British government encourages Islamic interfaith dialogues

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While the world watches Islamic religious tolerance epitomized through bombings, drive-by shootings, crucifixions, decapitations, stomach gutting and rape, throughout the Middle East, the British government has decided to encourage dialectics between British Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities.? Apparently, progress has been taking shape, since Her Majesty?s government spent millions of pounds on developing its lucrative New World Order industry of religious tolerance.

The only problem; the Islamic communities do not understand what religious tolerance is.? Recent meetings have described Christians as ?pigs,? and Jews as ?a disease.?? But then the British are good chums when it comes to taking insults. Though Jesus said, ?Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you? [Mt.5:44], he also said,? ?Do not give to dogs what is sacred? [Mt.7:6].? The Apostle Paul explains the balance of thought by quoting Prov.25:21-22 – ??when your enemy is hungry?thirsty [when he down and out, it is at this juncture that you feed him ? and not before [Rom.12:20].? Liberal charity granted a hostile, but fallen opponent, is a wise and godly thing indeed.? However, the government of England doles out the tolerance cash to lovers of Hamas, Al Qaida, the Taliban, and Saudi Wahhabi sects. The British form of Socialism, with its world religious fervor of humanism, is propaganda designed for the common masses and not for the Elite at Buckingham, or the House of Lords.

The Elite have a need to play god through inducements, such as: bribes, Middle Eastern coups, and promises of peace, prosperity and as well, market shares – even if it means destroying the nation of Israel, and Christianity within all Western borders.? Lacking the wisdom God gave true Disciples of Christ, the Royal?s actual religious heritage ? that of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – plays to the heart strings of liberal Christians and the Khazara Jewish. While claiming to be blessed peace makers, the Royal?s eyes are upon Dominion building for a profit.

The Queen is not so judicious, nor wise, as she claims – since she feeds the oily Beast that lies beneath her saddle.? It will be her downfall – for God has put it into the mind of the Beast to destroy the Whore of Babylon [Is.47; Rev.17:16-17].

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