Britain, ISIL, arabs, and the New World dis-Order

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From: ?Empire of the Seas??by James Truslow Adams

?Order out of chaos? ? meaning the new Liberal World Order of the Commonwealth of Nations – is declaring a new society of understanding, peace and prosperity, while the US dollar dives in value and the American public is sucked dry of its financial good standing. ? The bulk of our tax revenue is wasted on counterfeit banks and investors.? The London shills send armies of lobbyists to feed at the trough of our DOD war chest by panhandling at the Capital, for the subsidy cash.? We pay for 70% of NATO, to keep the EU safe, when their total GNP is greater than the USA?s.? This is what has been keeping European citizens in an unnatural state of Utopian Socialism.

The game started after our Civil War, when the bankrupt Northern Union solicited the London and Paris bankers for Reconstruction cash.? Europe loaned us the trap-cash just like they did the German Republic, fifty years later, after WWI.? The bankers demanded one main capitulation for their loans; we had to change our name from the ?United States of America? to the ?Corporation of the United States of America [See Act of 1871]. ? Before the ?change? we were a sovereign nation ? after the ?change? we became a corporation.? Now that?s the kind of CHANGE Obama is talking about!? Additionally, the loan interest, as with all loan-sharks, never stops – though the USA had its chance to throw off the battery of usury suzerains during WWI and II.? This explains why the Lend-Lease program was never repaid ? it?s our duty, as free men, to pay for our privilege of being an autonomous colony.

May I add at this point; ?Change Agents? try to explain the Act of 1871, by stating all municipalities are corporations and so the Act was intended for the District of Columbia, not the entity of the Federal Government.? Their explanation is mere sophistry.? If the District of Columbia is the intended corporation, then who uses the corporation beside the city government – is it not the Federal Governement?

The fact is every secretary department is a corporation.? The Presidential office is a corporation, the House of Representatives is a corporation, the Senate, the Pentagon, etc ? just the way the British Bankers like.

In simplicity of thought, we can ask: ?why must any municipality, or any entity for that matter, become incorporated?? Incorporation is only for the purpose of protecting funds, and the liability of the officers, of the entity.? In other words, incorporating is a way out of NOT being responsible. If incorporation was that important, the founders would have thought of tying the Constitution to corporation status – but our? founders did not.? Instead they used the words, ?sovereignty? and ?rule of the people? not the rule of law.? The people make the law, so the people rule the law, but uphold it through patriotic commitment and democratic debate.? In Britain they have ?Rule of Law?, which means the Law rules the people. This is why our founders chose constitutional law, instead of British Commonwealth or corporation law.

However, recently, the Supreme Court under Justice Roberts ? a factually established British Templar ? in specific, a Middle Temple adherent ? ruled that that ?corporations are people too? and allowed these obscure entities, power in the human arena of rulership.? This is an end-run around our Constitution, and the precursor to establishing a US government that is run by private companies ? an established analogy when it pointing to private security corporations.

What we now have, at this juncture of ?global sustainability,? is a brave New-World-DIS-Order.? The ?Leviathan? of Hobbes has been selling us their peace and prosperity, by way of European Facilitators and Change Agents ? many of whom are trained in Cecil Rhodes statecraft. ? Their rhetoric, however, cannot stop the bloodletting in the Middle East and in North Africa.? The reason is easy to grasp, if you look closely at the minions of CIA and MI6 enforcers sent to stir the pot.? They had employed a global headquarters, staffed with mercenaries, at Mosul, Iraq [see: ].? However, with all their ?security reach,? they couldn?t stop the daemonic terror group ISIL (ISIS).

So now we have become a toady for the European Nations.? ISIL beheads a few people who against better judgment traveled to Syria, even when Muslims told them not to.? So who helped ISIL get to where it is? We did ? at the bidding of Britain – via the Libyan arms transfers.? And why did Britain encourage the extension of US power in Libya and Syria?? Because it was doing the bidding of the Saudis ? who wished to complete the 1920?s British promise that Syria would be part of a pan-Middle East Arab state.

The USA has been ?Stonehenged!?

I asked a Kazakhstani Russian friend of mine why there are all these Russian sleeper agents running around with pressure cookers in Boston.? In his slow peasant way, with broken English, he simply replied, ?Doan beeleef da Propoognda!?? His repartee is filled with commonsense.? It?s Islamic Chechens not Russians.? In retrospect, American anti-Russian sentiments have always come by way of the British, as have ant-French, and anti-Italian gossip.? In Britain?s eyes; any European country that may dominate the European scene – other than Britain – must be peppered with miscreant propaganda.

And where does this propaganda sport from?? Well, I have read the military Counterinsurgency Manual along with U.N. and NATO documents, and the whole mess falls at the threshold of Great Britain.? It is the British Empire that developed the League of Nations and later the United Nations, and as well, the New York based Council on Foreign Relations [and you thought it was an American NGO], the Atlantic and Pacific Councils on International Policy, and the Tri-Lateral Commission ? to name a few.

Even the name Great Britain is propaganda.? There is nothing great about Britain ? I?ve been there- it?s puny!? The farmers can only own a few acres of farm land, and are forced to plant on government hillsides filled with sheep dip.? They lack forest in England, because they do not know how to plant trees.? Their preference is for ?stone-henges.? ? But I have to give them credit for their GNP ? it?s very large for such a small country that exports womanizing princes ? whether at home or in Vegas.? Their wealth, it appears, has more to do with LIBOR and Rothschild, than with coal export or the Beatles.

And in case you are looking for what happened to our 9 trillion dollar Obama giveaway, back in 2008; Bernanke send it to the Banks of England, Holland, and Switzerland. Though these countries sport affinity with Christian ideals, they do so without convictions.? They say, ?We own God as our salvation ? whoever he may be – even while we continue in theft!?? The good faith and credit of the American people is literally being used as a get out of jail card, for the European Common Market.

The mindset of the British Royals is so anti-Dickens, that they extend their Ebenezer Scrooge into the domain of Islam.? According to the New York based Gatestone Institute, Prime Minister David Cameron is quoted: “I want London to stand alongside Dubai and Kuala Lumpur as one of the great capitals of Islamic finance anywhere in the world.” ? The only problem for the commoners of England is that the Saudis, Qatar, and Dubai, are demanding Sharia Law, with Sharia Courts, in jolly ole England.? To the elites of Britain, Sharia Law will just have to be accepted by British commoners, even if they are forced to give up their beer and Maypole frolics.? And this should stand as an easy compromise for most of the English people, who have already given up going to church and quoting the Bible, or receiving an education over the 6th grade.? Why do you think there are so many educated Egyptians, Indians, Pakistanis, and Arabs as engineers, inside Britain?

I wonder if Prime Minister Cameron has a different outlook since Britain, France, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia came up with the idea of a ?Free Syrian Army.?? Apparently Mr. Cameron can?t see the terrorists through the Saudi greenbacks.? The Brits are so close to landing financial deal of a life time, that they are about to lose their heads as ISIL representatives.

The USA has been dragged into the ?Mother of all Batrachians? in the Middle East tale of toads.? Has the DNC ever saw a terrorist they didn?t like to woo with promises of inclusion, immigration and welfare, or the RNC a battle field they didn?t like to get rich off of?? At Chatham House, the 1st Viscount of Sandwich gestures that the USA should have fortitude at this moment in time, while perched in peerage and potage, and decorated with a poppy seed lapel-pin, Elizabeth can?t wait to count her trillions at the World Bank.

But will the Brits add to the Obama Middle East war coalition against ISIL?? It took a whole month for their response, and then the Queen could only find six fighter jets to fly over northern Iraq, away from the action.? It doesn?t take much review from history, to speculate as to why the British love Northern Iraq so much. Kurkuk and Tikrit? are the homes of the first British oil fields.? Follow the oil money – so they say! Remember, the Brits are a thrifty bunch, you know, and wish to stay as far from the action as possible, while they sate themselves on tea, crumpets and royal P.R. swill.

For all the grandeur of the British pomp and slight of Oxford tongue, they are no better than gypsy hucksters with more chutzpa than a Mexican snake oil salesman.? They have worked for over one hundred years to undermine the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights, just get the USA back into the Commonwealth fold.? Britain?s two sycophants of this diplomatic ploy are the twin sisters of Ebenezer Scrooges? nightmare spirit who visits with, Want and Ignorance.? The British WANT the USA and they are hopeful concerning American IGNOANCE.

Coincidently, the Commonwealth Australians WANT their guns back, and the Canadians are still IGNORANT about homeschooling and freedom of speech.? Misery seeks company, and they feel that those who speak English should ?bend, bow and scrape? – in John Adam?s words ? to the peerage of British superiority.

President Obama recently said, ?When there is trouble in the World they don?t call China or Russia…but they call the USA.?? Well if they call us – and the Brits do every time – why don?t we ?charge-the-Hell-out-of-them?; a shocking but serviceable adage that can second as an effective Soteriological revival for a backslidden Island of Calvinists. ? Just as George Walker Bush charged Saudi Arabia and Kuwait – making money off of the first Golf War, we need that Chatham House resolve for our own? profitable mendacity and thrift, so that Britain will finally honor us as a sovereign nation.

If I were the President of the USA, I would tell Her Majesty; ?Your ancestry wanted more land and lambs for the slaughter.? You desired the Middle East after WWI; and your ancestry cut up the sands for a few camel herders that desired to be called kings; and as well, your ancestors reneged on the greater Syria agreement; and you – yes you – have just loved those head chopping Muslims more than the primary heirs of Abraham.? As ?lamb-lovers? you have affinity for Hermes goat herders and followers of Trismegistus. Tell ya what – we will give you equipment and satellite information like we did during the Falklands War, but you can fight these maniacs yourself.? You envied them, cooed at, and coddled them, since the 1920?s.

To sum it up, the socialist nightmare of the Commonwealth of Nations [AKA: new Liberal World Order] has at its roots, a return to the Royal land barons of Sherwood Forest, where the church is replaced by horned Celts marked with paint that bark at the full moon.? They have trans-humanism from out of the British skunkworks, for our next of kin – genetic chimeras – as sure as the Beast of Plum Island in New York.? It will prove to be a Harry Potter nightmare filled with creatures out of Star Wars – that take our money, land, politics, and as well, our civil and religious rights. ? Everyone will play their part in the great transformation, from citizen to subject.

After all, the Brits are good at putting on Shakespearean spectacles.? This one however, is for their queen, their country, their treasury, and their empire!

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