ?Train a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it? [Prov.22:6].

The Greeks were also a society of pedophiles, owing to their belief that young men could only gain intimate knowledge of sexuality by subscribing to the passionate entreaties of a lusty adult male.? The race of Philistines demonstrated trans-human concepts that included sex with anything, to include demons.? The cultued Romans were not void of immoral proclivities. They nurtured male and female shrine prostitutes that co-mingled sexually with the public and the supposed deity.? Nero?s wife is reported to have dressed incognito when visiting the prostitution shrines of Rome.

The goal of the New World Order [The Commonwealth of Nations] is to impose a demono-humanistic rationale, or ethic, upon the human race in order to enslave the gullible. The object is to make slaves of humanity via the basic principles of the world – as are animals that live distinctly for food, leisure and sex ? acquiring their wants through prowess, stealth, theft, and murder.

Was it not the Apostle Paul who wrote: ??when we were children we were in slavery to the basic principles of the world? [Gal.4:3].

Peter also warned us that these same propagandists will introduce destructive heresies that deny the Lord [2Pe.2:1]. Similarly we have read of late, stories that Jesus had a wife, and that he was only one of many social dreamers of his time, and as well, he never claimed to be divine.

The Apostle Peter added a warning in confirmation of Paul?s concern of slavery, ?They promise them [humanity] freedom, while they themselves are slaves to depravity ? for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him? [2Pe.2:19].

Have you not heard what is commonly said among many Americans? – ?I don?t get involved in politics or religion, because it causes anger and resentment.? It is obvious that people who willingly accept a life of lies and sin will become angry if you challenge them to a better way of life.? Many who profess this error are Christians.? And where did Christians and the public receive these foreign ideas?? Is it not through the gimmicks of the media Facilitators and Change agents, who masquerade as social scientists and university pundits – speaking as authorities of moderation – that use the art of politics, to dissuade us from involvement in government and proper religion?

It was God who gave the government of the family and society, so that a peaceful and civil order may prevail.? But through the misuse and re-definition of the words, ?freedom,? ?liberty,? ?inclusion,? and ?equality,? the Masonic theosophists bate the average citizen into irrational thought. ? ?It sounds good so it must be true,? is the concept the world propagandists and psychological demagogues want us to believe.

As odd as it may sound, God does want Christians to be involved in proper government from the perspective of moral conduct.? The whole of the Old Testament decried the misuse of public power and the waste of public funds for the purpose of avarice, debauchery, and idolatry. ? John the Baptist passed a moral judgment on King Herod – concerning his lascivious life style. Similarly, Jesus demanded proper leadership in government in his Mathew 23 critical discourse against the abuses of the Pharisees and Priests.

So who told you that you that politics and religion were improper subjects of discourse for the loving Christian?? If God is interested in proper administration of government and right judgment by the courts, then Christians should be as involved in these attributes, as wholeheartedly as the Lord.? The reason many Christians are not involved in holding their government officials accountable, is because they do not believe that God is interested in justice, and neither is he concerned over avarice or immorality.

?Everyone has turned away, they have together become corrupt?? [Ps.53:3] ? a very common theme of the Bible ? repeated to the point of ad nauseam.? If Christians and moralists loved God, they would have the same interests and make proper judgments, as He does. This is why we have heard multiple times, from seemingly godly Christians, ?Don?t tell me about the war in Syria, or the wasteful spending in Washington, or about the African and Asian Christians who are tortured for their faith.?? Life for the U.S. Christian is a perpetually self-fulfilling existence of the basic principles of the world: good looks, good health, good employment, civility, political correctness, and reliance upon the state for one?s needs rather than reliance upon God.? And whatever happens, never help unfortunates out of their dilemmas, because that would make one a busy body.? Life is good ? or so it seems from the perspective of the indifferent world.

An enlightening story was revealed in a book about Paul H. O?Neill, past US Treasurer under George Bush II.? The book, The Price of Loyalty, by Suskind, relates the story that O?Neill went to the Vice President Dick Chaney to advocate for a wise use of foreign aid.? He wanted to drill wells all over Africa as a gesture of US good will and meet a necessary basic need for many poor Africans.? Dick Cheney thought the whole thing worthless, and responded concerning the spending from the US Treasury: ?It?s our turn now!?

As an after-effect of O?Neill?s natural affection for starving mankind, the Bush Administration and his sycophants have done their best to erase O?Neill from the administration history.

Apparently, the Facilitators and Change Agents have been successful at psychologically exploiting the minds of the gullible.? All slaves are the same ? clones, not individuals.? It is the desire of God to have diversity and individualism as it relates to the creative aspects of man.? However, God desires conformity to those things that are moral.? The New World Order imposes the opposite.? It desires clones that respond mindlessly to The Order, while promoting individualism within the needs of the flesh.? The only way out is, ??through the renewing of one?s mind? [Rom.12:2], via belief in what God says.

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