New World Order – Part II

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The following introductory article, and its soon to be released book, concern contemporary world political events and their historical review, and are evaluated from a doctrinally Christian perspective.? This report is NOT about UFO?s and Poltergeists or Zombie flash mobs.? It IS about factual news reports, articles, historical books, government sources and other narrated and recounted information that has been under-reported, and left to languish in archives.? It is about websites, documents and quotes from the principle players of the New Liberal World Order.? They represent a cabal of religiously bent egotists, who desire the end to Christianity, as we know it, and the assimilation or extinction of the Biblical Jew. This work, reports on the development of a world federation that is working toward monitoring and controlling every aspect of life on the planet.? They desire a world were Oligarchs rule through pyramid down bureaucracies, bio implants, cloned humans, and chimer hybrids – all functioning under one eclectic and syncretized religion that is old Greco-Platonic in cosmology and metaphysics – that worships matter and earth – and deems man as the ultimate control of the cosmos and destiny.

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The name that was bargained

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Now many who swear by stories of old, think not that an inventive writer could ever achieve the demure of Aesop or the fear and pragmatics of Brother?s Grimm, but in fact this not so.? For the tender entreaties of a skilled prevaricator, can move ones gentler senses to accept with credence, the circumstance placed before him ? even though the myth be founded in a modern city of renown.

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Binding and loosing – Matthew 16:19 and 18:18

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Many Charismatic and Pentecostal churches like to present Christ?s statement in Mt.16 and 18 as a personal reward card for claiming mammon while on this earth.? They will promulgate the idea that if one loses, or unties their faith, to receive a blessing of mammon, it will come back to the ?releaser.?? Speak to it, they say.? If the disciple lacks the faith he then binds up, or ties up, his blessing of mammon.? Therefore, name it and claim it!

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Vatican promoting homosexuality

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The Vatican synod?s recent statement of affection for the homosexual life style, is now reversing, because conservative and doctrinally sound bishops are fighting for the Church?s adherence to the traditional commands of Christ and His Apostles. The opposition Bishops hail from countries were the Russian and Eastern Orthodox churches abound.

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