EU spawns eco-terrorist bureaucrats

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The Anglophiles in the US government are working to join us to the Commonwealth of Nations.??What comes with a new North American Dominion is the British concept of Rule of Law ? bureaucrats who continually make legal restrictions for the size of vacuum cleaners you can own, while preventing candy manufacturers from producing chocolate that appears to look like cigarettes.??The Germans are incensed over the petty and lame regulations and are on the verge of rebelling.

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Britain exchanges pounds for the Riyal and Sukuks

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The EU?s whore is at it again!? There isn?t a money exchange that can be passed by without the English filching a solidary hey-penny.? If it shines, jingles, and can be made to turn a profit, the Banks of England are ?LIBOR? to beat the Rockefellers to the punch.? Recently, David Cameron, British Prime Minister announced Her Majesty?s government would make London, the Islamic finance capital of the world.? The only drawback is that the Saudis and Dubai are demanding Sharia Law be part of the deal. ? It could mean more than exchanging a bowler for a turban.? In fact, the English may learn to bow toward Mecca six times more in a day than they do toward their Queen.? Prince Chrales [or his son William], heir to the throne, may be crowned at the Kaaba, instead of at Westminster.? Christmas and Easter could be replaced by Ramadan and the Passion of Husayn.

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British government encourages Islamic interfaith dialogues

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While the world watches Islamic religious tolerance epitomized through bombings, drive-by shootings, crucifixions, decapitations, stomach gutting and rape, throughout the Middle East, the British government has decided to encourage dialectics between British Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities.? Apparently, progress has been taking shape, since Her Majesty?s government spent millions of pounds on developing its lucrative New World Order industry of religious tolerance.

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