Jerusalem – Who Owns It?

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By: Frank J. Verderber


The recent Presidential decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel brought a fire storm from the Palestinian authorities, and as well, most of Islam. The U.N. Security Council meeting on the subject was vetoed by the U.S. – followed by a General Assembly vote that censured the U.S.A. [128 to 9] for going against a universal U.N. General Assembly mandate.(2)

However, the presidential action was properly warranted; according to Congressional mandate – via Law – by the, ?The Jerusalem Embassy Act? of 1995(1) – completed under the Clinton administration. It came into law without the President?s signature, since he failed to sign or return the bill in 10 days [See Article 1, Sect. 7, USC]. At the time, it was a mandate by the American public and Clinton did not want veto their desire.

In the aforementioned law, Congress allowed any future President to evaluate the mandate every six months, and decide if the time was right to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Presidents Clinton, Bush II, and Obama, decided not to invoke the Congressional request. After one year in office, President Trump decided that the time was right. Citing a rational explanation that: a majority of Israel?s government buildings are in Jerusalem; and that they have had control since 1967; and that the US decision to Move our embassy was a sovereign desire of the people of the U.S.; and that keeping this problem in political limbo would not bring a peace resolution between Israel and the Palestinians.

The decision of President Trump did not give Jerusalem to Israel in perpetuity, because the USA cannot unilaterally give away what it does not own or control. However, it was viewed that way by the Palestinians, the Muslims nations, Western Europe and Commonwealth Nations.

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The Very Odd Crucifixion of King Mesha?s firstborn

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Occasionally there are conundrums in the Bible that are difficult to understand and appear to demonstrate some error of God, or some anomaly that appears to demonstrate that God never kept his promise. Detractors of Christianity can?t wait to jump on a troubling verse or a parenthetical scripture.

One such event is found in 2Kg.3, where its reports that after an onslaught by the three armies of Israel, Judah and Edom, Mesha, king of Moab, made a human sacrifice of his first son to the god Chemosh. This action appears to have resulted in a win over the armies of the Hebrews and their vassal state Edom [the children of Esau]. The win was the last chance for Moabite survival, and that of its capital Kir Hareseth – the last major stronghold and population of the Moabites.

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The mystery of iniquity

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The?Apostle Paul wrote in his first letter to the Thessalonians, ?For?the secret power of lawlessness is already at work..??[2Thes.2:7 – NIV]. The King James has it: ?For?the mystery of iniquity doth already work???The word, ?iniquity? [anomia]?in the Greek means lawlessness or wickedness. It is the antithesis?of the word ?law? [Gk.- noma].?The word, ?mystery? [Gk.-musterion]?carried the idea that it is knowledge that is attainable only by?being initiated into a cult or secret group.

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Jewish persecution – God’s discipline

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Before?entering this exegesis of scripture, this author wishes to express to?the reader, his earnest sadness concerning what the Jewish People have?gone through.? I am glad they have a Nation status at this time, but?scripture says they will lose it again via a major invasion of troops?lead by the Antichrist.? What is said in these pages is a rendering of?the facts of scripture, most of which is found in the Old Testament.?This paper exists to educate Christians as to the Jewish people, and?their place in the world, as God has determined it.? What can be taken?from this scriptural presentation is that Christians are not immune to?the horror or machinations that have plagued the Hebrews and?contemporary Jews.? My examination of scripture and my direct experience?demonstrates that whatever happens to the Jews eventually happens to?the Christians, and as well, its reverse.? Hitler?s purges of Roman?Catholic Poles, and as well Eastern and Russian Orthodox Slavs and?Hungarians, evinces this truth.??? I hope that those who read this,?understand that as a teacher of the Bible I must not cover over what God?has said, and what has occurred.? My heart is with the Jewish people?and their desire for peace in the world and their rightful place as?ambassadors for the King of Kings.? But we must not coddle or scrub out?the truth of God?s word, just because it may be embarrassing or open a?wound that only the Messiah of mankind can heal.

The Author

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Hebrews and Jewish people – who are they?

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Christianity has its roots in?the Hebrew religion given by Yehovah [YHWH or YHVH] to Moses. From the?Jewish people we receive the Ten Commandments, the moral code, protocols?of worship, and our Messiah. The Jewish people are one of the oldest?cultures still existent ? practicing many traditions over 4,000 years?old.

Who are the Jewish people, is an interesting question? The chosen nation of God is a simple answer.

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Easter – is it a Christian or pagan holiday?

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When there is?some confusion, for centuries, about an important topic, it is best to?lay the foundation for the correction in a terse manner, in order to?build the premise. ?Otherwise, there will be immediate contentions from a?myriad of secondary positions, and we will never get to the facts that?support the truth of the matter.

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